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SitRep Syria- Israel bombs, ISIS 2.0 in the Works, The Myth of YPG Excellence

The other day I closed up this post: Russia Anti Regime Change Strategy for Venezuela- US Get Troops out of Syria, Then We'll Talk! with the paragraph below:
"The United States must fulfill its promises, including the withdrawal of troops from Syria, before turning to Russia with demands to leave Venezuela, said Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova on Russian state television"
That very same night Israel bombed Syria. Undoubtedly emboldened by Trump’s recognition of Golan as Israeli.

Syrians Protest Trump's Arrogant Imperialism

Israel bombs Syria

I’ve lost count of how many times this has occurred since 2011.  Israel targeted north east of Aleppo. The strikes hit *"a number of industrial sites in Sheikh Najjar industrial zone." Allegedly, sites where Iran holds munitions. What other claim could we expect Israel to make?

Interestingly Turkey and Russia are jointly patrolling in an area northwest of Aleppo that is presently held by the SDF. On Tuesday they'd began their patrols though it's only being reported today.

*Turkish, Russian forces carry out patrols in Kurdish-controlled Syrian region:
 - Turkish and Russian forces carried out the first “independent and coordinated” patrols in the mainly Kurdish-controlled northern Syrian region of Tel Rifaat, Turkey’s defense ministry said on Tuesday. Tel Rifaat is controlled by Kurdish-led forces and is located some 20 km east of Afrin
You can find both locales on this *map 
They aren't too far apart from one another-

*Let’s talk a bit about the recognition granted by Trump:

As it relates to the West Bank:
"Some analysts say the move will embolden Israeli lawmakers who seek to annex the West Bank—either the 60 percent of it classified as Area C, under Israeli administrative control, or the occupied territory in its entirety. This is already sought by cabinet members and lawmakers in Netanyahu’s Likud Party and other parties on the right. “Everyone says you can’t hold an occupied territory, but this proves you can,” Netanyahu said in late March 2019, returning from his White House visit."
 Shebaa Farms in Lebanon:
"The recent move of US President Donald Trump to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights has caused concern among Lebanese officials that Washington’s decision would mean recognizing the occupied Shebaa Farms as Israeli territory.

Lebanon says the zone is Lebanese territory while Israel considers it part of the Golan."

Building a new regional reality. 

You know the one I’ve written about for years and years here? Being built in plain sight?
“This is a criminal project or plan for which the US government and its allies have used all tools at their disposal,” Jaafari said, adding that the plan is aimed at guaranteeing chaos and destruction in the region, and dividing the people of the region on religious and ethnic basis in order to “build a new reality”.
Turkey, Iran and Russia have come out very strongly against the US recognizing Golan as Israeli.

One would think Turkey would cheer on the recognition? Considering all the disinformers claim Turkey wants to ‘steal Syrian territory’ and this recognition would or could serve their interests.  Yet... Turkey has come out strongly against Trump’s proclamation? 
One possible reason for this dissent may be that Turkey is looking into the future and seeing it’s own territory being stolen and unlawfully recognized as belonging to another? 
This same type of ‘recognition’ has the potential to harm Russian and Iranian territorial integrity. Think about it? Think about what’s been written for years at PFYT’s. The regional remake. An eye to balkanizing Russia. Impeding the Silk road. Etc.,

Independent or Reuters
 Turkish Statement "“This unfortunate decision...demonstrates that the U.S. Administration continues its approach to be part of the problem, rather than part of the solution in the Middle East,” a ministry statement said.
‘Illegal and unacceptable recognition does not change the fact that it belongs to Syria,’ says Tehran
Bad Turkey, Iran and Russia. They’ll simply have to be dealt with...

ISIS 2.0 all set to go!

One can already see the plans being laid and the narrative creation in the works. Preparatory outlines for a future narratives that will needed for the inevitable and undoubtedly desired resurgence of ISIS. Let’s go back to an older report shall we? Back to February 18/19: Former "IsIamic State" fighters return home to Kurdish Held Syria

Where it was plainly stated :“So the seeds for an ISIS resurgence are being readied. Should that be required.

Because it’s that obvious this is exactly what is happening.  The Usrael Kurds are giving a free pass to “ISIS”. They can just go home.  Within Syria. And Iraq. 
That’s convenient should a resurgence be required for future geo-political machinations?

Feb 26/19:

 SDF transfers ISIS to Iraq- 130 plus 150 and another 500. That’s 780 to Iraq. Plus those that were released and stayed put in Kurdish held territory in Syria
“An Iraqi military colonel confirmed to Reuters that 130 people were transferred on Sunday, adding to the 150 transferred on Thursday. They included the first known transfers of non-Iraqi detainees to Iraq, but it was unclear if they will remain in Iraqi custody.
    There are meant to be more such handovers under an agreement to transfer a group of some 500 detainees held by the SDF in Syria, Iraqi military sources said.

ISIS 2.0- Seeding a New Insurgency

*As the caliphate crumbles, the Islamic State is seeding a new insurgency
SDF recruits have leaked information allowing Islamic State sleeper cells to target commanders along the road from Busayrah.

The SDF said Monday that it had released 283 Syrians who had worked with the Islamic State, saying they had no “blood on their hands” and describing the gesture as one of “cooperation, fraternity and clemency.”
Hundreds of fighters are believed to have escaped (or allowed to leave?) Baghouz in recent weeks, with many( how many?) paying large sums to smugglers in return for safe passage across the Iraqi border or to areas controlled by the Syrian government, (Future terrorizers being smuggled into government held areas) according to SDF fighters and western diplomats.
ISIS 2.0- *"No blood on their hands"? According to SDF.
The challenges for Iraq’s government are greater still. Hundreds of Islamic State fighters have crossed the border from eastern Syria in recent weeks, despite a beefed-up Iraqi military presence ( aided by that military presence) there, and several thousand more are thought to be hiding out in remote areas.
ISIS 2.0- Set to Grow
“There is a perception growing among the people that these are the end days of Islamic State but many analysts and even US intelligence community warns that the group will still be a long-term threat. While the physical caliphate is about to extinguish the extremist group still has thousands of fighters in its ranks in Iraq and Syria.”
Bottom line?

The saying "an ounce of prevention is  worth a pound of cure" Comes to mind. So one would think in  order to prevent the resurgence of ISIS these terrorists would be incarcerated for the rest of their days. Considering we've been repeatedly informed of their extreme global terrorist potential, but, no, let'em go.
 Can it get anymore obvious that these ISIS fighters are being given a free pass by the SDF/Usrael Kurds and the Coalition? It's already known they will regroup and reappear.
 No one individual, government, media outlet, alt or msm, can claim this would be unexpected, shocking or a surprise. I don't want to hear/read it claimed some time down the road  this is "Blowback" That would be spin sheer and utter nonsense. Blowback would be unexpected. The resurgence of ISIS is completely predicted and predictable. Expected and desired.
  Here we have the moral & fierce YPG  lending a helping hand in creating ISIS 2.0!
Fully participating with their coalition pals. But then as long term readers here are fully aware the moral YPG fierce fighters of ISIS has been a big lie from start to finish.
  I stumbled across another author who wrote an extensive piece on mythology of the YPG's excellence/morality. (The link and a few excerpts will be posted directly below) An extreme example of  your perception being managed. If you bought into the common presentation of the YPG/SDF as heroic you've been duped. Hoodwinked. Ensnared and beguiled by a lie so big, so extensive it really did attain a mythological status. While at the same time it was flimsy and easy to debunk. All one had to do was make a bit of an effort to lift the veil. To look behind the mask. To not be lazy. Or be intentionally misleading. Whichever?

*The Myth of the Kurdish YPG’s Moral Excellence: Stephen Gowans
Of course, Washington lends a hand, helpfully denominating its proxies in the most laudatory terms. Islamist insurgents in Syria, mainly Al Qaeda, were not too many years ago celebrated as a pro-democracy movement, and when that deception proved no longer tenable, as moderates

Surely somewhere there exist armed anti-government secular Leftists to rally behind; for it appears that the goal is to find a reason, any reason, no matter how tenuous, to create a nimbus of moral excellence around some group that opposes with arms the government in Damascus; some group that can be made to appear to be non-sectarian, anti-imperialist, socialist, committed to the rights of women and minorities, and pro-Palestinian; in other words, a group just like Syria’s Ba’ath Arab Socialists, except not them.

Stepping forward to fulfill that hope is the PKK, an anarchist guerrilla group

Which goes by the name of the YPG in Syria, where it is the principal component of the lionized “Syrian Democratic Force.”
Kurds in Syria

It’s difficult to determine with precision how many Kurds are in Syria, but it’s clear that the ethnic group comprises only a small percentage of the Syrian population (less than 10 percent according to the CIA, and 8.5 percent according to an estimate cited by Nikolaos Van Dam in his book The Struggle for Power in Syria.
teeny corner of syria was where the Kurds resided

And yet with Usrael’s help the PKK are now holding onto 1/3 of Syria's territory. The most resource rich part of Syria

This isn't justice for Kurdish inhabitants of Syria. It's just a land grab to reshape the region.


Kurdish fighters in Syria operate under the name of the YPG, which is “tied to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK, a radical guerrilla movement combining [anarchist ideas] with Kurdish nationalism. PKK guerrillas [have] fought the Turkish state from 1978” and the PKK is “classified as a terrorist organization by the European Union, Turkey and the U.S.” [3]

Cemil Bayik is the top field commander of both the PKK in Turkey and of its Syrian incarnation, the YPG. Bayik “heads the PKK umbrella organization, the KCK, which unites PKK affiliates in different countries. All follow the same leader, Abdullah Ocalan, who has been in prison in Turkey” [4] since 1999, when he was apprehended by Turkish authorities with CIA assistance.
Please read the linked article- Fully. Check the references.

One last link: 4,247 forcibly disappeared in Raqqa: monitor
"During the battle of ‘Euphrates Anger approximately 2,323 civilians were killed in Raqqa governorate, including 543 children and 346 women (adult female),with most of these people killed at the hands of SDF and International Coalition forces"
This report records only those civilian casualties killed in Raqqa governorate"
The SDF ethnically cleansed more then half of those forcibly disappeared. With the help of the coalition. Think about that? The real ethnic cleansing began when the coalition and their Kurdish cleaners came to take territory- 
As they raped and pillaged their way through the region. 

In closing this extremely long post my hope is that people who read here understand, finally, why it is the the msm and alternative media promotion of the PKK as ‘freedom fighters’ or even "Syrian Kurds" just fighting for justice and autonomy is so offensive. 
It makes a fool of the masses.  It's a lie and it’s always been a lie. This lie, seeded far and wide, served many purposes.

 - Hide the truth in plain sight
-  Obfuscate reality. 
- And, unsurprisingly, it was a very beneficial to Israel narrative

 This includes the same alternative media that castigates Israel just enough to garner some degree of credibility, Noam Chomsky style, while covering for a regional remake that  greatly benefits Israel.  All the while limiting discourse. An alternative media who offer no real alternative to the 5 eyes imperial media. None. They’ve mislead their readers just the same as the main stream media did. They too called these terrorists the bravest fighters against ISIS.
They called them "Syrian kurds" when they mostly are not. They presented the annexation and occupation of Syria by the US backed PKK as a least worst option. Better then ISIS. While ignoring Syria's territorial integrity. The role of it's central government in Damascus and International law.  

That's it for now! I know you're relieved.


  1. Good post Penny...There's only one reality that will finally hopefully stop this insanity by the US. This last big storm that hit the Midwest knocked out many if not all storage granaries FULL of grain ( to include 1000's of farms. It also wiped out Tyndall AFB. (

    So as I wish a full fledged bombing against this never ending abomination in Syria and the ME at the hands of my own country to include all the leaders and helpers for Israel...the curse is coming back in the US. I was against this deathly notion of letting these terrorist have amnesty, wishing them the death sentence they deserve along with their masters. I'm still hoping for a destruction Putin style to end this monstrosity in the Syria.

    1. Hi Wallflower: Thanks for reading the post.
      Yah, it's a biggie- been working on it for days, but there was lots to say. Lots to be said.

      I'll be watching for the so called alt media to spin the re emergence of ISIS as an OMG, how could this happen or a blowback type of thing.... more covering for the elite asses.

      It's already known they will regroup and re emerge
      there is no doubt of it, because the US and their Kurdish allies are making it so.

      And the whole Kurdish fighters as do gooders
      and democratic and girl power and egalitarian and all the other lionizing done on their behalf has long, long, long stuck in my craw so to speak.
      It's been so obvious, a PR job, one which was carried out by many and then stupefied many more.

      But then that's the job of PR, right?

      Don't think there will be destruction "putin style"
      though there is definitely looking to be an increase in warfare all around.

    2. Just passing this on...sharing this via Aletho News by Vanessa Beeley
      THE VETO: Exposing CNN, Al Jazeera, Channel 4, western media propaganda war in Syria
      vanessa beeley
      Published on Mar 21, 2019

    3. Please save this video before it's taken down...Should be used in ICC for War Crimes evidence.

  2. Just to note it here:

    Global warming eh?
    Earth HOur bullshit last night?
    It's below freezing and there is snow everywhere..
    Looks to be about 4 cm better then an inch and it's still snowing as I type this. March 31/2019.
    The snowy season began November 06/18

    Been heating my house since October 18
    All documented at the blog
    Warming my arse!

  3. Question for a more techie person then myself?
    Gallier 2 perhaps?

    After I published the Syria Sitrep post the blog looked to have been under a DOS attack.

    It had 2,000 hits in less then a 24 hour period all from

    Can anyone help me out- Why would this occur? And yes, it's stopped.

    Could a DOS be used to discourage reads of the post?

    1. Hi Penny,

      sorry, I was distracted and didn't follow your blog correctly. My new PC at work does not permit installation of external software, so no chance to follow a RSS feed (and firefox also removed that option, dumbasses). In the same time, my home PC had its graphic card crapping out and it took me several days to diagnose and fix the problem.
      As for your DOS attack, it's possible. If I was a hasbara operative I would use google's automatic search service for triggering automatic DOS if blog entries and articles are about certain subjects.

    2. Thanks Gallier2

      " If I was a hasbara operative I would use google's automatic search service for triggering automatic DOS if blog entries and articles are about certain subjects. "

      I don't know what you're exactly talking about, but. it sure looked like a DOS attack to me.

      (After I did some reading on the subject and the regional remake is the most under discussed topic, anywhere)

    3. re: I don't know what you're exactly talking about?

      ie: using google's automatic search service?

      obviously this isn't the usual search on google?

    4. I checked and discovered that the search service does not exist anymore or the interface was so streamlined that normal people can not find it anymore.
      It was possible, at least 10 years ago, to register search terms into google and an email address and anytime the crawler would encounter a page with the search terms, it would send you an email with the result.
      So what I meant is that if I was a hasbara operative, I would use a service like that and launch programmaticaly if certain conditions are met a script that would launch a DOS even without (in)human intervention.
      Btw, it's not because that service seems to have disappeared from the web interface that it necessarly doesn't exist anymore. It can be activated for certain user account, or it can be accessible from the API (advanced programming interface), etc. We know that google is CIA/Mossad founded and that there's with certainty hidden options for operatives that are not accessible to real people.

    5. thanks for the explanation gallier2 :)

      I absolutely do not doubt certain persons would have access or know how to access that kind of 'service' to attack/deny certain information they'd rather a lid be kept on.

      Haven't had one since that post

  4. Gallier2 or anyone techie between 3 and 5 am, hours after publishing this post, the blog had nearly 1400 hits
    that is nearly what every 5 seconds?- something was going on?