Wednesday, February 20, 2019

US Led Coalition Evacuates ISIS and Their Families from Last "Stronghold"

Perhaps you recall my mentioning last week this was how the last ISIS stronghold would fall- with an escorted exit?
 The free pass  has been the standard mode of operation when the ‘heat is on’ (allegedly) between Kurds and ISIS.

Press TV

The so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported that more than 50 trucks belonging to the military alliance and covered tightly with tarps carried the terrorists along with their family members out of Baghouz village east of the Euphrates River on Wednesday.
Informed sources, requesting not to be named, told the Britain-based monitoring group added that US-led military helicopters were hovering in the skies over the area as the exit took place.
The Observatory had earlier reported that negotiations were underway between the US-backed and Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and Daesh remnants, with the latter demanding a safe passage to an unknown area believed to in the desert areas of Iraq’s western province of al-Anbar.

Not going to Idlib, as so many disinformants on line have claimed? I didn't expect they were. Rather this batch is reported to be heading straight for Anbar Province. The birth place of ISIS in Iraq. Iraq which just happens to be chock full of US bases.  And US soldiers. Iraq. America's best new friend in the 'hood". Check the video at the Press TV link- I cannot get it to embed here despite multiple attempts to do just that

 The paragraph below appears below the video:

Daesh Takfiri militants and their family members leave their last stronghold in Baghouz village, eastern Syria, on February 20, 2019, as the US-led coalition purportedly fighting the terrorist group overlooks the exit. (Photo by the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights)

If you think Press TV is the only outlet reporting on the free pass?
You'd be mistaken- A bit more obfuscated in western media, but, the truth is there


A U.S.-backed militia has sent trucks to the edge of Islamic State’s dwindling territory in eastern Syria to evacuate hundreds of civilians as well as surrendering fighters, many of them foreign-born, commanders said Tuesday.


  1. Sadly I have the flu and feel terrible- so it's tough to write the posts through watering eyes etc.
    I'll do my best, but, for now I've got to lay down my feverish head.

  2. Sorry to hear you're under the weather, Penny. Get some rest and drink lots of water. RE the evacuation...some ISIS terrorists likely coming "home" to Canada real soon.


  3. Hope you get better soon..

    Me on the other hand? I am wiped right now after doing a day's worth of drywall and electrical work.

    I will probably do a little bit of blogging after I get some rest!

  4. Dear Penny,

    I wish you a speedy recovery. Best regards from Germany.

    Gallier the Elder

  5. thanks for the well wishes everyone :)

    about the ISIS free pass?

    I was at the clinic yesterday (pneumonia or bronchitis concerns)
    and CTV news was unrelenting in this dialogue about an "ISIS bride" from Canada

    Her story is so preposterous-
    How is it she got to Syria?
    No one asks?
    She met a man here in Canada- they went together to Syria?

    "It all started when she married a Muslim man and converted to Islam
    “He started learning about the religion more and he just felt like it wasn’t suitable for us to stay in Canada anymore,” she said."

    How did they get there? No information
    How long were they there? No information?
    How was he or she paid while they were there to fight for ISIS? Because there is payment involved! No one asks

    First husband dies- she hooks up with some Bosnian who was also killed
    I just don't believe her story

    She wants to raise kids in a safe environment but.. she went off to Syria and probably gave birth to the first two kids while there?

    "The non-profit group Families Against Violent Extremism is lobbying for the return for Canadians who travelled to Syria. It says there are at least 27 currently detained and more than half are children under the age of five."

    I think she should stay right where she is- And her kids too.
    I'm for parental responsibility and she needs to take it.

    Anyway this soft, fluffy debate on CTV went on and on and on (I waited a while) and nothing substantive came from it.
    Again, Canadians are just being played.

    Britian, coincidentally has an ISIS bride saga ongoing as well

    I fixed up the post above with some back links to earlier reports covering the removal of ISIS back to Kurdish held territory within that tribe that spreads across Syria and Iraq
    this jibes perfectly with the report that this batch of ISIS is going to Anbar Province.

    This way should Usrael need an "ISIS" resurgence for the YPG/PKK to "fight" with they will have that option ready to go!