Monday, February 18, 2019

Former "IsIamic State" fighters return home to Kurdish Held Syria

KurdIShIS... how many years has that obvious symbiosis been stated here?

"As Europe, under pressure from US President Donald Trump, seeks solutions to take back its citizens drawn to the "Islamic State" (IS) group, the Shammar tribe in northern Syria is re-integrating former IS members."
If they are being reintegrated (The action or process of integrating someone back into society)... it seems sensible that these ISIS fighters had to have originated with the Shammar tribe in the first place.

"The Shammar tribe's militia, the Al-Sanadid forces, control swathes of land in north-eastern Syria, close to the Iraqi border. Until recently, they were part of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and at present the Shammar belong to the Kurdish-led civilian leadership in northern Syria."
Shammar belongs to the Kurdish led civilian leadership in Syria.. 
Shammar also allegedly fought ISIS, same as the Kurds.
In plain talk: ISIS is going to live with their mortal enemies,  those who allegedly fought them to their death, the Usrael Kurds

And if you believe the fought to the death narrative???? I can't help ya!

So the seeds for an ISIS resurgence are being readied. Should that be required.

Germany is reporting their ISIS fighters have a fundamental right to return

German citizens who have fought with the Islamic State militant group in Syria have a fundamental right to return to Germany, a spokesman for the interior ministry said on Monday. 
“All German citizens, including those who are suspected of having been involved with the Islamic State have a fundamental right” to be in Germany, the interior ministry spokesman said. 

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