Tuesday, February 26, 2019

US & Allies Staying Put in Syria- Occupation and Advancing the Agenda Continues

 The US was not going to exit Syria as was plainly stated on more then one occasion.
 One of the last times in the 2 part post below:
( Likely not the last time and certainly not the first either)
The regional remake won't end till it's done. What will finish it? How it will end? Unknown.
What seems certain is we aren't there yet.

From last week: Allies decline request to stay in Syria if  U.S. troops withdraw

France and Britian are the allies on the ground with the US in Syria. There are others, including Israel, but, the three stooges form the foundation of the occupying forces.

"Allies have “unanimously” told the United States that they “won’t stay if you pull out,” a senior administration official said. France and Britain are the only other countries with troops on the ground in the U.S.-led coalition
Along with the United States, they have provided training, supplies, logistics and intelligence for the Syrian Democratic Forces, the Kurdish-dominated group that has done most of the fighting. U.S., French and British ­forces also operate heavy artillery and conduct the airstrikes that have been decisive against the militants."
And they aren't staying unless the US stays. Since the US was never leaving there wasn't a thing to worry about... nothing is changing. Not that it ever was going to.
Sure numbers of boots on the grouns are being claimed. Meaningless, really.
Since it's unknown exactly how many US troops are presently in Syria.
And a quick reclassification of those troops will just as quickly and just as effectively have them "leaving Syria". Troops are/will continuing to occupy and annex Syria.

Enlarge the image and take a good look at the faces.....

Men identified as Islamic State fighters who surrendered to the Syrian Democratic Forces are moved out of Baghouz on Feb. 20. (Bulent Kilic/AFP/Getty Images)

  • Let’s Make A Deal: Usreal Kurds Capture Final ISIS Held Territory

    SDF Hands over 150 IS Fighters to Iraq

    Safe Passage for ISIS

    The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) has handed over more than 150 Islamic State (IS) militants it had captured to the Iraqi government.

    The majority of them are Iraqis and the convoy was under maximum security protection headed to the Jazeera and Badiya military headquarters,” the official revealed. 

    U.S.-backed SDF hands over 280 Iraqi, foreign detainees to Iraq

    An Iraqi military colonel confirmed to Reuters that 130 people were transferred on Sunday, adding to the 150 transferred on Thursday. They included the first known transfers of non-Iraqi detainees to Iraq, but it was unclear if they will remain in Iraqi custody.
    There are meant to be more such handovers under an agreement to transfer a group of some 500 detainees held by the SDF in Syria, Iraqi military sources said.

     Earlier Observation 

    So the seeds for an ISIS resurgence are being readied. Should that be required. 

Washington Post con't...."For its part, the SDF has appealed for Western nations to keep a force of up to 1,500 in northeast Syria to coordinate air support and back its efforts to hold militants and other adversaries at bay.
Bolton has told allies that even if they withdraw from northern and eastern Syria, U.S. troops will remain at the American garrison at Tanf, on Syria’s southern border with Jordan. Bolton is the administration’s leading hard-liner on Iran and believes, as he recently told reporters, that Tanf “is still very strategically important in connection with our determination that Iran not achieve this arc of control stretching” from Tehran through Iraq, Syria and Lebanon."


"The US and NATO allies are in the process of assembling what officials are calling a "monitoring and observer" force of roughly 800 to 1,500 troops to maintain a safe zone in northeastern Syria. The goal of the force would be to maintain a buffer between Turkey and US-allied Syrian opposition forces to ensure that neither side carries out attacks on the other"
Repeating: The goal of the force would be to maintain a buffer between Turkey and US-allied Syrian opposition forces to ensure that neither side carries out attacks on the other.

US Asks EU to Deploy Troops To Occupy Syria/Encircle Turkey

"A US defense official said the force would also have the aim of preventing an ISIS resurgence in northeast Syria though it is not clear whether they would be involved in training or advising local forces as part of this effort."
I'm really uncertain why it continues to go unmentioned/unreported in the so called 'alternative media' aka anti imperial media that the 'buffer zone' is being created for the additional reason of targeting Turkey?
To prevent Turkey from protecting the state, it's border, it's own territory.
The absence of reporting on this fact in the authority challenging media is beyond my comprehension? The msm doesn't really hide it..They gloss over it, but, it's still there. 
As has already been written the buffer zone is desired by the three stooges and company so Turkey can be targeted. Syria can be occupied and annexed. Regional remake can advance.
The news doesn't even mention Turkey as a US ally- HELLO!!
"Turkey and US-allied Syrian opposition forces"
US allied Syrian opposition forces

PS: Playing catch up since the flu is losing it's horrible grip :)

From earlier today:

Indian Airstrikes Hit Pakistan- Islamic Bloc Meets on Kashmir

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