Saturday, January 5, 2019

Idlib: Russian Airstrikes, Turkish Silence

I'm not sure at this time how significant the airstrikes are into Idlib. This is not a first for Russia. A couple of months back Russia launched limited airstrikes into the area. And Turkey didn't say a thing about it then either. 

First airstrikes by Russia into Idlib were covered November 25/2018:
  •  Syria & the Aleppo Chlorine Attack: LIHOP?
  • According to the ministry, intelligence services identified in the Idlib de-escalation zone the fire weapons that were used in the Aleppo gas attack. They also found that the terrorists were preparing for another poisonous shelling. All the targets were destroyed; Turkey was warned about the strikes in advance via a hotline.

Considering those facts, it seems obvious to me, and I've stated it repeatedly here that the inhabitant fighters (those currently inhabiting) of Idlib are less proxies of Turkey and more aligned with the Usrael destabilization machine.

Pay attention to what is being reported on regarding the Idlib situation (lots of coverage) while the ethnic cleansing in the east is swept under the rug by the alt and msm media.

Also it's being reported that Turkey is not likely to move into eastern Syria.

I've long had some serious doubts about this anyway...  (it would be like walking into a minefield) It seemed more plausible to me that they would shore up their borders and make sure the exit for Usrael Kurds is towards Iraq. A sort of kettling, if you will. 

Russia has been quite upbeat on the coordination/cooperation between themselves and Turkey so... it's only sensible to take serious the idea of coordination- Especially when it's been expressly stated

Hints of coordination in some media reports.
Rehashed the other day.. December 23/208
"All this while there is a greater advancement of the Syrian regular army from the south and the Turkish army from the west."

Onto the latest from Idlib: 

The Hayat Tahrir Al Sham (HTS) gang groups under the lead of Jabhat al-Nusra took many areas to the west of Aleppo back from the Nuredin Zenki gang group, after which Russian jets started to strike some HTS positions.
After the offensive the HTS launched 4 days ago from the northeast of Idlib towards the western part of Aleppo, several residential areas like Darat Izza, Qibtan al-Jabil and many others came under HTS control. Nuredin Zenki gang group has lost all their positions to the west of Aleppo. They are rumored to have fled to Afrin.
As a response, in the evening Russian fighter jets carried out air strikes against the HTS in Kafarniha, Urm, the 111th regiment of Atarib, Darat Izza and Jarmiya Al-Rahal areas.
The areas are included in the no-clash zones determined in the Astana Accord signed by Russia, Turkey and Iran. This is the first time an air strike was held in the area after the accord was signed.
This is the second airstrikes into Idlib in the past little while- Perhaps first into a specific area, but, this is the second time for Russian airstrikes. Previously they were limited to  short period of time in a specific area. So, very targeted. Very focused.
Despite days of clashes in the region between these groups, and despite Turkey’s role as the guarantor, the country has stayed silent.
I'm sure Turkey was well aware of the impending Russian airstrikes- As they were in November. Coordination/cooperation. It's loomed large in the Astana partnership. 

Readers here should also keep in mind that Idlib was the block for Kurdish expansion towards the west. It was created as such, intentionally, by Russia and Syria with the cooperation of Turkey.

Conversely it can also serve to keep Russia, Syria and Turkey in check- Like a double edge sword.

And any unwinding of the Idlib knot has to be done in a controlled manner or the whole north of Syria will spin out of control- which will benefit Usreal and the Kurds the very most.

These points have all been made previously here. If anyone else wants to chime in with their thoughts on the situation on Turkish/Syrian border situation- please do! 

UPDATED January 06/2018: - No reports of Russian airstrikes anywhere in Idlib today- I've checked varying media outlets and all is quiet. Which makes me suspect the overblown coverage about whatever may or may not have occurred in Idlib was distraction from the ethnic cleansing in the east. Mentioned in this post- U.S. Ramps Up Bombings in Eastern Syria Following Trump Withdrawal Announcement

Earlier today:

No Afghanistan Withdrawal:

No Iraq Withdrawal:

 No Syrian Withdrawal:



  1. I've updated the post with a link back to the first batch of Russian airstrikes in Idlib- Short term- Turkey was notified then, as I'm sure they've been notified now.

  2. How the heck are the Zionists getting away with this bulls**t narrative? Bolton states the US cannot leave until Turkey promises not to attack Syrian-Kurds. But wait a minute, it is the Kurds who are occupying NE Syria, so they are the ones doing the attacking. Yet I go onto SyrianPerspective and they are saying the same thing, "Turkey, don't you dare attack the Syrian Kurds", which is the same line as the Zionist aggressor.

    Kosher and imperial -- they control almost everything we see and hear.

    1. "Yet I go onto SyrianPerspective and they are saying the same thing, "Turkey, don't you dare attack the Syrian Kurds", which is the same line as the Zionist aggressor."

      Tells you all you need to know about the 'crew' at SyrianPerspective- It's not a syrian perspective. It's a zio perspective- has been for a long, long time

    2. btw: working on exactly another Bolton post as I respond here and now

    3. Yup; I now find myself accusing 'em to their faces that they are Zionists and it is a Zionist site. Sneaky bastards. I asked are there any real Syrians at the site because I'm not feeling the anger.

      Anyway, great info as always Penny; fantastic analysis as usual. If I stumble across anyone promoting PsyPer, I'll just tell 'em it is controlled opposition. I need to remind myself that PsyPer is nothing, it is a distraction and I should not touch the toxic site with a barge pole.

      Grim prediction: Israel 2.0, as others here have stated, is a go-go. Next stop: Turkey.


  3. I've updated this post to make everyone aware that to the best of my knowledge there were no Russian airstrikes into Idlib reported in the past 24 plus hours- since their initial reports on Friday January 05/19

    distraction from the increased american bombing and ethnic cleansing in the east.