Thursday, March 28, 2019

Severe Ice Impeding Shipping? Greenland's Ice Growing? Yes.

Severe ice conditions off Port Colborne keep ships in Welland Canal

Severe ice conditions- Severe ice conditions- Saw them for myself this past week end.
Saw the ice breaker too. I've seen them for the years now in the Canal and Lake
But let's pretend it's warm... Cause most people like pretend. They ignore nature's reality. Preferring their 'smart phone' delusions and the words of the agenda pushing soothsayers.

St Catharines Standard
As two Canadian Coast Guard icebreakers work to clear severe ice off of Port Colborne, at least a dozen vessels are being held up in the Welland Canal and just offshore.
The delay is proving costly for ship owners, said Gregg Ruhl, president and chief executive officer of St. Catharines-based Algoma Central Corp.
"We have seven ships in the canal waiting to go that direction," Ruhl said Tuesday.
Severe ice. Ships waiting in the canal to get into Lake Erie.
Recall my mentioning the wall of ice in Lake Erie?

Ice Walls and Persistent Cold- Less then 3 Weeks Till Spring

Well.... spring is here. 
It's been cold. A couple of more spring like days, but, overall the trend is cool.
Flurries are still in the forecast.

Greenland's glacier growing... 
Just like Arctic ice. That's an inconvenient truth!

hattip geofish

NASA admits Greenland glacier growing again

CBC is the source

"Lower ocean temperature adds to Greenland's Jakobshavn glacier.....It started growing again at about the same rate in the past two years"

"That was kind of a surprise" Didn't fit the lie?

 "A natural cyclical cooling of North Atlantic waters likely caused the glacier to reverse course"

 Natural cooling?

"The water in Disko Bay, where Jakobshavn hits the ocean, is about 2 C cooler than a few years ago, study authors said"

 The ocean is 2 C / 5 F cooler then a few years ago? How's that possible on planet with runaway warming?  Sticking with facts, ignoring spin, I ask... 

How is it that these 'scientists' didn't see this drop in ocean temperatures? 

No predictions? No computer models? No cooling?

Just hot, hot, hot?  

And yet, the real world does not comply with the agenda. 

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"You've Got to Pick a Pocket or Two, Boys"

Avail yourself of the pdf Yaya has made available:

Richard Lindzen is not your typical young, eager climate scientist perpetually on the lookout for funding. If anybody would be familiar with the proclivities of MIT (and in fact of any university that relies on funding from, shall we say, interested parties), Prof. Lindzen certainly would.

So, it's worthwhile to check out his easy-reading paper:
Science in the Public Square: Global Climate Alarmism and Historical Precedents (PDF)
  • For science to be politically useful, several features are involved:
  • Powerful advocacy groups claiming to represent both science and the public in the name of morality and superior wisdom;
  • Simplistic depictions of the underlying science so as to facilitate widespread “understanding”;
  • Events,” real or contrived, interpreted in such a manner as to promote a sense of urgency in the public at large;
  • Scientists flattered by public attention (including financial support) and deferent to “political will” and popular assessment of virtue; and
  • Significant numbers of scientists eager to produce the science demanded by the “public.

Reread this post:

 The oceans are a huge factor in global climate change. 

 A fact that is always glossed over by the  anti life carbon cult.  
How is that even realistic? Considering the oceans cover more then 70 percent of the planet. While holding 97 percent of earth's water.


The planet Earth is a planet of oceans. Oceans cover about 71 percent of the Earth's surface.
The oceans' tremendous presence causes it to have a huge effect on the planet and our civilization. It is greatly responsible for the climate of the Earth


  1. Wanted to mention that the squirrels are molting

    I've seen them molt as early as January/ February and as late as the end of March- But it's got to warm up if they are molting. After all spring is here.

    The big birds are back- as in they've travelled back to the area- lots of vultures. Some will head further north still undoubtedly.

    What has not returned, as of yet. and I've been listening for them is the red wing black bird- They have a distinctive call.. and they are usually here around this time.

    Also saw the most bizarre thing last week!
    A squirrel who literally survived being eaten thanks to the skin and fur on his tail- It was surreal to see this bony structure/cartilage (don't know) devoid of fur/skin- but curled as squirrels always do while begging for food- I hope he/she does survive- the flesh around the base of the tail looked okay- Squirrels eyes were clear- did not appear sickly- but I tell you all- that was the only time in all my years of being outdoors I've ever seen such a sight!

  2. No one is stunned and amazed that the water temperature of the ocean surrounding greenland has dropped 2C or 5 F?

    That's big... think of the volume of water involved..

    "The water in Disko Bay, where Jakobshavn hits the ocean, is about 2 C cooler than a few years ago, study authors said"

  3. Wow, Penny, I thought I'd seen bad things happen to animals, but this tops all. If it's any consolation, it might be a balding disease that squirrels sometimes get, and apparently the hair can eventually grow back. Let's hope that's the case.

    One of the saddest things I've seen was last fall while waiting for a bus. The squirrels were very busy getting ready for winter and they were running from tree to tree, crossing the road frequently. I remember crying out "NO!" to a squirrel that I somehow knew was going to get hit by an oncoming car. And he did. And the driver kept right on going, though he had to have felt the bump. The squirrel's tail flipped straight up, then fell down, and that was it; I knew he was dead. I debated going to try to move him off the road, but then saw that all the cars after that were swerving around him. Then my bus came, and I felt rotten all afternoon.

    But that's life, I guess.We know that bad things happen to all living creatures, but when we see it, it never leaves our memory the way that so many other experiences and names and places do.

    1. Yah I felt so sorry for the poor critter

      I've been keeping a watch for it when I'm out walking, but, haven't seen it at all-

      I do think it was injured because the flesh had been wounded- It had bled and healed up-

      "We know that bad things happen to all living creatures, but when we see it, it never leaves our memory ..."

      This is true- when I saw that squirrel I did the double/triple take- then got home and phoned our daughter to tell her what I'd seen

      I suspect the squirrels bony structure will fall away- and it'll be left with a stub. Better alive and stubby :)

  4. Spiny Squirrel update :)

    Saw the little rodent today- s/he is looking even better
    Tail is healing- some fur has come back around the wound
    and the bony structure is shrinking- I expect it's going to fall off and I'll have to call spiny squirrel- stubby squirrel.

    Seems healthy, definitely was hoping I'd brought peanuts or something? Hung around me for a while then gave up.

    I was glad to see the little critter was ok :)

  5. Hi Penny: What a nice update. In my experience, it's unusual for a squirrel to beg a human for food. This one must be quite tame. So glad to hear it's starting to heal. (I noticed you said s/he. Funny, because yesterday I sort of wondered to myself out loud why I call squirrels "he" and "him";-)