Monday, April 8, 2019

Erdogan & Putin Talk Despite US Warnings: Dis-illusionment

I wanted to add the update directly below because the information contained within the linked article really speaks to the extreme levels of bombing Syria into freedom  that have been undertaken by the coalition. As it reshapes the region, annexing Syrian territory, in support of PKK terrorists (rebranded to YPG to make the bad taste more palatable)

UK Defence Journal

 By September last year, the Ministry of Defence had announced that over 1,000 personnel were engaged in theatre and that the Royal Air Force had conducted around 1,000 airstrikes, flying over 2,800 sorties, killing over 3,000 Islamic State fighters.
Last year, it was reported that the Royal Air Force was operating at its most intense for 25 years in a single theatre of operation which far outstripped the UK involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan RAF jets have dropped 11 times more bombs (1,276 strikes) on Syria and Iraq in the preceding 12 months than they had in the busiest year of action in Afghanistan a decade previously.
No one can speak unless the US approves of the discourse.

The two leaders will meet in Moscow and are expected to discuss a Turkish military operation in Syria as well as Turkey's purchase of a Russian-built surface-to-air missile system. It is the third time this year the two leaders will meet.
Ankara is fully ready to launch a new military operation in Syria, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday before departing for Moscow. According to Erdogan, he will discuss the issue with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

"We are completely ready. We have made all necessary preparations in areas along the Syrian border. I will discuss it at a bilateral meeting [with Putin]," Erdogan said, as cited by the NTV channel.

IF Turkey is ready to launch military operations in Syria?  If this is true?
Then it will be with a Russian AND Syrian green light.

Dis- Illusionment Rant

To be disillusioned is to have seen behind or through the illusion and being unwilling to believe any longer.

 It was the Syrian destabilization and the cover/obfuscation given to the Usreal hands behind the Kurd /ISIS theatre, in order to remake the region, that caused my complete disillusionment with the so called “alternative media”
  Years back a bunch of links were dropped from the sidebar here because, to my mind, the (dis)info published in far too many of these places had to have been intentional. Nothing else made sense to me. And, personally speaking, I didn't want to be perceived as promoting anything misleading. The sub heading here is :Truth exists; only lies are invented.
Making my best effort into getting at the truth to the best of my ability has always been the priority here at the blog-

Years of  freedom from the illusion/s and influence of the alt media meme, I want to briefly point to a recent article by Mike (late to the party ) Whitney at Unz-  Makes me happy to have parted ways with the 'alt media'

I don't link to or read at Unz, but, happened to see this article elsewhere:
Some quotes from the Whitney article:
“Washington’s problems with Erdogan began years before the current dust-up. The Turkish leader has always steered an independent foreign policy which has been a constant source of frustration for the White House.

” During the war in Iraq, Erdogan refused to allow the US to use Turkish air bases to conduct their operations. (Erdogan did not support the war).
Flashback to 2014

"Most of the friction between Erdogan and the US has been brought on by Washington’s flagrant disregard for Turkey’s security concerns.

The US has also failed to fulfill its obligations under the terms of the Manbij Roadmap
which requires the US to remove all YPG fighters in and around the city"
How many times has that failure been mentioned here at the blog? 
This goes back to the Obama administration for goodness sakes!

 August 16, 2016: Turkey: US to Keep Manbij Promise? 3 Step Road Map: Assad Stays. Cooperating with Iran & More
“Is this the administration’s strategy, to lure Turkey into a conflict that will force Washington to get more deeply involved in the Middle East? Is that why the US has shrugged off its commitments to Ankara, dug in along the border, created a Kurdish state at the center of the Arab world, and is now thumbing its nose at Erdogan?
What is it the neocons (Pompeo, Bolton and Pence) really want?”

As I’ve been writing here for years and years now.. Yes, they want a wider regional war. That’s exactly what they’ve wanted all along. Regional remake. The Kurdish state at the edge of the Arab world helps Israel oh so very much.

As has been repeatedly stated by yours truly, but attacked/obfuscated by the neo con contingent one line. Everywhere. (“Erdogan Establishes No Fly Zone Over Syria”)
MOA also claimed Turkey had annexed Mosul.. 

Finian Cunningham (limited hangout- won't link to it) wrote a piece entertaining the possibility of the Kurds and ISIS coming together as a united force.... Been there. Done that. 
And if I do say... doesn't that make a handy cover narrative for that which has already been occurring? Of course it does!

Shakes head in disgust. Disillusionment completely justified. Rant done.


  1. "Shakes head in disgust. Disillusionment completely justified."

    Now, now Penny. All this is just "birth pangs". Listen to Condoleezza Rice. She always said there's nothing to get upset about. Nobody ever said it would be easy, and a few kids might even have to die, but eventually people in the Middle East will enjoy the same rights and freedoms as Americans. Don't you want them to be free?

    (Excuse me, I think I'm about to vomit.)

    1. Yup, they will be as free as the rest of us..
      rolls eyes- with our spy cameras on all the intersections
      and some new stuff, I just noticed yesterday.. and they can have 5 G to give them cancer too
      while their family structures are destroyed in the same way ours already are.

      Cause they hate us for our freedoms

  2. Hi Penny:

    What did you think of the recent Turkish election where Erdogan [according to media reports] lost some support in key regions. Is this true? I don't follow Turkey as closely as you do am genuinely perplexed.


    1. Erdogan never had big support in the big cities and the same was true this last election- (demographically nothing changed)
      His party still won large overall on a very high voter turnout- Of the kind Trudeau could only dream of.

  3. covered the election here

    "The turnout of voters has been appreciably high — 84.67%. Overall, AK Party (Erdogan’s party) and its ultra-nationalist ally MHP (under the banner People’s Alliance) polled 51.62% votes as against the secular ‘Kemalist’ and liberal opposition (known as National Alliance) which secured 37.56% votes."

    "On the whole, there has been no significant shift in the established pattern of social and political polarisation"

    In other words, like Canada, there are regional differences.

    What's never mentioned but I've covered before here is the surprisingly high voter support AKP get's from the Turkish Kurds....

  4. Thanks, Penny. Shows how poorly Canadians are informed if they only read the main$tream media. From the M$M you would gather that Erdogan was on the cusp of national defeat.

    1. "you would gather that Erdogan was on the cusp of national defeat"

      Cause that's what the media wants us to believe so they can push the dictator/tyrant/sultan/Hitler meme

      Not even close to defeat. Not even close, GC.

  5. Remember when I was talking about the Kingdom of Adiabene?

  6. WizOz!!!!

    I was thinking about you recently...
    How the heck have you been?

    And yes, I do recall your mention of the Kingdom of Adiabene.

    For reference:

    "Adiabenian rulers converted to Judaism from paganism in the 1st century.[9] Queen Helena of Adiabene (known in Jewish sources as Heleni HaMalka) moved to Jerusalem, where she built palaces for herself and her sons, Izates bar Monobaz and Monobaz II at the northern part of the city of David, south of the Temple Mount, and aided the Jews in their war with Rome.[10] According to the Talmud, both Helena and Monobaz donated large funds for the Temple of Jerusalem. After 115 CE, there are no historic traces of Jewish royalty in Adiabene. "

    readers should have a look at the accompanying map

    1. There has been an accumulation of unavoidable problems which required my undivided attention plus extensive travels. Plus a certain weariness which comes with advancing in age.
      I am glad to see that you well and kicking as usual.

    2. Yah, I've been good. Despite a rough couple of weeks with an awful flu.

      Hopefully YOU are better and have some time to offer valuable insights now and then. I've always appreciated that. :)

  7. Thank you!
    I'll try. I am increasingly disconnected from the outside world. Time to leave it for good is approaching faster than you believe and you must prepare yourself for the journey.