Sunday, August 4, 2019

Don't Be Surprised When the Jeffrey Epstein Smoke Clears

 You and I can count on the smoke to clear and the case to largely disappear. 
 Until next summer that is. When the case is set to pick up again- After the defense reviews the documents. When readership/viewership will fall away and the 5 eyes media will need to provide advertisers with numbers sufficient to charge exorbitant rates for services.

  I'm somewhat doubtful that Mr Epstein is imprisoned at all. And, suspect the story of his injury in jail was provided as fodder for the masses to demonstrate he is incarcerated. He wasn't imprisoned previously so why would anyone believe he has been presently?

Chicago Sun Times- Don’t be surprised when Jeffrey Epstein smoke clears
"At the expense of being a spoilsport, a modest prediction: When all is said and done, the celebrity fallout from the evidence the FBI seized from sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein’s New York townhouse will prove disappointing to conspiracy theorists of every persuasion.

No Donald Trump, no Bill Clinton, pretty much nobody you’ve ever heard of except in connection with the Miami Herald’s excellent reporting on the case. But of course, both men are in Epstein’s “little black book.” A social climber like him collects phone numbers the way boys used to collect baseball cards"
Again with the 'nothing to see here' meme. That idea featured large in the Vanity Fair article
 “He was a wholesale collector of people. including people he didn’t know”  Claims anonymous Wall Street guy who is also named in Epstein’s book. Of course unnamed claimant is speculating. Although he claims to be able to “guarantee” that 90% of the people whose names are in the book are unknown to them. How would he guarantee this? 
 Why is unnamed Wall Street guy presenting this type of narrative?  Is he being employed to create a distance between Epstein and the named individuals? In order to preserve reputations, etc? 
"It means they attended the same fundraisers. The end. 

But donate $10,000 to redecorate the White House and, yeah, you’ll get invited to a reception there. Until you get arrested. Then you no longer exist. Perverts can be so naive.
The source of Epstein’s millions has always been a mystery. Some speculate that he’s been running an extortion racket, photographing wealthy individuals in “honey traps” baited with underage girls, and then pressuring them to invest in offshore financial scams.
Or maybe it’s something as simple as straight-up blackmail. You wouldn’t want your wife, your ex-wife’s lawyer, your board of directors, or your friendly hometown newspaper editor to see these photos, now would you?
“For decades,” reports New York magazine, “Epstein has been credulously described as a big-time hedge-fund manager and a billionaire, even though there’s not a lot of evidence that he is either.” Knowledgeable Wall Streeters told the magazine nobody they knew has ever traded with his company. Most leaned toward the blackmail/extortion explanation, although none claimed to know.
Epstein’s longtime relationship with Victoria’s Secret tycoon Leslie H. Wexner has provoked the most speculation. Now 81 and not talking, the Ohio billionaire signed over power of attorney to Epstein back in 1991 — essentially ceding control of his retail and real estate empire to the mystery man from Brooklyn, utterly mystifying family and friends."
Nothing to see here? Why on earth would Leslie H Wexner sign power of attorney- ceding control of his retail and real estate empire to Epstein? Was Wexner some kind of 'front guy'? If so for who?  Epstein? Was Epstein simply higher up the food chain?
Reminds me of Khordokovsky signing his Yukos oil shares to one of the Rothschild's Who does stuff like that? Why? There has to be some sort of behind the scenes agreement? 

In 2003, when Khodorkovsky was arrested, he signed over all his shares in Yukos, to one Jacob Rothschild, of the Rothschild banker and Oil family.
Chicago Sun Times con't:
"The Times reports that, “Wexner authorized him to borrow money on his behalf, to sign his tax returns, to hire people and to make acquisitions. Over the years, Mr. Epstein obtained a New York mansion, a private plane and a luxury estate in Ohio — today valued at roughly $100 million all together — previously owned by Mr. Wexner or his companies.”
The Manhattan townhouse where FBI agents found Epstein’s safe filled with naked photos of teenaged girls once belonged to Wexner. Epstein simply signed the property over to himself.
 Another time, Wexner bought one of his own former properties back from Epstein, who used the proceeds to buy a small island in the U.S. Virgin Islands"
Really, nothing to see there? 
"Ah, but regardless of what you may have read on your dentist’s Facebook page, there’s no evidence that either Trump or Clinton has ever been there. After the recent FBI bust, the former president’s office put out a statement: “In 2002 and 2003, President Clinton took a total of four trips on Jeffrey Epstein’s airplane: one to Europe, one to Asia, and two to Africa, which included stops in connection with the work of the Clinton Foundation.” Each trip included several flights, with takeoffs and landings for each city visited, plus fuel stops.
Foundation staff and Secret Service agents accompanied him everywhere.
The statement added that Clinton has “not spoken to Epstein in well over a decade, and has never been to Little St. James Island, Epstein’s ranch in New Mexico, or his residence in Florida.” It would appear that somebody clued Clinton in on the “Lolita Express” business, and he dropped Epstein cold before his 2008 Florida guilty plea.
It’s their categorical nature that makes these denials persuasive. Clinton’s not known for telling big, dumb lies where clever double-talk will do."
 Bill "I did not have sexual relations with that woman." Clinton isn't known for telling big dumb lies? 

 That said there is much to be seen in the curious case of Mr. Jeffrey Epstein but the smoke will clear.. until some titillation for the masses is needed again.



    1. I read through the post and most of the comments
      there was a link back to a much older vanity fair article that was a good read

  2. Allusions to 'pre-Madoff Ponzi Schemes' and money laundering strongly suggest that the source of Epstein's 'mysterious' fortune is like many other fortunes the vast booty resulted from the looting of Russia in the pre-Putin years by a gang of profiteers with ramifications in all levels of American and Russian society. Their cutting from this source and the fear that the gang might be exposed explains the relentless anti-Russian fury and the accusations that Putin and his Mafyia of 'oligarchs' stole the money.

    1. wizoz: "Epstein's 'mysterious' fortune is like many other fortunes the vast booty resulted from the looting of Russia in the pre-Putin years by a gang of profiteers with ramifications in all levels of American and Russian society."

      I do agree with that wizoz- he's connected to Safra and Maxwell and both were plundering Russia...

    2. Penny,
      The whole truth is that the plundering of Russia is 'connected' with all the 'Establishment' and 'deep state' (Elephants and Donkeys alike and their AIPAC controllers and funders and the "5th column" of Russian 'liberals' and the City of London and even further afield in the land of Oz) and if there is any substance in the 'Russiagate' it is rather that the Russians have 'dirt' on every robber that profited from the looting of Russia for generations already, that they release piecemeal at the opportune moments, when it would do maximum damage. I can't remember exactly now, but Putin alluded ominously that if they have to dig the dirt it would go way, way back, at the time of the 'Revolution' and even before. I think that it is impossible that Trump was not involved in these schemes. And also that part of the loot was used to fund Israel.
      So, the stakes are very high, Epstein being just the tip of the iceberg which threatens to sink the 'Titanic' Establishment.