Saturday, February 16, 2019

Let’s Make A Deal: Usreal Kurds Capture Final ISIS Held Territory

 I’ve been expecting this all week... Just had to keep watching the news reports
The free pass  has been the standard mode of operation when the ‘heat is on’ (allegedly) between Kurds and ISIS. Yup, the usual deal was made after the ISIS proxies, with assistance of their guns ablazing SDF partners, displaced the civilians by terrorizing them...

"US-backed forces have captured the last enclave held by Daesh in Syria under a deal with the Daesh terrorist group
Under the deal, 200 militants have surrendered to the SDF and 240 more are expected to surrender in the future.

Over the past months, there have been numerous reports of the US airlifting Daesh amid fresh sweeping advances by Syrian army soldiers and allied fighters against the Takfiris on the battlefield.

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said the last few hundred Daesh elements, many of them foreigners, had surrendered in the past two days to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a Western-backed coalition of mainly Kurdish militants.

Iranian officials have warned that the US is relocating the militants from Syria to Afghanistan"
I've lost count of how many deals the Usreal Kurds have made with ISIS for their safe passage out of Dodge. Relocation could be to Afghanistan? 
Or Pakistan? And, yes, I have Pakistan in mind for a very specific reason.

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