Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Yellow Vest Protests: Who are the Real Thugs?

Hattip Gallier2 for passing these images along. And apologies for being so long in getting these pics posted
For those who still don't want to see it

who are the biggest thugs?
the police are breaking the windows?!
not surprised.
I saw the video footage of the 'lone burning car' in France over the week end- it was being waved around as proof of yellow vest violence. BUT.. as it sat burning there was no indication of who had set the car on fire?
It was an exact replay of the burning car at the G-20 in Toronto many years ago... shortly after that incident came the heavy handed crackdown..

In my mind it was the police that had set the vehicle on fire in Toronto and it was, undoubtedly, the police who set the vehicle on fire in France
It's even worse than just breaking windows. It looks more like a bank robbery to me. It's an ATM booth. I don't know if they're really looting it but it would not surprize me in the least with these thugs.
Loic Mendes added 3 new photos.
Besoin subite d'allez faire des courses messieurs de la police ?? Je croyais que c'était les méchants gilets jaunes les casseurs de vitrines !!! 😠😡🤬

The police smashing windows.

Which also brings to mind something else that caught my eye at the past week ends protest.
I'd seen video footage as well as the image below. All reports claimed it was yellow vest protestors who set the car on fire.  But there was no information contained in any of the reports that supported the claim. Just a car burning. February 10/19

If you look at the image the only persons around the burning car are the police.
In the NYT's report it's claimed protestors broke the windows of stores fronts etc.,
Yet the above images posted on facebook show police breaking windows?

"according to French news outlets, and smashed bank windows and A.T.M.s along the protest march route"

 Police smashing windows, bank windows and ATM"s are shown being broken by police!

Considering the only persons I can see around the burning car are the police, should I believe that "yellow vest protestors" set the car on fire? Should you?
Are we better served by questioning everything the media presents to us?
Considering how it is our perceptions are constantly managed?


  1. It is strange Penny...who took those pictures?...perhaps someone infiltrated? God help them. I feel so sorry for the oppressed French and all of the ME curse coming upon us all. As Maduro of Venezuela said in a letter to the American people..."we are millions". We are! It is my hope the US military will come to their senses and renegade against evil for the hope of Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and the obscene brutality in Yemen. It's so difficult to read everyday. Thank you for your steadfastness (SUMUD) and thank you Gallier2 for keeping us informed. How we can wish for the noble leadership that exists in these targeted nations, something that is truly foreign to us. IMO Maduro is key to the freedom of South America...VIVA VENEZUELANS who are true to their Revolution...YELLOW VESTS who are true to their convictions...PALESTINIANS who are dying every hour for their homeland, oppressed with every breath they breath...YEMENI'S where there are just no more words, a silent death crying out from the earth...SYRIANS waiting, hoping, believing in their noble leader to sustain the curse that exists at their borders, VIVA ASSAD!...IRANIANS who withstand threats of destruction everyday, who have been able to thrive with endless sanctions of hate...VIVA! VIVA the oppressed! May our victory be near!

    1. "who took those pictures?"

      The pictures of the police smashing the windows?
      Or the other picture of the car burning?

      The pictures of the police smashing the windows were posted on a facebook user- linked in the post.
      the other image was from NYT's

  2. Ok, so according to the anti-fakenews brigades, these pictures are taken out of context. The cops are checking something long after some yellow vest hooligans destroyed the windows. There are pictures floating around of yellow vest and masked wearing people smashing windows.
    While this interpretation is entirely plausible, as the cops in the pictures above must know that they are observed and I don't believe that they are as dense as that (even if it contradicts what I said in the comment I initially sent).
    This said, it is not difficult for some hidden operation group to wear some yellow jackets and go smash windows. There are enough pictures of these kind of persons, which all seem to get their clothes from the same venue (black jackets, heavy jeans, fatigues, etc.).

  3. From other interviews (very long and in french, so no link) I gather that the more the protests go, the more there appears to be an antifa/black block infiltration. In the last installment (acte XIII) there have been several clashes between antifas and yellow vests.

    As for the visible leaders, it looks more and more like they are one after another either bought, intimidated or compromized by the usual far left neuralizers (trotskites, antifas, masonic lefties and republicans (in the French sense)).

    If nothing new happens I fear that the movement is slowly pettering out.

  4. Hey Gallier2

    They are checking something with their arms and legs/feet in the windows?

    "Long after yellow vests have left"

    So they say? But there are no yellow vests present

    So like the burning car... which also doesn't demonstrate yellow vest protestors set it on fire...

    But that didn't stop the media from reporting that as fact?

    I suspected the longer this went on the more infiltration there would be... and the more violence.
    It was almost inevitable, since a sustained protest requires commitment and most people can't or won't make it- Not being judgy, it's just the way it is-

    work to do
    kids to raise
    families to take care of

    What needs to occur is a change in the way people live themselves.. everyday
    start with little changes- expand on them until the change is so big.. the elites can't miss it

    -Use cash
    -grow food
    -talk face to face with people
    -skip elections(don't feed the illusion)
    -vote with your dollar
    -stop eating processed food (toxic)
    -stay away from the programming
    -spend time in nature so you 'get real'

    I used to post a list of ten or so changes people could make that would grind the gears of the machine.

    Sadly people are more into convenience then wanting to change things for the better for themselves and their children :(