Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Occupation/ War Expansion Rebranded as Withdrawal: From Iraq’s Past to Syria’s Present

  In the comments section of yesterday’s post Yaya had left a comment about the ‘withdrawal’ of the US from Iraq- Much ballyhooed at the time. Very much like this latest installment of psyops are us regarding the US withdrawal from Syria. 
 Much ballyhooed but no real evidence to substantiate the claim.
 Yaya’s comment took me back to a 2014 post
Trump’s Syria withdrawal plan sounds suspiciously like a plan to stay in Syria which dealt with the lie of the US withdrawal from Iraq. So today we will start off where we ended yesterday. Refreshing our collective memories about the US withdrawal aka rebranded occupation of Iraq.

2014 :The US Departure from Iraq was all Illusion!

The Iraqi Embassy transformed from a military lead to muscular diplomacy

At 104 acres, the embassy is almost the same size as Vatican City. It is here that the US is transforming its military-led approach into one of muscular diplomacy.

State department figures show that some 17,000 personnel will be under the jurisdiction of the US ambassador. In addition, there are also consulates in Basra, *Mosul* and *Kirkuk*, which have been allocated more than 1,000 staff each.

Crucially, all these US staff, including military and security contractors, will have diplomatic immunity.
Congressman Jason Chaffetz questioned the replacement of military forces with contractors, asking: "Are we just playing a little bit of a shell game here?"
It was a shell game then and it’s a shell game now in Syria
“Whatever shape the relationship between the US and Iraq takes in the long term, for the short term the US is definitely remaining in the country.”
 Cue the claimed withdrawal of US forces from Syria- It’s a shell game.  “From military lead to a muscular diplomacy”. Whatever shape the relationship to occupied Syria takes the US is definitely remaining in the country- Under some other pretenses. Against the wishes of the Damascus government.

  • “Diplomatic Staff “has already been on the increase in Syria. 

October 2018: Number of U.S. diplomats doubled in Syria as Islamic State nears defeat: Mattis

Doubled? From what number to what number?
“He did not give a specific number." (Mattis)
2 to 4 thousand? 4 to 8 thousand? Unknown,

December 29/2017: U.S. to Send More Diplomats and Personnel to Syria

Effort to stabilize area once controlled by Islamic State will include contractors and military component   
The Trump administration plans to expand the number of U.S. diplomats and contractors in eastern Syria to help stabilize the once Islamic State-controlled part of the country, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Friday.
5 to 10,000? Unknown.

What is clear is the US has continued to increase it “diplomatic” personnel placement,  since at least 2017,  in unknown numbers, in Syria  As was done so many years ago in Iraq. Diplomats went up. Military forces went down. But the occupation continued on. All smoke and mirrors.

  • What about that 500 acre base in Syria?
  Wouldn’t that serve beautifully as a “diplomatic” stronghold in Syria. From military base to embassy and back and forth- Much like Iraq. Didn’t read about that 500 acre base in Syria? 

It was covered in this late November 2018 post relinked below:

Is The US Pivoting the Fight In Syria Toward A War With Iran? YES!

US occupiers of Syria

"The largest American military base in Syria covers more than five hundred acres, but it can’t be seen from the road. “

Sort of dwarfs that 104 acre base mentioned earlier in Iraq? The one the size of Vatican city. The American base in Syria covers more then five hundred acres. It is 5 times the size of the Iraqi base/embassy. That fact should speak volumes to readers here.

As I was formulating the ideas for this post last night and this morning I wondered if there was anyone else touting the rebrand idea? Lo and behold there is.

 Found this just today as I was doing more research for this post.
The Atlantic/December 20/18: Trump Shouldn’t Withdraw Troops—He Should Rebrand

"The president’s plan is a disaster. If he wants to claim victory, there’s a better way"
Occupying US Forces
That better way is, of course, to rebrand. Exactly what I saw as the reality of this non withdrawal.

The Atlantic piece is written by Hassan Hassan; Co-author of ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror Check out his credentials. Here at the Atlantic Council. Also   Here. 
And  then again from George Washington U

Now that we are all more familiar with the author of the Atlantic article let's read some excerpts:

The U.S.-led campaign created new dynamics on the ground, which only the U.S. can now address.(which of course, they knew it would)
“the U.S.’s presence has prevented Turkey from clashing with the YPG in eastern Syria, as it did in northwestern Syria with Russian approval. “
“If it simply leaves, new wars will almost certainly be reignited between Turkey and the YPG, the Arabs and the Kurds, and the opposition and the YPG.” (You see the US has to stay because they created the conditions, intentionally, that necessitate they remain)
“Iraq is a likely victim of the decision, too. Northern Iraq and eastern Syria could now be regarded as one security theater.” 
“ If Iraq is important for the U.S., then eastern Syria must also be important.”
 Creating Greater Kurdistan aka Israeli expansion- Redrawing Borders- More of what I’ve written about for years and years here. Obviously the two areas have to be viewed as one when the agenda is nation building and border redraws.
“The next stage in the fight against ISIS requires more political management than kinetic operations, and the U.S. could benefit from a rebranding of the campaign “

This rebranding should involve an announcement to mark the end of one phase of the campaign, namely the territorial defeat of ISIS, and the start of a new phase, which is the long-term effort to build capacity and help locals prevent the return of extremists"
Call it diplomacy......
"Trump loves branding, and rebranding. Someone should tell him that he can have his rhetoric and stability, too."
Rebranding a permanent occupation- Make it official with a grand ritual. A show.  An edict.  Shuffle the papers around.  As it was in Iraq, it will now be in Syria.
  • Two other issues directly related to Syria that need addressing:

1. Assad gives Iraq a free pass to bomb Syria?

This bizarre claim that Assad gave Iraq a free pass to bomb within Syria. Without any need for notice, cooperation or coordination. I’ve seen this touted in a number of places. MoA, for one. By others I consider to be disinfo/misinfo as well. Let’s look at one outlets claim

"Syrian regime leader Bashar Assad has allowed Iraqi forces to strike ISIS inside Syria without waiting for authorization from Damascus, said SANA state media on Sunday"
SANA state media said this? Off I go to SANA- December 29/2018
President al-Assad receives letter from Iraqi Prime Minister on bilateral cooperation, particularly combating terrorism

Assad receives a letter...conveyed by Iraqi National Security Adviser Faleh al-Fayad.
Nothing there about this unfettered access

The other claim from aawsat:
"An Iraqi government source said that Iraqi fighter jets could now enter Syria’s airspace and strike ISIS without waiting for permission from the regime, reported Russia Today"
An Iraqi government “source” said that Iraqi jets could enter Syria’s airspace without the permission from Damascus- So an Iraqi source, unnamed, speaks for Damascus?
On what planet should that be taken as credible?
Correct me if I’m mistaken but NORMAL people would or should view airstrikes into another nation without the consent/cooperation/coordination of that nation’s leadership as an invasion. An attack. Much like what is being carried out by the coalition. Yet, for some bizarre reason this unsubstantiated claim is being lauded all over the place as good?  I’m at a loss.

Neither Russia or Iran entered Syria without a greenlight from Damascus. And for that matter Turkey entered Afrin with a green light from Russia which had to have been okayed as well by Damascus. Anything else is an invasion. 

Why this Iraqi claim is being treated differently is beyond me? Perhaps someone else can share a thought or two on this?

2nd:The Muslim Brotherhood meme has reappeared;

The involvement of MB in Syria, is indisputable, but let's consider  the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood is a Anglozionist proxy army- created way back by British intelligence. Context. But why is  this name suddenly  back in vogue? To demonize Turkey. 
It’s as straightforward and obvious as that. But the situation with Muslim Brotherhood is not that simple..
 My view below as expressed a few days ago at Syper aka anglozionist perspective thanks to it’s hijacking by the anglozionist army

The Muslim Brotherhood was created as, and has always been, a western terror creation—– The use of them in Syria was necessary to cause the chaos needed to create the Israeli friendly Kurdish state aka Isreal 2.0

the connectivity to the anglozionists explains news like this
Muslim Brotherhood: ‘Cleared of UK terrorism link’

two halves of the same whole
If the next target is Turkey, in order to redraw the maps. Nation build. Etc. Turkey has to start getting hit hard. Harder then they've already been. Hence the Muslim Brotherhood meme reappearance. 

The creation of expanded Israel aka Kurdistan has whole lot to do with this as well:
It's a bit more complex then that- it's the control of eurasia/blocking China/eventually attacking Russia, but, bottom line it's redrawing the maps to suit a new idea

go back to a year ago now
January 2018

Let's say this is the best case scenario map? Greater Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0 controlled by Usrael and allies. Stretching from the Mediterranean- (we know the Kurds, aided by Usrael, are trying to get to the Mediterranean sea) Through to the Black Sea. The shores of the Caspian. And, to the Persian Gulf. The pot stirring in Iran will take them to the Caspian. Destabilizing Turkey will take the Usrael/ Kurds to the Black Sea. Breaking up Iraq to the Persian Gulf.

Anyone ignoring all that which is most if not all msm and alt media is lying by omission in my opinion

Wallflower and all... looking for some good thoughts on the above information.

 hattip to Flopot: who pointed out that though Iraq should be a natural partner for the Astana 3, they are not included.

Iraq is to far gone to be counted on by the 3 nations participating in the Astana dealings. It's pretty obvious. Or Iraq would be there. Which brings us round to the bizarre claims about Damascus consenting to Iraq's free unfettered access to bomb Syria. It doesn't make sense.

Excellent thinking Flopot! Thanks for bringing it to my attention.


  1. "....State department figures show that some 17,000 personnel will be under the jurisdiction of the US ambassador. In addition, there are also consulates in Basra, *Mosul* and *Kirkuk*, which have been allocated more than 1,000 staff each..."

    Reminds me of that old joke: Why are there no regime change revolutions in the US? Answer: Because there are no US embassies there!

  2. hey GC: and about the whole withdrawal as a rebrand same as before?
    Cause to me it looks totally plausible if not actually the scenario that is unfolding

    The largest American base in occupied Syria is 500 acres contrasted to the 100 acres in Iraq that housed was the base of operations for all the diplomats aka killers/contractors soldiers etc operated out of Baghdad.

    Along with the others bases that held additional staff aka a small army- the set up is all there in Syria for that exact
    scenario to repeat

    and history does repeat

  3. Hi Penny:

    It certainly has all the hallmarks of a rebrand...i.e. lots of words but no/contrary actions.

    There is only one difference...and it's only apparent to the sane...which means it escapes most USrael factotums [including Trump]. The difference is that USrael is running on fumes in the Middle has run out of gas. Deeply hated by all the countries except Israel...where it is disrespected/loathed. The Rooskies and their allies: Iran, Syria and Turkey have US/Israel surrounded politically and militarily. Domestically, the Deep State is gunning [perhaps literally] for Trump.

    The civil war going on between factions of the US government/Deep State is breaking through the surface of Washington geopolitical waters.

    I suspect that perhaps Trump was showing the Deep State that if they press too hard, he'll retaliate with the only weapon truly at his disposal...Midnight Twitter rampages. He has probably also told them he's set up a number of "dead man switches"...which, if he's eliminated...will bring the house of cards down. We can always hope.

  4. Yup,that empty chair at Astana speaks volumes about Iraq. Conversely it can be argued that its shows that Russia, Iran and Turkey are genuinely independent from the Zionist-axis. Think about it -- if Astana was all kabuki then there would be no reason not have the broken-in ZOG, Iraq, at the table as another sock-puppet.

    As a defeated idealist and unwilling cynic, I find hope in that thought. It certainly beats the other suspicion that sometime rises which is that they are all ZOGs now. Hard to resist that bleak conclusion. But there is Astana, so we'll see.

    I will state something clearly though -- if we're eventually sold another frozen conflict and border like the German and Korean partitions, then I'm calling bulls**t on the entire war.

    1. Wonder why it is Iraq's absence at Astana flies right over the heads of so many? Too many,really?

  5. I think this latest post exposes the totality of the "withdrawal" psyop. You've reminded me to always look behind the lie. Yes, I was sceptical like most others about the so-called exit but I didn't look for the chutzpah!

    You've comprehensively demonstrated that the withdrawal is a reinforcement. Bernays would be proud of this operation and, as a side note, it confirms Trump as a Zionist actor. The propaganda blast that started this latest miasma of misdirection was his tweet. So, case closed on Trump -- he is a shill and QAnon and 4D chess is a load of baloney.

    And yet what if Greencrow is right? What if all this latest noise about increasing "diplomatic" staff is a propaganda reflex action to counter Trump's announcement, in which case Trump is not the Zionist patsy I made him out to be? Good grief.

    I also agree that it will not be easy for the Zionists (why bother using out-dated terms like the US or the UK or France for that matter?) to hold onto Syria. I just cannot fathom the ordinary civilians and soldiers of Iran, Turkey and Syria countenancing such a blatant annexation.

    1. " I just cannot fathom the ordinary civilians and soldiers of Iran, Turkey and Syria countenancing such a blatant annexation."

      PS Perhaps this is why we have a**holes like Canthama preparing Syrian minds for a "justified" annexation -- those poor Kurds defeated ISIS and defied Turkey, so now they need to steal one third of your country. Don't worry if ISIS is fake and Turkey is fighting for its own integrity, just hand over your ancestral lands to these poor Kurds.

      Blood kurdling it all is.

    2. "So, case closed on Trump -- he is a shill and QAnon and 4D chess is a load of baloney."

      I always thought that Trump was and is a shill for the elites- I wrote about that before his inauguration.
      Using an engdahl piece as the base and building on the foundation there in.

      nearly two years ago

      Personally speaking here. I've never been a believer in "the Donald" as the leader of any sort of grassroots/populist movement. Nor do I buy the common presentation of the media being opposed to him. I'm also not a fan of the whole 'deep state' is against Mr Trump. I see the psychology of influence at play. Link

      The response to scarcity is, like the other weapons of influence, often a shortcut which usually pays dividends. And we are prompted to react because a missed opportunity is a loss of freedom.

      Donald Trumps Slogan "Make American Great, Again"

      American's would loathe the missed opportunity of making America great, again....

      and more of course- so to me, he was always a man of the deep state

    3. "PS Perhaps this is why we have a**holes like Canthama preparing Syrian minds for a "justified" annexation -- those poor Kurds defeated ISIS and defied Turkey, so now they need to steal one third of your country. Don't worry if ISIS is fake and Turkey is fighting for its own integrity, just hand over your ancestral lands to these poor Kurds."

      going back to Kevork the disinfocon
      who had no problem with the USrael Kurds kurdifying the whole of the annexed Syrian territory- displacing Arabs, not allowing them back to their homes as they sit in refugee camps within Syria the Usrael Kurds get paid to run- All the while an entire state infrastucture is put in place/ government. schools - names of whole cities and towns are changed

      ayn al arab is Kobani- disinfo Kevork is ok with that,right?

      lies of omission are still lies
      and that explains Canthama or as I prefer disinfothama

    4. All one has to do is look at the picture to see what is happening right before your eyes.

      No, GC, is not correct. Trump (and Putin) are Zionists.

      Eretz Israel is playing out right in front of us. This is glaringly obvious.

  6. BuelahMan, Trump is in the middle stages of dementia. Did you see his latest press conference when he kept repeating that "all Syria is, is death and sand...sand and death." Those are the words of dementia. As for Putin...anyone who negotiates with Netanyahu and co is called a Zionist. The fact is, Putin negotiates with EVERYONE. He maintains one irrevocable bottom line, however...Is it good for Russia? He has spent Russian money and blood saving Syria from those who would tear it asunder. The common denominator of those who would tear it asunder is that they are pro-Zionists and pro Israel. Res Ipsa Loquitur...Putin is not a Zionist.