Thursday, February 28, 2019

Amid Kashmir Crisis, China, India, Russia Condemn "Use of Terror for Geopolitcal Goals"

Be sure to scroll down and read how it is nuclear war between Pakistan and Iran could reverse global warming (Geo engineering?) 

First to the joint statement:

It does not seem likely that this statement was issued solely for Pakistan's benefit.

 Keep in mind the other day China was calling for cooler heads to prevail.

The Diplomat
On Wednesday, the foreign ministers of Russia, India, and China met for the 16th ministerial meeting of the Russia-India-China (RIC) trilateral in Zhejiang, China. The meeting was the first high-level diplomatic interaction between Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and her Russian and Chinese counterparts, Sergei Lavrov and Wang Yi respectively, since the Tuesday morning airstrike by the Indian Air Force on Pakistani territory.
India is seeking diplomatic support for its position after its strike on Pakistan. On Wednesday, as the RIC was meeting, Pakistan undertook strikes of its own against Indian positions in Indian-administered Kashmir. With the crisis in full swing, the RIC is just one of several forums where India would be looking for support. China, notably, is Pakistan’s “all-weather” diplomatic partner and has shielded Islamabad from international scrutiny in the past.
Somewhat surprisingly, the RIC joint statement, issued at the conclusion of the meeting, showed some advancement that may be in India’s favor on the issue of terrorism. The statement noted that the three ministers “strongly condemned terrorism in all its forms and manifestations” and “called on the international community to strengthen UN-led global counter-terrorism cooperation by fully implementing the relevant UN Security Council (UNSC) resolutions and the Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations and the principles of international law.”
Most important for India, however, was the inclusion of language that the three ministers “stressed that terrorist groups cannot be supported and used in political and geopolitical goals.” Though Pakistan and Jaish-e-Mohammed — the terror group that claimed the February 14 attack on Indian paramilitary personnel that sparked the current crisis — weren’t named, the language implicitly supported India’s position.
Separately, the joint statement called for “those committing, orchestrating, inciting or supporting terrorist acts” to be held to account. The language does not break through a major impasse that has separated India and China, in particular, on Jaish-e-Mohammed: the listing of the group’s leader Masood Azhar as a “global terrorist” under United Nations Security Council resolution 1267. Over several years, China has used a technical hold to prevent his designation.
But, on balance, taking the reality of Chinese and Russian preferences into account, the RIC trilateral statement is probably as good an outcome India could have hoped for. The statement came at a critical time in the ongoing crisis, with New Delhi now considering its possible retaliation for Pakistan’s strikes on Wednesday. If India chooses to press ahead, the crisis may escalate into an all-out war of sorts.
But if India resorts to diplomatic efforts to push back on Pakistan and isolate it, this kind of support might go a long way. China won’t change its strategic posture of support for Pakistan anytime soon, of course, but even Russian support would be valuable for New Delhi‘s diplomatic efforts.
Interestingly the author viewing the statement as one that was "somewhat surprisingly" made indicates to me, this is quite possibly an unexpected change in stance.

"How a nuclear war between India and Pakistan could reverse global warming"

 From the nutty carbon cult- Even if this is tongue in cheek it's in such poor taste .. One wonders why it was seen fit for publishing?
"To be abundantly clear, what follows isn't meant as a how-to guide advocating nuclear war as some sort of out-of-the box alternative solution to climate change"
What frightens me, personally, is some crazed persons may see this as viable. Including crazies at NASA who actually entertained this idea. Going so far as to create models and generate reports? Why? We're they thinking about geo engineering projects to "save" the planet?

"In 2011, NASA scientists released a report based on a model that predicted the climate effects of the use of 100 Hiroshima-size bombs in a regional conflict. 

That's because the bombs would inject up to 5 megatons of black carbon into the upper troposphere, the highest point of the lowest layer of the Earth's atmosphere. As National Geographic wrote, "In NASA climate models, this carbon then absorbed solar heat and, like a hot-air balloon, quickly lofted even higher, where the soot would take much longer to clear from the sky." 

These carbon clouds were projected to cause temperatures to fall 1 degree Celsius, or 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit, over the first three years, then to as low as 2.25 F before starting to creep back up. Even after 10 years, temperatures would still be expected to be 0.9 F lower than they would have been without the nuclear war"
Pay attention to the temperature reduction (1.8 F = 1 degree Celsius)  delivered via the lessened sunlight/cooler temp along side the out sized affect predicted for global agriculture in the limited nuclear war scenario

Agriculture ... would likely be disrupted from the combination of cooler temperatures, less precipitation and decreases in solar radiation reaching the surface," the lead scientist on the study, Luke Oman, said. "This would cause widespread interruptions to growing seasons by producing more frequent frosts."

The result could be famine in parts of the world.

Then ask yourself why?

Truly think about why it is the carbon cult, yes it is a cult, insists that global temperatures need to be reduced to levels below that of a limited nuclear war (nuclear winter) which would result in even worse global famine and disruption to global agriculture? 
As a means to save the world?
It's absurd.
Why does this not strike the true believers as an anti human global depopulation agenda when it so obviously is?


  1. I reckon that "carbon cult" is something of the past, Penny. It has most likely to do with that from the 1953 coup d'états (in Iran and the Soviet Union) until about Putin's Munich speech, the AshkeNazi mafia pretty much thought it controlled (or surely would control) the world, and that they could use this "carbon tax" to control it even further.

    Except they never did control the whole world, it's rather the other way around, they're losing. That's most likely why they (the banksters & gangsters) now have completely reversed their policy (e.g. Trump, Bolsonaro), in a desperate bid to compete with China, Russia, and so forth.

    Thankfully Abdullah made some great comments, he clearly knows what he's talking about. Eurasia Future is pretty good.

  2. Hi Laika!

    Abdullah is a super thoughtful contributor.

    Not prolific but always perceptive.

  3. Thanks guys. Much obliged for your comments. However, it's a very broad prognosis and the micro analysis can indicate other patterns of thought. Penny most likely has a point that pressure will be applied on India to keep it's long term goals embedded to the empire. Ultimately I sense the direction it will proceed with will be influenced by it's theological evolution. It is however, being pulled the other way too. Eg trade with Iran, relations with Russia, S400, BRICS member. Will it seek to accommodate China including Pakistan or work against both which it sees as it's great regional economic rival? China is the leader assuredly so will it humble itself and seek a rational logical stake to it's and it's people's interests for mutual multipolarity.

    1. Abdullah- there is really a lot to consider in this region- beyond just Pakistan and India.