Thursday, January 3, 2019

U.S. Ramps Up Bombings in Eastern Syria Following Trump Withdrawal Announcement

This news is vindication of my theory that the so called Iraqi airstrikes into Syria were taken as part of the coalition strikes. Obfuscated by the big lie, spread all over the place, of an agreement between Damascus and Baghdad. Helping to take the heat off of the US and company. That claim was so absurd it should have been dismissed out of hand. But it wasn't.

 It seems to me that the US is making the big push to take all of the eastern territory once and for all. And I don't mean fight ISIS. I mean finally push all the resident Arab civilians out to be replaced by the Kurds. As the area is Kurdified/Israelified and US'd to continue the occupation and employ/ensure the forward base needed to attack Turkey and Iran.

More on this subject in yesterday's post:

 A comment exchange from last week:

Canthama at Syper Actually calling rumour and wild speculation  "confirmation" (same as Moon of Alabama, btw)

Yours truly pointing out
“Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad has allegedly given Iraq approval to conduct attacks inside Syria without his government’s approval, Iraqi News reported on Sunday”
If Assad did that, he just okayed the US targeting Syria via Iraq.
As long as the Iraqi government approves it. Open season on Syria.
And your passing this off as a good thing?
I doubt very much very much because Assad would do that. He is more savvy then that.

Al Masdar is clearly stated this is alleged. Not confirmed

to clarify
I doubt very much, very much, that Assad would do that. He is more savvy then that. Russia may as well pack up and go because according to Canthama, Assad has just made it open hunting season on Syria to “fight ISIS” with out (corrected)  consentWhich is exactly what the American’s have been doing all along
The US targeting Syria through Iraq.... Open season. Obfuscated by a lie.  A rumour in the rumour mill. Disinformation it's a real problem.
Penny, I just looked at the article. It does say, “…as long as they keep an open line of communication with Damascus.” It’s in the second paragraph. Did you read beyond the first? You’re making a mountain out of a mole hill in order to criticize Canthama.
keeping an open line of communication is meaningless gibberish- what passes for firing brain cells here is beyond me
This is the equivalent of Israel saying to Russia- oh yah, we shot the cargo plane down, after the fact. But we did keep an open line of communication
So what?
More accurately Israel created the conditions to have the cargo plane shot down, but, they communicated with Russia after the fact. Right? You see "open lines of communications' are just more of those meaningless empty words that sound nice, but, are useless. It's beyond me how people take this stuff as if it's significant? There have to be agreed upon protocols etc., not just the touchy feely claims of  an open communication meme.

As I'd suggested last week this nonsensical permission bullshit had to have been a cover for coalition airstrikes

Today what seemed obvious last week has been verified for me.

The Intercept U.S. Ramps Up Bombing of ISIS in Eastern Syria Following Trump Withdrawal Announcement

The U.S. military ramped up its bombing campaign against the Islamic State’s remaining territory in the eastern part of the country, according to sources on the ground and photographs we obtained. The fiercest attacks in the past week have occurred in Al Kashmah, a village on the Euphrates River near the border with Iraq, according to three sources in eastern Syria. Amid U.S. airstrikes and artillery fire by the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces, civilians and family members of ISIS fighters fled to villages to the south, the sources said.
Just more of that ethnic cleansing... That's been occurring for years now. This isn't ISIS. It's ordinary people.
There are about 50,000 to 60,000 people who remain in those areas, according to a civilian activist in Deir al-Zour who documents rights abuses and asked not to be named out of safety concerns. “The civilians in these areas have no place to go or hide from the U.S. bombardment of their villages,” the activist said  
The increased intensity of the bombings, however, belie claims by Trump and others that ISIS has been defeated or that the U.S. war in Syria, which has largely been carried out from the skies, is over. It remains unclear whether U.S. airstrikes will continue once the troops leave.
During the final days of 2018, the U.S. campaign bombed villages up and down the Euphrates, focusing primarily on Al Kashmah. On the night of New Year’s Eve, the bombs relentlessly assaulted Al Kashmah, leaving the village largely destroyed by the next morning,
The coalition against ISIS appears to be targeting internet cafes, according to two sources on the ground. Internet cafes in the villages are used by civilians and ISIS fighters alike. They are not part of ISIS’s tactical communications infrastructure, according to sources, but the militants typically use them to communicate with the outside world, especially their families in other countries.
“They just like to disrupt and mess everything up,” an ISIS fighter said in an interview. “They bombed the places where they sell gasoline for the motor, or they sell cooking oil, or where they filter the water — they bomb all these places. Not just the ‘net, they bomb everything just to make your life horrible.”
The risk of civilian casualties from bombings in Deir al-Zour is high because the rural villages have become densely populated with the families of ISIS fighters and civilians fleeing in recent months from more densely populated cities and towns that have fallen to Kurdish-led forces.
“No building is empty here,” the ISIS fighter said, referring to the remaining ISIS-controlled villages in Deir al-Zour. Fighters and civilians in the villages have reportedly been describing the U.S. bombing campaign as a scorched-earth policy, using an Arabic term that translates to “burn the ground.”
Ethnic cleansing and displacement of the populace- It's been the agenda/objective for years now.
On Sunday, the U.S. military admitted that it’s killed 1,139 civilians in Iraq and Syria since the start of its campaign against ISIS in 2014. That number is significantly smaller than the estimates of civilian casualties put out by monitoring groups, like Airwars, which says that between 7,308 and 11,629 civilians have been killed.
UPDATE January 04/2018:

Reports of US airstrikes killing civilians in the occupied East of Syria:

More Civilians Killed in Fresh US Air Raids in Eastern Syria
Friday January 04/19
A sum of 11 members of a family were killed in a fresh round of air raids on residential areas in the small town of al-Shafa'ah in Southeastern Deir Ezzur.
More about the US/Kurdish ethnic cleansing of the area: Under the guise of targeting ISIS

11 Civilians from one family including children were reportedly killed due to airstrikes launched by the US-Led Coalition warplanes eastern Syria. 
The Syrian democratic forces SDF militant group – backed up by the US-Led Coalition - could capture Abu Hassan town and Kashma area followed to Sha’fe town on Thursday in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor

SDF captured the area following violent battles against ISIS, the battles expanded to Sha’fe town’s outskirts where the town witnessed artillery and air strikes.

Meanwhile, thousands of people fled to Sha’fe town due to the shelling on the area, local media sources said that a huge batch of besieged civilians in Sosa and Sha’fe towns held by ISIS fled towards SDF held areas.
Once the civilians have fled the US aerial bombing and SDF terror, the "SDF" aka Kurdish YPG/PKK will make sure their victims will be directed into the refugee camps the UN pays them to run.  All of this has been previously reported on here at the blog.

SDF captured Abu Khater town on Wednesday after one week of capturing Hajin city, which was ISIS headquarter in Syria.


  1. Yes, they must be clearing these areas for the Kurdish occupying forces. ISIS does not exist -- it is a creation of perception management that hides the Zionist (West and Israel) mercenaries and special forces that are cleaning Syrians out of Syria. The Kurdish forces simply move in after ISIS does its work; or the Coalition air force does its work using ISIS as the excuse. Raqqa was pulverized using the same method -- it could not be controlled by the Kurdish forces so it had to be neutralized.

    The fact that Canthama and his cohorts go on and on about ISIS is a big red flag. Same with South Front always being quoted about "SDF fights ISIS", i.e. it is all bulls**t.

  2. Yes and get the cover story now behind the withdrawal and lie about baghdad and damscus having an agreement?

    Psyop from start to finish through the media to hide the fact that the US is most likely making it's final push to remove the resident population for so it has complete hold of the east- this makes the situation much worse on the ground.

    Canthama has always been disinfo- from the time Ziad started Syper- Canthama cheered the Kurds on and presented them as allies of SAA fighting "ISIS" together etc.,
    This was never the case.

    when I think of canthama and cronies this churchill saying comes to mind..

    Winston Churchill Quotes

    In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.'

    that contingent at Syper is the bodyguard of lies.

  3. One final point. If I was a Syrian I would be incandescent with rage about what the Kurds are doing in NE Syria, under the protection of Zionist forces. I would be howling at the world through sites like SyrianPerspective, calling on forces to be directed there immediately and for victory to be total.

    Instead we get more and more insipid posts from Canthama claiming everything is alright, things are happening in the background. Meanwhile a true Syrian should be feeling a sense of dread creeping up his spine. And there is that "Dr Magradas" who keeps declaring victory at TheSaker site and then redirects back to PsyPer. Lol!

    1. Yes, real Syrians would and should be outraged with what the Usrael backed kurds have done...

      Stole the territory, farmland, water, oil etc.,
      Instead we read the insipid commentary of who claiming it's all good. It isn't all good.

      I don't read at Saker's anymore- Or very, very, very rarely- his bookchin shit was too much anglozionism for me-

    2. Instead we read the insipid commentary of "who" or whom claiming it's all good? It isn't all good.
      but then there is a bodyguard of lies surrounding the truth..

    3. TheSaker is a funny site -- the sudden shift in its articles' focus from Zionist narratives to true resistance stories, are vertiginous.

      One constant theme is what I call "goy baiting" in which an author (always kosher) blames Westerners on all the ills of the world and wishes damnation on those countries. There's an Eric Zuesse fellow who does this regularly; Peter Koenig can be particularly vicious; and Pepe Escobar pops up droning on about China-nirvana (I used to trust Mr Escobar and no I don't know if he is kosher or not).

      This is what you have called in the past, I think, "perception management" -- readers minds are being prepared for the destruction of, say, Europe and the rise of a benevolent China. Which a crock of the obvious in my opinion.

      China is still Communist (spook alert) and thus still a sociological sand-box for international finance to mess with a human populace. Interesting side-note is that the main founders of Sociology all seem to be nasty revolutionaries, but that is for another day. Plus there are so many kosher links with Communist China that it is silly.

      So yes, what I'm trying to say is that TheSaker has a split personality with a dash of nastiness thrown in.

      Btw I posted one last challenge to Ziad to show a little indignation at the SDF annexation, I don't expect a reply and, to be frank, I'm never going back to PsyPer. And that is a new year resolution so I'm not allowed to break it (which I keep doing, much to my discomfort).


    4. "There's an Eric Zuesse fellow who does this regularly"

      I've long had no use for that author-

    5. Look, F./Sherlock Holmes, there is no alternative media to speak of in the West, and there's no better than The Saker.
      It's all CIA crap and unfortunately you parrot a lot of their deceptively treacherous narratives.

      At least they haven't fooled you on Usrael 2.0. That old (demented?) Peter Koenig you mention just completely discredited himself by promoting a Kurdish state (see his latest article at New Eastern Outlook). Goebbels would be proud.

    6. Hi Laika;

      By no better then the Saker, what do you mean?
      I'm not getting it. Sorry :(

      Peter Koening promoted a Kurdish state?
      Geez, I'll have to look at that!

      I'm far from perfect, but, everyday, I'm so glad I don't spend to much time reading alt media and just think about stuff for myself!
      It's like contamination for the masses. All the time.
      shakes head.

    7. @LL

      Nobody is immune to the propaganda, so I wouldn't be surprised if I've been brainwashed on many, many issues. So fair point.


    8. Peter K. is a Zionist shill. End of story. I quickly read through his sugar-coated partitionist piece at NEO -- pure propaganda masquerading as reasonableness.

      The fact that TheSaker site repeatedly publishes the likes of this guy is why I don't trust the Saker anymore. Too many "goy baiting" articles.

    9. PS Lol! He's actually proud of working at the World Bank for 30 years.


    10. I'm going to read it and then wash my eyeballs till they burn- lol
      I won't do that,but,will force myself to read the shite

    11. "Imperial and Kosher"

      Like you said. I predict we will see more and more articles like PK's piece; more perception management to herd everyone to see that Kurdistan is the answer to the Middle East's problems. Incredible. The MSM and "altmedia" (note to LL: I've put it in quotes) will be in lockstep, all following the same script about a so-called Kurdish Question that is a complete invention.

  4. PS: I love the word insipid!
    I'm going to have to use it more often :)

  5. Yes, a great word that perfectly captures Canthama's technique.

    I find it a revelation that none of the regulars at PsyPer, including Ziad, show any anger at the occupation? Very strange. Anyway, I let rip at everyone tonight -- I just could not be bothered with being nice.

    Canthama is now giving financial advice -- he thinks financial crisis are random events. I never thought of him as a lightweight but he is; and a disinfo agent.

    I think PsyPer is lost and I need to avoid it from now on.

  6. Hi Penny,enjoy your erudite observations as always. But re saker. What do you mean by "bookchin" ?

  7. Murray Bookchin: He featured some stuff regarding that subject previously

    Murray Bookchin represented Ocalan's ideology or somehow Ocalan adopted Bookchin's ideology.? Whichever?
    The two are joined at the hip, IMO. It seems more likely to me that Murray Bookchin (jew) came up with the ideology espoused by Ocalan and his PKK cult

    I see saker wrote some gibberish about Uncle Sam dumping the Kurds -LOL

    There's probably been other stuff over there. I don't know for sure, but, once I started seeing it- I was done with Saker

    check this google search and you'll see what I mean

    1. Communism is a big jewish idea, right?

      If your interested I was reading this piece recently and it's very good.

      Murderous Jews & the Bolshevik Revolution - July, 2010
      I am glad that the gruesome story of Katyn, where over twenty thousand Polish intellectuals, politicians and military officers were murdered by the Bolsheviks in 1939, finally become better known around the world as a result of the tragic crash of the Polish Air Force Tu-154 in Smolensk. However, I would have been much gladder if the world finally came to the realization that the people who committed the mass murders in Katyn were also the ones ultimately responsible for the murders of millions of Russians and other nationalities throughout the 1920s and 1930s. For too long we have blamed ethnic Russians for the unspeakable atrocities committed by Bolsheviks. At worst, Russians can only be blamed for mismanaging their empire, thereby falling victim to foreign manipulations. Nonetheless, it is now clear that Bolshevism was imported into the Russian Empire to destroy it. And destroy, it did -

    2. I make sense of all these contradictions by assuming that Marxism and Communism were always spook projects. So whenever I see the "communist" word pop-up then I know I'm in the territory of spies and lies.

      For example, many of the top Bolsheviks were mainly non-Russians sent in from abroad; they made up their own names (who does that, eh?); and had bankster connections that openly boasted of destroying Russia (e.g. Jacob Henry Schiff).

      But Marx himself was very dubious. He is sold to us as a poor intellectual but he came from a rich family and married into a rich family. We are talking a top financial and industrial family, namely the Philips. Then he goes and destroys from within any genuine republican working class movements. Also his attack on religion and private property is all too convenient for the banksters, i.e. centralize everything and destroy the tithe that goes to the Church.

      I'm not defending organized religion, just pointing out that it was always a target of the banksters. So yes, Communists are just spooks working for international finance imo.

  8. "Marxism and Communism were always spook projects"

    Which to me would suggest were talking about big finance led projects.. banking scum etc., Including the Kurdish revamp- which fits the bill. And the regional remake now in process.

    I've always felt the best evidence points to the PKK being some sort of stay behind army... definitely used as destabilizers for decades in Turkey- they as a group have a long history of brutality, smuggling and general lawlessness (not every single individual of course) this is where their saying "no friends but the mountains' originates. From the mountains being the keepers of the secrets.. their smuggling extortion criminal activities

    " many of the top Bolsheviks were mainly non-Russians sent in from abroad; they made up their own names (who does that, eh?)'

    Yes, who does that ;)

    "Marx himself was very dubious. He is sold to us as a poor intellectual but he came from a rich family and married into a rich family"

    I've never delved that much into the above subject, but, it wouldn't surprise me that he was wealthy as opposed to impoverished- but the fabrication was necessary to sell the agenda.

    wikipedia alone is enlightening in this case:

    "The first known member of the family is one Philip Philips, a Jewish merchant who came to the Netherlands from North Rhine-Westphalia and was married to Rebecca van Crefelt.[1] His son Benjamin Philips (1767 - Zaltbommel) built a fortune selling tobacco. Benjamin's son, Lion (1794-1866) was married to Sophie Pressburg, an aunt of Karl Marx; Sophie's sister was Karl Marx's mother, Henriette Pressburg. Benjamin, Lion and their respective families converted to Christianity in 1862."

    So we have wealthy financier family- going all crypto.

    Am familiar with the destruction of the working class- attacks on religion and attacks on private property.

    I think the attack on religion particularly Christianity is part of a pathology (pathological features considered collectively; the typical behavior of a disease) among many of the jewish crowd- you see indications of that all over the place.. including the targeting of christian sites and people in the ME region- the attack on christians in Russia was particularly heinous under the Bolsheviks..

    "So yes, Communists are just spooks working for international finance imo."

    It's definitely a perspective worth thinking about!
    I like it. New ways of viewing situations.

    1. "you see indications of that all over the place.. including the targeting of christian sites and people in the ME region"

      Totally agree. It explains the bizarro attacks on any cultural heritage that is not kosher.

      I really feel sorry for the Syrian diaspora because I wonder where in the heck can they get information about what is really going on in their country?

      You have had to look under every mainstream rug, mat and carpet for possible grains of truth and then use logic to fit together something that resembles the truth.

      Normal "altmedia" sites are just kurdling the truth and it tastes disgusting; I hope Syrians are not swallowing the fantasy narrative of Kurdish freedom. That is such a brainscrew.

    2. "You have had to look under every mainstream rug, mat and carpet for possible grains of truth and then use logic to fit together something that resembles the truth."

      I know that is what I try to do and it's difficult.
      Always say to my husband I just try to look at what makes sense and what doesn't.

      "Normal "altmedia" sites are just kurdling the truth and it tastes disgusting"

      Yah, but, think about it. It's very imperial and kosher, right?

    3. As LL boldly states and as I've slowly come to realize, there is no "altmedia" -- they all seem to gatekeep on key issues. For example, I used to go to Sign of the Times but I now think they are a cultural-marxist outfit: anti-Christian and anti-family, but very very subtle about how they go about it.

      Kosher, definitely. Imperial? I suppose so. Such a wide reach, and deep at the same time, points to a powerful force behind all these so-called "altmedia" sites. Powerful force == many minions and infinite money :)


    4. Yes, Christianity was always the target since the kicking out of the money changer from the temple (even if that event was only metaphorical). Usury being cardinal sins, Christians (and Muslims) can only be seen as arch enemies of those who live from that.

    5. gallier2January 5, 2019 at 5:38 PM

      Yes, Christianity was always the target since the kicking out of the money changer from the temple (even if that event was only metaphorical).

      Metaphorical is often as good as real- and sometimes better- and the hating on christians is really apparent.

    6. PS gallier2
      still must get to the yellow vests but lacking the time.
      I've saved the previous information,but, if you get anymore, even just links leave it?
      Hoping to have something up this week!

    7. Hi, yes yesterday was act 8, stronger as ever. Looks like people start to get fed up with the police, as it is obvious that nothing is going right. There was still the hope that the police would at some point switch to the side of the people, but there are enough knuckle heads in the ranks to make that ulikely. The hierarchy of the police is fubar anyways (completely under the hand of freemasons).
      2 notable incidents in Paris, the boxer taking on some CRS cops (no link as that one is very visible on international media (there's also a slight chance this one is a psyop).
      The most notable one is the storming of the ministery where Benjamin Griveaux that arrogant asshole of a gouvernment spokesperson was hiding and had to be evacuated.
      It looks like this time the province towns were much, much more in the center of the storm but as always not much echo in the media.
      My impression is that it is going downhill from here as there is no sign of flinching or even understanding of what is on from the gouvernment. My prediction is that there will start to be actions (violent or not) at a smaller level but on key parts of the power structure, freemasons, judges, police hierarchy, multi-national companies, etc. because one thing is sure, the yellow vests are much, much more mature politically than many imagine.

  9. I've added two additional reports covering the US/SDF targeting of civilians/ethnic cleansing in order to continue to Kurdify more then 1/3 of Syria.

    Greater Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0 is continuing on full steam ahead.

  10. NE Syria is just a piece of the Greater Israel puzzle. Syria will be squeezed between multiple fronts. The lull before the coming storm.

  11. Hey Dwayne

    Could not agree more with your contention and it's something I've written about here for years and years now-
    as stated above your comment:

    "Greater Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0 is continuing on full steam ahead."

    what's incredible to me is how hidden this fact is- how obfuscated- how covered up.. and intentionally so IMO

    that's the shocker!

  12. Are rememants in turkish .mil and or erdogan trying to cut a side deal with us in qpq?

    Us shared intel for strike in sinjar on pkk wanted leaders (faction cleanup turkey picks up tab?)

    Us sells patriot missiles to Turkey?

    Gulen discussions in Turkey?

    Pastor release?


    Nusra factions i.e. "aq" offensive around aleppo?

    Trump lands in iraq talking up border bases and remote strikes via Iraq?

    Us border patrols woth kurds

    Pompeo warning turkey on protection of kurds against slaughter?

    The tip off
    Erdogan accuses Washington of stabbing Ankara in the back, but from Syria to Iraq, the NATO allies' armies are coordinating closely

    Ismail Ozden was killed on 15 August after the Turkish air force conducted two bombing operations against the Sinjar Resistance Units (YBS), an offshoot of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), which both Turkey and the US have designated as a terrorist group.

    After the Americans shared information with Turkey, bombs were dropped on Ozden's car in Iraq's northern Sinjar area, near the border with Syria. 
    Sinjar, American support for Turkey's fight against the YBS will be limited, since the US uses the area itself to transport weapons, ammunition and other equipment to the YPG in Syria.

    know there are mostly Yazidis in the YBS and, after IS left the area, these Yazidis think they desperately need this YBS group to protect them," he said. 

    LEBANON Replay.

    And why no outrage about the NASA official?

    1. With the s400 and the tartus remake along with recent alleged IDF shootdowns, does the UD have any choice but to shift operatiosn east to Iraq?

      Russia saud the next time the Controller " plane is going to be shot down refwrrring to the drone swarm incident and the reconn plane.

      And do not forget it was the coalition that opted to "wait out" Maliki while russia rushed fighter jets to Iraq.

    2. “If we perform a strike, we will coordinate with the international coalition, the joint security center and all the relevant parties. As we work together, we follow the principle of partnership to ensure safety and harmony between allies,” former Iraqi Ministry of Defense spokesman Tahseen al-Khafaji said in April.

      Awakening 2.0

    3. Calls for us to leave by coalition in iraq .gov


      Abadi like maliki

  13. "Are rememants in turkish .mil and or erdogan trying to cut a side deal with us in qpq? "

    Too what end?
    To stop the support for the Kurds?
    To enable their own proxies to advance?
    Or something else?

    It's possible that some individuals in Turkey are making side deals- but what's their angle- that I don't know?
    Are they loyalists to Turkey and maybe thinking side deals are the only way to go?
    Or are they disloyal to the nation state and speeding along it's demise?
    I'm willing to entertain the many variables that might be at play.

    I see the NASA guy jailed in Turkey...
    Perhaps he stayed and Brunson was released.
    Maybe he's more high value?
    And will be released in exchange for something else?
    There are so many possibilities at play?
    What do you think ?


    Consistently the creation of Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0 has progressed from out of Northern Iraq back nearly 5 years ago.
    The progression and map show the progress very clearly along with the US bases/ and new governmental structures being put in place in Syria.

    1. found the other lost comment in my email

      btw: anonymous linkie person- wondered where you had gone off to? Often you leave little gems for me, which I appreciate

      and I will look at the other links you've left

  14. Holy smoked mackeral some of my comments were disappeared!
    I have to see if I can find the other one.