Thursday, May 23, 2019

Who's Stoking War Tensions Between Turkey and Russia?

Think about how disturbed the US is with Turkey's purchase of the s-400. The pipeline deals. Banking/trade deals. All made between Turkey and Russia. The threat to NATO's stability... since Turkey and Russia have been working together. This subject was broached in today's earlier post:

The Day After the S-400: Turkish American Relations Worsen

Then consider what party/ies wants.... needs, Turkey and Russia to be at odds with one another...

"it appears that HTS is seeking to provoke the Syrian regime and Russia into a larger attack with the hopes that Russia and Turkey might end up in a conflict. This is a complex and dangerous game. Turkey has announced numerous times recently that it is acquiring the S-400 air defense system from Russia. Most recently, Turkish personnel were supposed to begin training. At the same time, the US is seeking to keep Turkey as an ally through various threats and rewards, but angry that Ankara is buying the S-400 from Russia. There are hints that US President Donald Trump will speak with Turkey’s president soon. Idlib rebel groups and extremists would like to spoil the Turkey-Russia deal. It’s not clear what they think of the Turkey-US relationship.
Russian media may also be playing this up to send a message to Turkey that it needs to rein in the rebels and stop the rockets. In that case, Russia is also making it clear that the Idlib tensions need to be reduced. It is incumbent on Turkey to do more to prevent the groups in Idlib from targeting Russian forces. However, Russia also has a key role to play to prevent the Syrian regime from its recent attacks on Idlib. The Syrian regime’s agenda is also to prevent Turkey from entrenching itself forever in northern Syria. With Russia-Turkey ties increasing over the S-400 deal and energy deals, both Ankara and Moscow do not want war in Syria.
Which begs the questions.. who does want war in Syria?
What party/ies have always wanted Syria balkanized?
Who wants Russia and Turkey at odds with one another?
Who stands to lose large if Russian and Turkish ties grow stronger and deeper?


  1. The thing about the S-400 system that USrael does NOT want the goyim to know about is that it is a DEFENSIVE system. All it is designed to do is shoot down incoming missiles. Now, what ON EARTH is wrong with THAT?!

    1. It doesn't matter to Usrael what the S-400 is.
      What matters is the fact that Turkey has made the purchase from Russia- And Turkish soldiers are reported to be in Russia training to use it- It's the perception around the deal- the wider message that matters