Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Severe Winter Weather Hammers Canada- Hawaii get's some snow

How many years have I documented the multiple incidents of severe cold?
Dead frozen animals? Starved birds who can't feed because of the ice cover?
Atlantic slushy waves?  Canada was supposed to be warmer.. according to the AGW crowd.
It hasn't happened. (Of course warmer is "relative" It's warmer now then when my house would have been non existent under the crush of two miles of ice cover- But it's trended cooler for the last little while)

Severe Winter Weather Hammers Canada from coast to coast!

We've wicked winds today- Wind Chill.  Blowing Snow causing white outs. And it's cold

Most of Canada was walloped Tuesday by severe winter weather ranging from an extreme freeze in Alberta to an ice storm blasting its way through Southern Ontario.
Strong winds roared at up to 80 km an hour in the Greater Toronto Area during the morning, before the city was hit with up to 20 cm of snow, rain and ice pellets by evening. Traffic throughout the city was stalled, visibility was reduced and airport flights delayed or cancelled.

Several winter storms have already swept the city this season. In January, Toronto saw around 63 cm of snow, compared with around 5 cm in December. Gerald Cheng, a meteorologist from Environment Canada, said this winter seems unusually difficult because the extreme weather began late, compared with storms last year that began in December and ended much earlier in the season.
The Ontario Provincial Police reported 60 car accidents in the GTA as of 4 p.m. on Tuesday. OPP Sergeant Kerry Schmidt noted that while the number is slightly higher than usual, it could have been much worse had there been more traffic on the roads.
In the Western part of the country, Environment Canada issued extreme cold warnings for several regions in Alberta. The weather agency said wind-chill values would drop between minus 40 C and minus 45 C throughout the week during the late-evening hours and into the mornings.
Even the normally balmy west coast took a winter hit. 

Snow slams Northwest again and even Hawaii gets some

watch the video--- snow in Hawaii- in the lowlands
Schools closed across Washington state and the Legislature canceled all hearings Monday with winter snowstorms pummeling the Northwest again as a larger weather system wreaked havoc in the region and even brought snow to Hawaii
And as far away as Northern California, Humboldt County beaches that have not had snow in more than 15 years received a dusting and blizzard conditions caused whiteouts on mountain roads.
In Seattle, the snow's effects were amplified by a prolonged stretch of cold temperatures.
"You've got storm after storm sliding down the sweet spot to produce low-level snow," said Kirby Cook, a meteorologist at Seattle's National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration office. He described weather systems pulling cold air from Canada and combining it with moist air pulled east from the Pacific Ocean.
When snow does fall in the area, normally enough warm air is drawn from over the Pacific to melt it soon after it falls, but the steady stream of cold air has kept normally-mild western Washington colder than normal — and let the snow build up.
"It's really rare for us to maintain this pattern," Cook said.

I do not believe that global warming = cold.
Because cold is the absence of warmth. 
Because warming does not equal cooling.
Warming = Cooling is a contradiction in logic.

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  1. and now we have a heavy snow advisory!
    Fun times- for all of Niagara

    Bursts of heavy snow will continue into this evening. Westerly winds gusting to 60 to 70 km/h are also expected to generate blowing snow.

    Visibility may be suddenly reduced to near zero due to blowing snow.