Monday, March 18, 2019

Bolton Blasts Turkey's Bad Relationship With Our Close Pal Israel

 And since John Bolton is an avowed neo con Israel firster- it really, really hurts his heart... 
Oh wait a minute. He's heartless. Cruel. And always looking for a war for Israel. 
My bad ;)


US National Security Adviser John Bolton has not ruled out that Turkey is a “foe” of the United States, blasting Ankara for maintaining a “very bad” relationship with Washington’s close ally Israel.  

When asked by AM 970 radio host John Catsimatidis on Sunday whether Turkey was a “friend or foe” to the US, Bolton refused to give a straight answer and instead cited several major stumbling blocks in ties.

"Well you know they're still a NATO ally; we're trying to work with them, but they've got a very bad relationship with our close friends in Israel. That's something we need to look out on," Bolton said.
Not besties

A war of words began between Turkey and Israel recently, when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyau said the occupied territories only belong to the Jewish people and not all citizens.
Elsewhere in his Sunday comments Bolton said that disagreements "with respect to the conflict in Syria" were another issue affecting bilateral ties between the US and Turkey.

He said US President Donald Trump “would like to have a good relationship with Turkey; he’d like to see US trade with Turkey increase, but we need them to help us out in some of these other problems in Syria and elsewhere in the region.”
 As has been written here at PFYT's, for a long, long. long time now- Turkey and the US, Israel had a falling out over Israel 2.0 aka Kurdistan.  It's been an ongoing issue since the Obama administration.

Which is why the fact the Christchurch shooter targeted Turkey in his manifesto jumped right out at me. It was so very 5/6 eyes. 
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  1. Penny: Here is the link to that NZ "shooting" here from bitchute:

    I am providing this link as freedom of information and to make sure that people who want to scrutinize this "shooting" more closely have the video to look at.... I have watched it at least 5 times today and I have found at least a dozen problems that show that something is not right here.... It is no wonder the NZ government wants this buried and has threatened legal action against Kiwi citizens that possess this video....

  2. Have you ever considered that all sides are participating in the breakup of Syria? Russia seems quite complacent about the annexation of NE Syria by the Kurds. Heck, Assad and the Syrian elite seem quite comatose about the whole thing going on across the Euphrates. Why is the SAA not going in to get back Syrian territory and protect those Syrians there from ethnic cleansing?

    Why did the Syrian authorities let Robert Ford dander around the country liaising with opposition groups before the conflict started? How did the so-called "rebels" get away with building underground bunkers in major cities with the Syrian spooks knowledge?

    The whole thing stinks and it is the partitioning of Syria that should be a wake up call to y'all. I think ALL sides (including Turkey) are ruled by a global elite -- we've witnessed another completely manufactured and managed war.

    1. "I think ALL sides (including Turkey) are ruled by a global elite -- we've witnessed another completely manufactured and managed war"

      Okay, if that's where you stand.

  3. And you cannot use the "because of US retaliation" excuse as to why the SAA have not tried to liberate NE Syria -- sure the whole conflict was supposed against US proxies from the beginning, so why stop at the Euphrates.

    If the conflict results in another fake "frozen" warzone, such as in Korea, then you will have further proof that the war was managed with exactly that goal in mind, i.e. partition.

    I no longer trust any side in this war -- the final outcome is just too ludicrous to contemplate, i.e. a partition that is a victory for Syria? Who is dumb enough to swallow that nonsense?

  4. Hi North!
    If anyone wants to look at it the link has been provided for them to do so. Thanks!
    I won't look at it myself. Don't think I could stand it.

    1. Penny...There is nothing 'gory' in that video at all... The jew spew media are the ones portraying it as being "horribly violent" but when you actually watch it, you will find it to be full of holes and a massive fraud..