Sunday, February 24, 2019

The Next 9/11: Coming from A War Theatre Soon?

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There’s a phrase that comes to mind as I read this oped. “Pushing Buttons”

Actions taken. Words chosen. Psychological manipulations engaged in. Provoking very strong visceral irrational emotional over/reaction. 

Indeed the article below has it all.  But, I’ll just share the obvious hot button memes being bandied around.


Excerpted hot button words and phrases.. all designed to push your buttons
hot button: a topic or issue that is highly charged emotionally or politically.
As the War on Terrorism winds down against ISIS in Syria and the Taliban in Afghanistan, as Americans forget the years of unity following the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on New York City and the Pentagon that killed 3,000, and embrace the new politics of divisive hyper-partisan quarreling, obsessed to distraction by our cold civil war — the conditions are ripe for another act of spectacular terrorism, another 9/11, that may well exceed the first in mass destruction.

According to The 9/11 Commission Report, the September 11 holocaust resulted from President Bill Clinton’s failure to retaliate for the Oct. 12, 2000, terrorist attack on the USS Cole in Yemen. The attack killed and injured 56 sailors and nearly destroyed a sophisticated guided missile cruiser worth nearly $1 billion.
Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) achieved its high-profile blow against USS Cole and the West with simple technology — a rubber dinghy armed with plastic explosives and suicide bombers, employed like a torpedo. Likewise the 9/11 attacks themselves would use low-tech means to achieve spectacular results.

For the next 9/11, look to Yemen’s “Houthis” so-called by the Western press for their late leader Abdul Malik al-Houthi — which misnomer displays the same kind of ignorance that blinded Washington to the threat from al Qaeda, before 9/11.
The “Houthis” call themselves “Ansar Allah” (“Supporters of God”) and are a Zaydis/Shiite version of radical Islam dedicated to the universal triumph of their apocalyptic creed “uber alles” to borrow a phrase from Nazi Germany.

Ansar Allah’s motto, displayed on their flag, says it all: “God is great! Death to the U.S.! Death to Israel! Curse the Jews and victory to Islam!”

Ansar Allah’s closest allies — Iran and North Korea.

only with box cutters and four hijacked airliners.

Ansar Allah has ballistic missiles and allies nuclear-armed North Korea and near-nuclear Iran.
Iran successfully launched a Scud missile off a freighter — a technique that could be used for a nuclear strike on Washington.

Will the next 9/11 be nuclear terrorism?
Any thoughts?  Other then, the usual suspects may be up to no good?
Loved the scud missile mention ;)
Always makes me chuckle. 

Had to dig up the 'scud' story
Completely non credible.. connected to that special lady Nikki Hailey the entire story best summarized as speculative- wildly speculative

"In a briefing on December 14 last year, standing in a DC warehouse in front of debris of a missile recovered in Saudi Arabia, Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the United Nations, pointed at other similarities such as the location of valves and vents in the tanks. Furthermore, the logo of an Iranian manufacturer was visible on some of the debris"

 Nikki Haley put on a show for the media- end of story
"The most common version of the Scud, known as the SS-1C Scud-B, had a much shorter range of roughly 300 km with a 990 kg payload. It first flew roughly 70 years ago. It seems surprising that a variant of such an old missile would have the range to reach Riyadh"

And yet the author of the WT's oped expects readers to believe the 70 year old technology is going to deliver a nuclear payload to Washington?   My hubby points out that even if some 'scud' missile was actually deployed it would or should be easily intercepted.


  1. Hi Penny, Ironically, the LAST 9/11 was nuclear terrorism. I believe so-called "suitcase" nukes were detonated in the lower floors of the two Trade towers. The "molten steel" for weeks afterwards is testament to that.

    In terms of another False Flag of the nature of 9/11, yes I can certainly see that as one of the options to distract from the debacle that is the attempted [failed] regime change operation in Venezuela. Now, if they could just detonate a nuke and blame it on Maduro.

  2. Hmmmmm....was musing similar. The original delivery method for a nuke was by sea. Someone who dissed the banksters needs to be taught pour encourage les autres. With the airports locked down the seaports need shut up as well. Somewhere isolated but still western. Recently reoccupied Iceland fits the bill.

    No matter what it is there is another big one coming because we are still too uppity, despite the massive importation of intolerants, and need really, really, really locked down this time.

  3. The 9/11 Commission Report, the September 11 holocaust resulted from President Bill Clinton’s failure to retaliate for the Oct. 12, 2000, terrorist attack on the USS Cole in Yemen.

    I agree. Clinton should have ordered the massive bombing of the real Cole perps, Israel. He didn't and that led to Israel thinking and knowing they could get away with murder of Americans on USA soil. Which they did on 9/11.

  4. Hey all:

    Hi GC:
    I'm a keep it simple person, so I'm less inclined to take in the suitcase nukes at trade towers -- opting instead for cutter charges and a controlled demolition.

    Incoming... if 9/11 kicked of the regional remake, which I think it did... and 9/11 has lost steam as so many years have gone by (18 this year) ... it seems only a matter of time before another 'big one' is needed.

    From Afghanistan to Yemen and all points in between..

    Greg... good point!