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Yellow Vests, Red Scarves and Class War in France- Who Benefits?

From all I’ve read the “Red Scarves” = the Bourgeoisie
"a sociologically defined class, especially in contemporary times, referring to people with a certain cultural and financial capital belonging to the middle or upper middle class: the upper (haute), middle (moyenne), and petty (petite) bourgeoisie (which are collectively designated "the bourgeoisie"); an affluent and often opulent stratum of the middle class who stand opposite the proletariat class.[1]
One wonders if they are in fact on the tax payer funded payroll? They sure seem to be.
Civil servants from the vast government machine known as the bureaucracy?

It seems the banker class and their sycophants are trying to subvert and divide the movement through a number of different methods.. The use of extreme violence will surely cause resentment within the Yellow Vest protestors&  supporters. A counter protest will surely sow divisive seeds further still.

Just my observations from afar. Hoping to hear from those resident in the area.
So Gallier the elder and Gallier 2... if either or both of you are around?

Is France on the verge of a class war between/represented by the yellow vests and the red scarves?

Red Scarf protestor (ready made tshirt?)
The first thing that struck me when I emerged from the metro station onto the Place de la Nation was the amount of corduroy. It was without doubt the trouser material of choice for the middle-aged men participating in Sunday’s inaugural Red Scarf (Foulard Rouge) rally in support of the Republic and its institutions.

As I meandered through the crowd, which numbered only half of the 20,000 hoped for by the organisers, I was also surprised by the number of blue and gold flags. Some demonstrators were waving the EU banner and others were wrapped in it, like football fans on their way to a World Cup match.
I spied a woman sheltering from the driving rain under an EU umbrella and thought she would be a good person to start talking to. She and her husband were erudite young professionals who were braving the weather to show their support for the Republic. What about the umbrella? I asked. Isn’t the EU part of France’s problem? She nodded ‘Europe in its current form is unsatisfactory because there is too much self-interest among nations,’ she explained. ‘That’s why we should have a more federal Europe, like Macron says.’
Every Red Scarf I spoke to shared Emmanuel Macron’s ambition for a common European budget, army and parliament. A tall bearded gentleman in his thirties told me he was for a United States of Europe, a continent without borders and a common culture. A quartet of silver-haired protestors didn’t go that far but still expressed their wish for greater harmonisation within the EU.
A common European budget? Army? Parliament? This is certainly not desired by the yellow vest protestors

I put this vision to half a dozen bedraggled Yellow Vests eyeing the Red Scarf rally from the other side of the road. It was not well received. ‘You English made the right decision,’ one said, as the rain dripped from his beanie. I remarked that Brexit had turned into a bit of a shambles. ‘But at least you’re leaving. Look what happened to us when we voted [against the EU Constitution in 2005]. We were ignored.’
The six told me they came from the banlieue, the suburbs, and had been demonstrating since the start of the Yellow Vest movement. They were contemptuous of their president, the police and the idea of ending their protest.

It wasn’t only a vision of the future that differentiated the Yellow Vests from the majority of Red Scarves. The latter bore the accoutrements of the affluent: ski jackets, cashmere scarves and bags from Louis Vuitton and Roberta Pieri. All deplored the violence that has disfigured France in the last two months but some said they nevertheless understood the reason for the Yellow Vest mobilisation. The woman with the EU umbrella, whose job often takes her across France, spoke of the deprivation she had seen in the provinces.
Others didn’t bother to hide their disdain for the Yellow Vests, like the bearded gentleman who said they were just confused rabble-rousers raging against a changing world.
The quartet of sixty-something protestors were the most optimistic for the future. They have faith in their president to bring his country through this difficult period and believe that the Big Debate is having a positive impact. They pointed to the announcement last week that the Yellow Vest movement will field 79 candidates in May’s European Elections, proof in their eyes that the best way to protest is at the ballot box and not on the street.

The announcement of the formation of a political party has created a division within the Yellow Vest movement and the effect could be a radicalisation of the faction that is opposed to entering the political process.
The likelihood of the emergence of a hardline splinter group is more probable following the injury on Saturday to Jérôme Rodrigues, one of the de facto leaders of the street protestors. The 40-year-old was live-streaming the eleventh weekend of protest (which drew 69,000 people) from the Place de la Bastille when he was hit by a police stingball grenade which exploded at his feet, and then was shot in the face with a rubber bullet.
Macron- Is showing himself as quite the tyrant. 
But, whatever...Maduro. Assad. Gadaffi. Putin. Erdogan...  They are the tyrants!
Macron's heavy handedness barely gets noticed.

A similar injury was sustained on Saturday by an off-duty soldier in the southern city of Montpellier as he left a restaurant with a group of friends, fellow servicemen on leave from Libya. Using the terminology of the US military, the police said the bullet had been aimed at a group of rioters and the head injury to the soldier was ‘collateral damage’. Since the Yellow Vest protests began, 152 protestors have suffered head injuries from police weapons, while 17 have lost an eye and four a hand.
The circumstances of Rodrigues’s injury have enraged many Yellow Vests, and a call to arms was issued on Sunday. ‘Citizens, form yourselves into battalions!’ ran a communique, echoing the words of Eric Drouet, an associate of Rodrigues, who issued a statement demanding ‘an uprising without precedent by all means necessary’.
That includes an unlimited general strike, scheduled to start on February 5, which has the support of the CGT union.
Peace will not be coming to Paris anytime soon, as Macron appeared to acknowledge on Sunday evening as he arrived in Egypt on a three-day visit. ‘I’m waking on thin ice,’ he said. ‘Throughout our democracies, the rising tension of people is a social, economic, moral and democratic dissatisfaction.’
Macron speaking from Egypt?.. There is a certain irony in that since that nation is run by a Usreal backed military dictator..... el Sisi
France may be awash with colour but those wearing black, red, yellow and blue and gold are not just divided sartorially. The fractures are regional, material, cultural and ideological, and as the woman with the EU umbrella admitted, the outlook for France is as bleak as the Parisian weather.

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  1. Hi Penny...OT to send breaking news

    The breaking news is in the comment section:

    ["Many units of the PMU's (and Iraqi Hezbollah) are stationed along the Iraqi-Syrian border. In effect they are the second leg of the double envelopment, or pincer that the U.S., French and British, with their Kurdish lackeys find themselves in. On the western side of the Euphrates, are the Syrian Arab Army, NDF, Hezbollah, IRGC , 25-30 Afghan volunteers and perhaps thousands of Chechen Russian volunteers and Chechen Russian working directly for the Russian MoD.

    Iraqi PMU's, who are essentially the Iraqi armed forces, are also positioned very close to Al-Tanf in Syria, on the Iraqi side. This has, and continues to be a big irritant to U.S. coalition forces. They are part of the forces of the axis of resistance, and if/when a regional war breaks out, they will be in the fight head on. Israel has a lot to fear.

    On April 14 when the U.S., France and Britain launched cruise missiles at Syria for the alleged chemical attack in Douma, the Iraqi PMU's surrounded the two U.S. bases in Iraq, on near Tikrit, the other just north of Baghdad, and threatened the base commanders that if they were to participate in attacks on Syria, they would be destroyed. The U.S. State Dept was furious, and blamed Iran."]

    ["BEIRUT,LEBANON – Minutes ago, the U.S. Air Force bombed a Syrian Arab Army (SAA) artillery field position west of the Iraq border, the high commander reported shortly after the attack.
    According to the claim, the U.S. bombed the Syrian Arab Army’s artillery field position inside the town of Al-Sukkariyeh, which is located just west of the strategic border-city of Albkamal.

    The attack by the U.S. Air Force resulted in the destruction of the artillery field gun and it wounded at least two soldiers."]

    ["breaking News

    us airforce attacked SAA in abukamal , thats border City to pricks targeted artillery of SAA>(23.00 tonight)"]


  2. wallflower:
    all pmu's are not the same- that term is generic and misleading- (went to look at the comment)
    southfront's contributors should know better then to use that generic term as well

    any PMU's associated with Sadr are allied with the US for sure.


  3. Sadr's forces have been fighting alongside Usreal's Kurds in Syria and Iraq

    read here

    more accurately should be described as PMF
    Popular Mobilization Forces
    and there are more then one!

    They are called PMF- Popular Mobilization Forces.

    Setting the Record Straight About the PMF

    The PMF contains three distinct factions, based on various subgroups’ respective allegiances to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, and Muqtada al-Sadr.

    Supporting the Iraqi government’s move to reduce the authority of pro-Maliki, right-wing PMF subgroups will better facilitate eventual integration. Sadr and Sistani claim to be willing to be integrated.

    Yet the PMF remains divisive. For many Iraqis, particularly Shia Muslims (but other groups as well), the PMF is a set of religiously sanctioned paramilitaries

    1. Thank you for clarification Penny...I'll read up. Also passing this banned from Youtube video around that boldly highlights many crimes (911 a big first) Israel/US has planned and perpetrated since. Worth the watch to remind us of facts coming from the guilty mouthes themselves.
      First published at 02:27 UTC on December 19th, 2018.

    2. Don't mean to come off negatively, but, there are variations and it's important to understand them

      I saw a total disinfocon claiming that the PMU fighting alongside SDF, calling in bombing runs to the coalition was somehow allied with Damascus because they are all shiites (this is overly simplistic and really incorrect)

    3. and I'll have a gander at the video
      ty wallflower

  4. Good article.
    The red scarves are completely marginal when it comes to numbers. It is a composed of the people profiting from the neo-liberal, globalized regime. Their numbers in the media were exaggerated while yellow vests in the same time are systematically under-reported. The yellow vests have a counting service (which method can only undercount) and for act 9 they counted around 800 000 for whole France, officially they were reported at 80 000, so an order of magnitude less.
    The red scarves are what was called the Bourgeoisie in older times. I've seen several interviews done from non official medias and it is extremely telling: oblivious, stupid and self agrandizing.
    Their impact? None.
    May be the Elder will have other insights but as far as I am concerned, the red scarves were nothing more than a failed attempt at counter protest. Failed because of the inept nature of the protagonists.

  5. Vincent Lapierre was attacked last Saturday in Toulouse by antifa and black blocks. He and his cameraman was quickly exfiltred thanks to very reactive yellow vests. It looks like antifa and black blocks activity is increasing. Some say, that that is a good sign that the police is overwhelmed and have to use more and more dirty tricks. Antifa and black blocks are so obvious in working for the gvnmt that even the dumbest now catches on what their real nature is.