Wednesday, May 29, 2019

It's Like A Heatwave..... NOT.

Update on the local climate- that is weather over an extended period of time.
It's cold. Right now it's a damp and dreary 53F or 12C. At 11:20 am May 29/19.

I've made a nice pot of chicken soup for supper- Because that's what one does at the end of May. Facetious. Not usually.

Yesterday, I mistakenly wore shorts because Monday had been not too bad, but, I was freezing. Goosebumpy legs. And of course it was raining. While I rode my bike. The garden is still not planted.
It's had it's initial tilling, but, is entirely covered in tarps. We had one row covered previously. One has garlic. therefore it's not covered.  The other two were uncovered previously. Now they are all covered.

Geofish points out all the heat in the ocean has gone South:  Winter in June -- Sad news on ocean currents May 27, 2019

And Yaya asks1936 - WHERE'S THE CARBON?
Lake Erie has leveled off though it's at record water levels
Lake Ontario's water level has not peaked as of yet.
The global warming cult had assured me long ago that the lakes would be at vastly lower levels...

"In reading through the many reports on this subject, most climate models suggest that we may see declines in lake levels over the next 100 years; one suggests that we may see declines of up to 2.5 meters (8.2 feet).  Granted, this is hardly conclusive; another model that suggests a “wetter” future climate over the Great Lakes projects a small increase in lake levels.  The truth is likely somewhere in between, with water levels falling between 0.23 meters and 2.5 meters."

That was yet another AGW prognostication that failed.

Geofish with his typical sense of humour has put up a post titled:

Gardening in Canada for the next 300 years


Geofish is using tarp as well- I'm not surprised.- my tarps are green.
 "This is now our life.  The peas are fine, but beans and tomatoes need some extra love.

As a minimum buy lots of the row cover from Amazon.  Who knows if it is enough, but it raises soil temperature a few degrees if we ever get sun.  The next step is a poly tunnel or plastic frame.

Next year we may have to go to a full greenhouse with lights and a heater, and that's just for the summer!

But for now, you take all this stuff off in July.  Don't bother putting it back in August, no sun.

ps.  if you don't want this future, like Penny, clap your hands and say:  "I believe in warmies."

How, I do wish I could believe the warmies- If  they were believable I'd have tomatoes and peppers and eggplant already in my garden. Instead they are sitting in  peat pots/cellpacks southside of the house, on the porch, waiting to be planted.  Forgive me Geofish, I cannot believe.

PS: I also line dry clothes in the warmer weather. Always have. This year has so far been so cold and damp, I'm continuing to use my clothes dryer. The exceptions were on the very few seasonal days when I did get to enjoy that line fresh smell.

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