Thursday, January 31, 2019

Pt.2 US Asks Western Allies (Not Turkey) to Form Buffer Zone in Syria

No luck on getting any more of the WSJ article from yesterday.
If you missed it, check below:

U.S. Asks Western Allies to Help Form Buffer Zone in Northern Syria

WASHINGTON—The U.S. wants to assemble a coalition of Western nations to create and potentially enforce a new buffer zone in northern Syria, U.S. officials said, but none have yet agreed to the proposal, which includes a promise of American military assistance.."

I did find some additional information from WaPO.. 

Last few paragraphs..
"Who would do it?

Given these requirements, the reality of a truly safe zone for civilians in northern Syria turns on questions of who would operate it — and whom these operators would allow to stay.

Turkey has revived an offer to be the primary guarantor of a safe zone that would more accurately be termed a “buffer zone.” Unlike safe zones, which pursue humanitarian protection as the primary goal, a buffer zone physically distances a threat primarily for security reasons — and Turkey has made no secret its goal would be to distance Syrian Kurds, whom it considers terrorists, from its southern border. Indeed, the Turkish military is preparing a campaign to push back Syrian Kurdish forces and establish a new front line. Although there’s no reason this buffer zone could not assume some humanitarian purposes, such as repatriating refugees, Turkey has stated it would not allow Kurds to be protected by its zone.

Syrian Kurds have offered to take the daunting responsibility of ground enforcement off Western armies’ hands. As my research shows, however, to be meaningfully “safe,” they would require a no-fly zone overhead — and the Kurds have no air force. However, unlike past calls for a safe zone protecting against the regime or Russia, an American- or European-led no-fly zone to protect Kurds would have to also exclude Turkey, a NATO ally, risking an intra-alliance crisis"

"exclude Turkey, a NATO ally, risking an intra-alliance crisis"

UPDATE 11:48 am January 31/19

Three named western allies

"The US is holding talks with its allies the UK, France, and Australia, to help create a 32km wide buffer zone"

The "Syrian Kurds" aka PKK/YPG will happily do the ground enforcement

It's what they've done all along. Ethnically cleansing the area of residents in order to Kurdify 1/3 of Syria. (Replaying Israel's creation)  And surely the US will do the no fly part with France, Britain, Canada etc. Via Iraq, undoubtedly.

Turkey will be excluded. Intra alliance crisis and all that....
That intra alliance crisis has been apparent for years and years... despite being well covered up by the 5 eyes main stream and alt media. 
Ask yourself, where else have you read about the problems between Turkey and the US? Can you count those places on one hand? I can.
What you've most probably read is 'bad Turkey' In a typical disinfo demonization type tactic. Not that simple. Anyone who lead you to believe that was the case, was probably misleading you.  Making Israel 2.0 has been a big project, but, it was hidden in plain sight.

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  1. The US is in talks with Australia, France and the UK to enforce a no fly zone with the Kurds holding the ground territory--- the US isn't withdrawing so I excluded that nonsense- because IMO it's non factual