Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Trump’s Syria withdrawal plan sounds suspiciously like a plan to stay in Syria

Not to be rude, but really, one would have to be a gullible fool to have believed the US was leaving Syria. Or a liar? Fool or liar whatever the case as I'd stated in yesterday's post : US " PAUSING" the Non Existent Syrian Withdrawal
"The Trump tweet kicked off quite the psyop"
That 'tweet' spread like wildfire through the 5 eyes main and alternative media fueling the troll armies to further spread disinfo, such as the US withdrawing from Manbij, Syria. 

Which, of course, they have not. US flag flies in Syria's Manbij despite pullout notice

The Stars and Stripes fluttered above four US armoured vehicles driving through drizzle in the Syrian city of Manbij Sunday, each visibly carrying an armed soldier on lookout duty.

WaPo: Syrian Withdrawal Plan Sounds Suspiciously Like a Plan to Stay on
Lindsey Graham

"Well, there is one big but rather confusing reason. In Graham’s retelling, Trump’s plan to leave Syria sounds suspiciously like a plan to stay in Syria — one that could be extended indefinitely, too. Speaking to reporters Sunday, Graham described Trump’s Syria plan as a “pause situation” rather than a withdrawal.

The senator went into more detail in some tweets Sunday evening:

    The President will make sure any withdrawal from Syria will be done in a fashion to ensure:

    1) ISIS is permanently destroyed.

    2) Iran doesn’t fill in the back end, and

    3) our Kurdish allies are protected.
    — Lindsey Graham (@LindseyGrahamSC) December 30, 2018

Considering these three elements, a full withdrawal would not be possible in the immediate future.

When the Trump 'tweet' first broke recall what was written here in the relinked report below?

 Friday, December 21, 2018- US Syrian Withdrawal- "You can check out anytime you like but you can never leave." 

'Relax' said the night man,
'We are programmed to receive.
You can check out any time you like,
But you can never leave!'

 How perfect is the Hotel California analogy for Trump's alleged troop withdrawal? 
Is he going to "check out" but "never leave"?

At this time and for the foreseeable future the US troops are going nowhere. 


Turkish Media Reveals Multiple French Bases Located in Northern Syria

Yaya got me thinking about how it was claimed the US left Iraq, but, they didn't. A topic covered quite a few years ago in the post linked below:
 Of course the 2014 post should be read entirely. But in a nutshell.. All the military forces including contractors became diplomats. And the occupiers/occupation went away. Except they and it didn't really. It was just a sleight of hand. Smoke and mirrors. A rebrand. From military to diplomatic.
"State department figures show that some 17,000 personnel will be under the jurisdiction of the US ambassador. In addition, there are also consulates in Basra, *Mosul* and *Kirkuk*, which have been allocated more than 1,000 staff each.
Crucially, all these US staff, including military and security contractors, will have diplomatic immunity. Essentially, the Obama administration is reaping the political capital of withdrawing US troops while hedging the impact of the withdrawal with an increase in private security contractors working for a diplomatic mission unlike any other on the planet."


  1. Does anyone here follow Kevork Almassian?
    At one time he seemed legit, but, then he outed himself in varying ways...

    Here's one example- though there are many to be found


    Kevork Almassian
    ‏ @KevorkAlmassian
    13 Dec 2018

    In fact, the Turkish occupation is much more dangerous than the American & Israeli occupations because #Turkey is able to Turkify the areas under its control, while the US & Israel can't do the same."

    America/ Israel and France can and are just as easily transforming/altering the areas they occupy. The statement made by Kevork is not one of fact but of misinformation- why?

    Others took the con artist to task

    ‏ @Zeeni_Panini
    13 Dec 2018
    Replying to @KevorkAlmassian @EvaKBartlett

    This is fake news. there are many areas that were previously controlled by the YPG terrorists that were liberated by Turkish forces and, rebuilt and subsequently given back to the Syrians. Many Syrians who fled the war seeking refuge in turkey have returned to Syria with the help"

    There have been news reports covering the return of refugees to Syria- they are here at the blog.

    Kevork is also calling Syria's Russian partner a liar or an Erdogonist since Russia has made very clear, repeatedly that Syrian territory is to be returned to Syria. As if it is something they expect.

    another person said to Kevork

    Sophia Andersen
    ‏ @ASBA88
    13 Dec 2018
    Replying to @KevorkAlmassian

    I always suspected you were a pro-US/Israeli propagandist masquerading as pro-Syria. I’m so glad you finally provided the proof.

    Kevork is non credible IMO. And the level of intentional misinformation I've come across all these years is stunning to say the least- Eye opening.
    But educational, that 's for sure!

    Anyone else?

    1. It smells of the same psyop we're seeing at KurdishPerspective -- a warping and twisting of the narrative to justify a war against Turkey on behalf of the Kurds. It is insane.

  2. I don't have a Twitter account and don't follow other twitter accounts...It's so good for my blood pressure! ; )

  3. I don't twitter at all either, however, this guy comes up all over the place where syria is concerned...
    Had to ask if any others noticed his odd stance?

  4. wanna see more disinfo in action- and not for the first second or even third time.. check MoA- Syria 2018 country of the year.
    One of disinfothama's highly recommended

    Claiming Assad gave free reign to launch airstrikes in Syria (Fox news reported this rumour, while claiming SANA reported it) They didn't.


    Claiming the US is actually withdrawing from Syria-
    Where they aren't

    It's like all of other garbage about Manbij withdrawal and so much other dis/misinfo all over the place..
    It's been, like I said, an eye opening experience

    1. Yes Penny I've seen it too especially so-called Arabs. Even Partisan girl came against Turkey. So I glean as you do through the mire of mis/disinfo because "YOUR" analysis is my guide :)
      thank you for that! Plus one does not need a Twitter acct to view posts...in fact you can share the video's via right hand top corner through copy and past link. I don't have one either but I can do this. It is easy to get side stepped in any info outlet...if we don't have the truth as a base!

    2. Yah- I'd noticed "Syrian Girl" has gone all anti Turk without realizing that the best thing that could happen for Syria, right now, is the cooperation between the Astana 3.

      And that if the zionists get Erdogan out of Turkey and get a new coopted leadership in- Syria is done.

      I never paid all that much attention to her anyway..
      the odd piece of hers might have been here, but, mostly not, because she was to vain/self absorbed- and it was clear. So she made for tedious watching

  5. Excuse me I made a mistake...Syrian Girl is the one I meant. Sorry

    1. Also I describe this deception as 'going to Walmart trying to find a real Gucci bag'!!
      Lots o' pirates.

      So my motto is....if you know the true Gucci bag, then you can spot the fakes instantly (esp. at Walmart) :p

    2. Yup, easy enough to spot the fakes when you know the real thing and the real thing right now in that region is remaking the entire area to benefit Israel

      All those that don't talk about that are obfuscating the reality that has gone on in the region since 03

    3. It's a bit more complex then that- it's the control of eurasia/blocking China/eventually attacking Russia, but, bottom line it's redrawing the maps to suit a new idea

      go back to a year ago now
      January 2018


      Let's say this is the best case scenario map? Greater Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0 controlled by Usrael and allies. Stretching from the Mediterranean- (we know the Kurds, aided by Usrael, are trying to get to the Mediterranean sea) Through to the Black Sea. The shores of the Caspian. And, to the Persian Gulf. The pot stirring in Iran will take them to the Caspian. Destabilizing Turkey will take the Usrael/ Kurds to the Black Sea. Breaking up Iraq to the Persian Gulf.

      Anyone ignoring all that which is most if not all msm and alt media is lying by omission in my opinion

  6. Right on, Penny. Same as with Iraq. The US "withdrew" and Iraq formed its own government, but the US, NATO in fact, will never leave. Canada was recently brow-beaten by Trump into sending more troops.

    1. thanks for the update Yaya!

    2. and yes the US never left- I was recently thinking about how it was the US let ISIS just march through Iraq while refusing requests for assistance
      talk about being best friends of ISIS

      Here's one from way back about the illusion of an Iraqi withdrawal by the US
      think I'll relink it into the main post above.


  7. OK Penny...please give me your take on this (as I keep in touch with Eva Bartlett).
    (which takes you to the author of analysis she is refering to:

    1. because the negative on Erdogan is definitely there...

  8. LM: "The Kurdish Contras have invited the Syrian Army yesterday, to take back the city and all the territory under their control west of the Euphrates. This has resulted in the Syrian Army entering Manbij area and surrounding the city, while the local inhabitants raised the national flag on all official buildings."

    There is no proof of that ever occurring.

    Go here

    "However, an Al Jazeera reporter from Gaziantep on the Turkish border, said residents of Manbij, which lies 30km south of the Turkish border, dispute the Syrian army’s claim.

    “Manbij residents who we spoken to have said that they have not seen any sign of Syrian forces in their city but we know that Syrian government troops have already been on the outskirts of the city, where they were part of the International Coalition fighting the Islamic State (ISIS),” he said.

    I mentioned the fact that SAA has possibly been stationed outside of Manbij for at least two years now..
    but even that's not for certain

    IMO wallflower there is zero evidence that anything but the status quo is ongoing in and around Manbij

    Also check here:

    " Manbij Military Council, working through Russia and the Syrian regime, seemingly brokered a deal to allow for Syrian regime and Russian elements to enter towns west of Manbij. The agreement remains murky, with credible claims that the SDF simply changed uniforms to those worn by the regime-allied NDF militia."

    So SAA may have never actually been present around/outside of Manbij.. there allied militias may not have been there either.
    What may be the reality is SDF masquerading as SAA or their allied militias

    From that laith fellow

    "In the meanwhile, it turned out that French and American occupying troops were still in the city, and are now stuck negotiating exit routes with the Russians and Syrians."

    There is no evidence again of occupying troops exiting
    there are abundant reports of US troops flying flags- they've been photographed (see post)
    And there is no evidence the US is leaving at all.

    In fact I'm going to write more on that tomorrow!

    stay tuned wallflower!!!!

    1. What surprised me was that Eva Bartlett (whom I respect a lot) perhaps swallowed the confusion? Anyway...I'm staying tuned PFYT! thank you