Friday, February 1, 2019

Guns and Butter: Michel Chossudovsky- US Plan To Wage War On Russia & China

Pretty decent interview covers a lot of ground:


The 'withdrawal of troops' from Syria- not happening can't be taken serious- couldn't ever be taken serious.
Trump's phone conversation with Erdogan- most probably didn't even happen.

Little stuff like that is annoying.

Give it a listen and share some thoughts


Is the US Planning to Wage War on Russia and China? 

 From earlier:


  1. Thanks Penny, yes that's a pretty decent interview.

    A few innocent remarks:
    There's of course zero difference between the 'Nazis' (Ashkenazi mafia) who ran/run Germany and the Ashkenazi thugs who terrorize, tyrannize the rest of the world (e.g. Adolf/Donald Hitman, Beulah/Chrystia Freeman or Frau Nudelmann).
    So, 'Nazi' Germany was the AngloZionists' main ally and proxy against Stalin's Soviet Union. As a matter of fact also the know-how and uranium (Belgian Congo) needed for the Manhattan Project atomic bombs came for the most part from/via 'Nazi' Germany.

    The US had only a few atomic bombs to attack the Soviet Union, and by the time they had more, Stalin's Soviet Union also had the atomic bomb.
    Therefore the Truman papers clearly say that a military attack on Stalin's Soviet Union was no longer possible, and that they could only destroy Stalin's Soviet Union's Marxism-Leninism by subversion.
    That's unfortunately exactly what happened - in 1953 the Ashkenazi (Trotskyite) mafia grabbed power again - also helped by the patently false perception many Russians had of the US/West as an ally.

    The fascist West has already many times used small atomic bombs (or devices), not so long ago for instance clearly proven/recorded in Yemen, or the demolition (melting the entire core) of the WTC towers, for that matter.

    They might use them again to intimidate, terrorize China, Russia, Iran, and so forth, but they definitely wouldn't want (not even in 1949) to start a nuclear war because (and esp. now with Russia's new weapons) that would be suicide.

    1. thanks Laika!

      glad you enjoyed the interview and that you shared some additional info :)

  2. No, Ma'am. No Syrian withdrawal until the goals are met (may take decades). Eretz Israel is the goal.

    In other news: Trump's Wall Kabuki shutdown ended with no wall.

    Wall, wall, wall, wall, wall...

    And more wall.

    1. BuelahMan:

      Agreed on the no Syrian withdrawal... until the greater Isreal project is accomplished...

      Hidden by the creation of greater Kurdistan- which is Israel 2.0 (expanded Israel into Asia)

      The wall shutdown ended with no wall, eh?
      It was good theatre, though right?