Tuesday, February 19, 2019

President al-Assad's Most Recent Speech- Eight Years Encapsulated

If you think I'm tough on the Usreael Kurds... Assad is tougher still.

 He's also quite clear on US responsibility for beginning the destabilization.. before 2011, of course, but officially 2011 is when it began. With the help, encouragement and support of Israel and Jordan. 
 Despite nonsense about the Syria destabilization having to do with climate change.. a claim that has been debunked on more then one occasion yet is still shamelessly promoted by the muddiers of imperial agendas Another AGW Lie Bites the Dust: "Climate Change Fuelled Syrian War"
“There is no sound evidence that global climate change was a factor in sparking the Syrian civil war,” said University of Sussex Professor Jan Selby, one of the study’s co-authors, in a statement.

“It is extraordinary that this claim has been so widely accepted when the scientific evidence is so thin.”
AGW pushers don't worry about science... They rely on computer models. Garbage in/Garbage out. The roots of the "revolution" were planted in Daara. Seeds propagated through 'social media', interconnected NGO's and the amplifying media

Down the memory hole:

 Videos posted by activists on Youtube and Twitter showed dead and wounded people lying on a street in Daraa, as heavy gunfire crackled nearby and people shouted in panic.
The Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist groups might try to exploit a collapse of government control in Deraa by seeking support from across the Jordanian border.
 Interesting to step back in time and see Jordan and the Muslim Brotherhood mentioned in the same statement? 
 Let's also consider how real this 'social media' revolution was? Or not. Let us ask, what kind of revolution would it have been without the perception managing 5 eyes media?  They who opened the flood gates allowing the free flow of a minuscule amount of 'social media activity' really gossip and innuendo, turning it into a inundation (opposite of the yellow vest protests)
 Journalists working for regional and international media were tweeting news before reporting it to their news rooms. So the media started using tweets as a source for information and they sometimes took citizens for journalist and thus fell into reporting false information at some times.

Assad's Speech via Sana February 17/19

And you should read the speech in it's entirety. Clearly Assad has a handle on the concept of social cohesion and citizenship (Jus soli)  
All living creatures, in tune with nature, understand the concept of 'from the soil' 
"Jus soli in many cases helps prevent statelessness"
Which is why this concept is frowned upon in a global world order. Which is why this concept is being destroyed. For a globalist slave planet.. Sound dramatic? Oh, it isn't dramatic in the least.

"He said that the studies issued during the war on Syria by research centers in the countries that support terrorism, as well as the statements of officials in these countries, it could be seen that these countries’ policies towards Syria are based on two pillars: the first is supporting terrorism which is a temporary pillar, and the second is applying a type of decentralization that is different from the one law 107 proposes; a decentralization that weakens the state’s authority and marginalizes it, thereby weakening sovereignty, nationalism, and social cohesion, which would lead to social division and ultimately geographic division."
Identity politics. Always divisive. By design.  The more identity's created the more division. No wonder some individuals are so splintered these days. Identity politics has played a huge role in the destabilization of Syria. And it has gone unmentioned. Or openly cheered on?
Cheering or frowning depends on the 'identity' being presented. I guess?
"The President said that those who pursued these plans are limited in their way of thinking, as their goals could not be achieved without true social division in Syria, which never existed, otherwise Syria would have become divided during the first years or even months of the war.
“But our enemies don’t learn lessons, and maybe it’s a good thing that they don’t learn lessons, because that will make them repeat the same mistakes,” he said, adding “there are two truths that never changed: the first is the plot to control not only Syria but the whole world, which is carried out by Western state led by the United States, and the second is our people’s will for resistance which remained firm and became more ingrained and deep-rooted.”
I'm going to repeat a part of Assad's statement again: 
" the first is the plot to control not only Syria but the whole world, which is carried out by Western state led by the United States" 
Considering all of the earlier reference Assad made in the speech to local administrations, local communities and the role of the Americans in controlling Syria with bigger goals in mind... the following comments are aimed directly at the Usrael Kurdish proxy forces.
“From the beginning, you offered yourselves and the homeland for sale. I wouldn’t say you offered your principles, because you had none to begin with. You offered yourselves and the homeland for sale, and there was demand for this kind of goods at the time, and you were paid handsomely and bought, but after the new owners tried you out, and despite all the plastic surgery and improvements and upgrading and modifications, you failed to achieve the required tasks, so they decided to sell you at a discount after demand for you decreased in the international slave market, but at a low price, and they won’t find a buyer and they’ll probably give you away for free, and no-one will take you.
“But you were sold without the homeland , because the homeland has actual owners, not thieves. The homeland has a people who view their homeland as their soul whose death would mean their death, while brokers consider the homeland a commodity that they can replace if it’s gone after they pay the price. The homeland is like a soul; these are phrases you don’t understand… the homeland is sacred; these are words whose meaning you don’t know, because you are cheap brokers who understand nothing but humiliation and disgrace and who deserve only contempt and disdain.”
His Excellency said that after all these years, those who betrayed their homeland haven’t learned the self-evident rule which is that the only value is given by the real people, while the illusory people they invented in their sick imagination doesn’t really exist, adding that the only path to reach the real people is through honesty and clarity, not through betrayal and hypocrisy, nor through other states’ officials and intelligence agencies.
President al-Assad stressed that the only forward for these individuals is through reconciliation, handing over their weapons, and recanting their sins, and the Syrian people with their big heart will forgive those who are honest in their repentance, and the Syrian people look to the future.
He stressed that nations and countries are built and made strong by lessons and experiences, and Syria will become stronger and better because it persevered and confronted the war with bravery, adding that those who expressed Syria’s strength are the Armed Forces who, with the aid of allies and friends, managed to defeat terrorism, which couldn’t have been possible without wide-scale popular support.
The President said that while some would interpret wide-scale popular support as the support of the majority that was in the areas controlled by the state, the fact is that there were also supporters in the areas where militants were present, who could not leave for fear of being killed by the militants.
His Excellency added that the involvement of a number of Syrians in terrorism and treason doesn’t mean they represent Syrian society; rather they represent the dark side of any society caused by the lack of values, principles, and morals, which produces crime, extremism, and corruption, leading to the absence of affiliation to the homeland, which is exploited by enemies inside and abroad to fragment the country."

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  1. Great speech from a great Statesman...and great post, Penny. Assads words could be applied anywhere in the world...even here in Ottawa these past few weeks.

  2. I thought it was a good speech in it's entirety and yes it could be applied anywhere even here in Canada aka Ottawa

    But then Trudeau is not motivated to unite- He's been here to divide from the get go..

    And he's living right up to his goal.

    Since we're going down memory holes



    Getting my crystal ball out...

    1- Trudeau will divide this country, same as Harper did, just in a different manner.

    2- We will suffocate under political correctness. We already did under Harper, but, it will get so much worse under Trudeau. Free speech will be further restricted.

    3 National drug plan: The drugging Canadian plans- big pharm profits will probably be bandied about this upcoming election

    4-Oh and smart money says we will still cater to Israel!

    4 years later and the only one of my predictions, the drug plan isn't in place

    Not bad, not bad!

  3. Hi Penny: Some good predictions...but I don't think anyone saw the neo-Nazi supporting/fascism coming. I certainly didn't.