Friday, April 5, 2019

Turkey/US Falling Out- Can't Be Avoided When It's In Your Face

 I’ve been talking here for years about the US/Turkey fall out. The slightest bit of extra attention paid  to the discourse between the two nations would have made their dispute obvious to a wider audience. Instead we all to read endless rubbish about what was "going on" promoted by the perception managing media. Alt and mainstream aided by on line disinformers.  Finally. When it can’t be ignored anymore.. The disagreement is getting attention.  Years after it began. Take note of what Cavusoglu states regarding the S-400 purchase
"We have told them I don't know how many months ago or years ago that it's a done deal, so we cannot cancel it," Cavusoglu said.
Should have been a clue? But, wasn't. Why?

Pence on the S-400 purchase: US warns Turkey over Russian S-400 missile system deal
Turkey "must choose" between remaining a key Nato member or risk the security of that partnership "by making such reckless decisions".


This article will give readers here an idea of what's been going on for years now between Turkey and Russia. Though, most of it has been covered here previously.
Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan will meet on April 8 to discuss the situation in Syria, including in the context of the US plans to partially pull out its forces from that country, Kremlin Aide Yuri Ushakov said on Friday.

The Russian and Turkish presidents will also discuss the deliveries of S-400 air defense systems to Turkey, the pace of building the Turkish Stream gas pipeline and the Akkuyu nuclear power plant, the Kremlin aide said.
"The sides will discuss international issues, from which I would single out the situation in Syria," Ushakov said.

"The talks will also focus on the US plans announced in the context of the partial pullout of American forces from Syria, and also other issues, including of regional nature," he said.

As the Kremlin aide said, the Russian and Turkish leaders will also discuss the deliveries of S-400 air defense systems to Turkey. "The next issue is the implementation of a high-profile project, the contract on the deliveries of Russia’s most advanced S-400 systems to the Turkish armed forces. The presidents will discuss this theme as well."

Putin and Erdogan will hold full-format negotiations at their meeting in Moscow on April 8, including a session of the Russia-Turkey High-Level Cooperation Council. The talks will begin in a narrow format and "it is not ruled out that some part of this talk will be held tete-a-tete, which will be done to discuss the most sensitive issues," the Kremlin aide said.

After that, the leaders of both countries will participate in a plenary session of the Cooperation Council, which will be followed by their roundtable discussion with representatives of business, Ushakov said.
The sides are also planning to sign some joint documents, the work on which is currently underway. After the business talks are over, the two presidents will hold a joint news conference. In the evening of April 8, Putin and Erdogan will take part in the ceremony of opening the Cross Year of Culture and Tourism of Russia and Turkey that will be held in the Bolshoi Theater.
Not too long ago it was reported that Turkey and Russia conducted joint military exercises.

Excellent example of propaganda directed against Turkey
The federalist article gives you a good idea of  perception management aimed at demonizing Turkey. With no context. Without much basis in reality.

 ‘biggest supporter of ISIS’- I laugh. That was the US and Israel.

“He has invaded Syria and squared off against American allies, the Kurds”

That's all there is to that entire situation? "American allies"- Who happen to be terrorists, globally recognized, having waged a war of terror for decades in Turkey. Largely against the citizens- Including the Kurdish people who reside in Turkey. Those are American allies?!

Mentions New Zealand- Without mentioning why Turkey raised some issues with that incident
I’m shocked the author didn’t cry some tears for Israel in his diatribe.

More info and context on this incident and why Turkey felt compelled to respond covered in two posts:

This falling out, that has been ongoing for years now, how will it end? It's anyone's guess, really? 

It's very clear to me the US wants to break Turkey apart.  Balkanize the nation state. Leaving a weakling state that can be absorbed into the EU and making the rest into greater Kurdistan

What is also clear  and has been for some time is that the Turkish leadership is looking out for Turkey and doesn't like the USrael idea for the regional remake.
Too bad Canada's leadership doesn't look out for Canada and instead acts as part of the NAU.

Go back to 2014:
If all goes well for NATO, Israel and the Kurds.  Turkey will be supplanted as NATO’s Southern Flank. It seems to be just a matter of time.....I hold the opinion that Turkish leadership has become aware of what looks to be it’s impending betrayal


  1. Hi Penny:

    The S-400 argument between Turkey and US is but a harbinger of many more to small, militarily vulnerable countries buy the coveted "Get out of Hegemonic Vassalage" card from Russia.

    You can't prevent someone from buying something so essential to survival. They will buy it surreptitiously, bolt by bolt, screw by screw, if needs I said in a post on my blog not too long ago.

    Turkey probably WANTS to get out of NATO and get those nukes off its territory in Incerlik. Turkey probably doesn't even WANT those crappy F-35's, when it can easily buy the superior SU's from Russia.

    There is simply no incentive for Turkey to kowtow to the US. The Only question that remains is whether or not the US will ALLOW Turkey to escape. I think not.

  2. In case you missed it, Penny, it looks like the US will be selling their F-35s to 3 new countries,one of which is Greece (the others being Poland and Romania). It is interesting that Greece is included consdering that the Gladio agent behind the Christchurch massacre referenced Greece as a springboard against Turkey. So the question is, is the US just trying to make up for the loss of profits from dening their F-35s to Turkey or is something more nefarious happening.


  3. For goodness sake, Penny, it is all theatre. Putin, Erdo and the Syrian elite all work for the global oligarchy, just like Trump and the Zionists.

    The partitioning of Syria was as much the work of Syria, Russian and Iran as it was "the West", i.e. by sitting back and letting it happen. The SAA and its allies could have crossed the Euphrates and driven the ISIS-SDF phantom back from whence it came. But they didn't and now we have defacto partition in Syria. Case closed and I for one no longer fall for this East vs West bulls**t

    All wars are bankster wars.

    1. Yes all war are bankster wars- but, not in the way you seem to think... It's not like the banksters are directing the action-

      btw: Turkey paid it's IMF debt and has refused the 'bail out' the US has been pushing it to take (hence the war against the lira)
      So the bankster theory you seem to be espousing doesn't quite apply.