Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Gail Bradbrook/Extinction Rebellion Death Cult Guru Channeling CIA Consort & LSD Guru Timothy Leary

 The more things change the more they are the same..........

Cause that's what the world needs more young people ingesting drugs? Right?
 -We don't have the opioid crisis to contend with already?
- The troubles presently with so many young persons overdosing on all manner of drugs?
- Who killed Carson?

Here we have the leader of what is essentially a death cult encouraging "mass psychedelic disobedience"  Recall Gail Bradbrook from this previous post? Ex/Stink/Shun Rebellion. The Cult
I’ve been seeing and reading all about this alleged ‘youthful” rebellion. Started by a middle age woman, of course.  Dr. Karen Bradbrook- Born in 1972 . Making her 47 years old. Hardly a young waif. 

Gail Bradbrook started Compassionate Revolution[10][11][12] which morphed into Rising Up!, and then rebranded itself into Extinction Rebellion (XR)

Go Away Gail Bradbrook...

She’s clearly made “protesting” her life’s work... ‘Cept I wasn’t under the impression protesting was profitable. Unless it was the “right kind” of protesting. By that I mean, acceptable to the planetary overlords.
 The cultish nature of XR’s activities is a little spooky. Staged environmental die-ins, for example, are all too reminiscent of Jonestown-style nightmare scenarios described by Shiva Naipaul as being ‘obsessed with sin and images of apocalyptic destruction… instinctively thinking in terms of the saved and the damned’”

The cultish nature of Extinction Rebellion is more then just a little spooky. It's dam frightening.  And like any crazed cult leader aka Jim Jones, Gail Bradbrook is encouraging her brainwashed followers to dose themselves with mind altering drugs. Surely to make them even better little bots then they already are?

New Scientist: Extinction Rebellion founder calls for mass psychedelic disobedience. Presenting it as a religious rite.

A co-founder of the Extinction Rebellion environmental movement has called for a mass ingestion of psychedelic substances in protest against the criminalisation of drugs.
“I would support a mass civil disobedience where we take medicine to tell the state that they have absolutely no right to control our consciousness and to define our spiritual practice,” Gail Bradbrook said in a press briefing as part of Breaking Convention, a conference on psychedelics in London on 16 August.
Since launching in 2018, Extinction Rebellion has moved climate change up the political and media agenda through a campaign of mass civil disobedience. In April 2019, they blocked streets and bridges in London, demanding the UK government adopt a more ambitious target for reaching net zero carbon emissions.

Bradbrook, a former biophysicist, said it was not Extinction Rebellion’s policy to promote the use of drugs, but they had played a role in her personal journey towards founding the movement.
“The causes of the crisis are political, economic, legal and cultural systemic issues but underneath that are issues of human trauma, powerlessness, scarcity and separation. The system resides within us and the psychedelic medicines are opportunities to help us shift our consciousness,” she told the conference."
No need for drugs to shift our consciousness- No need at all.  
What's this women's real agenda? Besides drawing an exorbitant pay check?
Dumbed down docility?

 Additional reading: FROM OCCUPY TO EXTINCTION REBELLION - Exposing the Common Purpose


  1. I don't remember hearing about "extinction rebellion" until your April post. I'm so tired of these people.

    1. I'm tired of them as well and this guru should be shunned.
      Instead she's revered?

  2. When it's narcotics, prostitution, or using immigrants as cheap labour, self-styled progressives seem to be completely on board with Big Business. Among the biggest investors in the new marijuana industry are Howard Schultz (former Starbucks CEO) and the Altria Group (ex-Philip Morris). German and Dutch brothels, despite becoming legally registered corporations, are still alleged to participate in activities like human trafficking. And so on.
    But don't let facts get in the way of Joe Rogan's trendiness.

    1. Martin "When it's narcotics, prostitution, or using immigrants as cheap labour, self-styled progressives seem to be completely on board with Big Business"

      Big Business, Big War, Big Pharma and so much more.
      I used to consider myself a progressive and a leftist. In fact I was a card carrier of the NDP here in Canada and the Council of Canadians- not any more.

      Joe Rogan is another agenda pusher- but what else to expect?

  3. The reason that Justin Trudeau (who likes to be seen as "progressive") caters to big business is because they help him "grow the economy" and they "provide jobs" (SNC Lavalin). Trudeau believes in "standing up for Canadians" by bending over for corporations. And if we smoke enough dope we just might see the wisdom in that.

    1. LOL Yaya: Good one about Justin!
      It's going to be an awful election!!

  4. I ask Gail Guru Bradbrook when she'll go full Charles Manson with that Ex-stink- shun rebellion..
    His "follower' dropped acid quite regularly- that worked out so well for their 'consciousness'

  5. They never talk about reforestation, terraforming or other more proactive measures. These green NGOs only ever talk about imposing austerity and draconian rules, more on civilians than the corporations or the military.

    1. Hi Martin:

      There are all sorts of measures that could be taken to clean up the environment- I don't find the NGO's talk about anything but AGW.

      I'd like to see the NGO's come out stronger against pharmaceutical contaminated water- But they don't.

      And they are never anti war!! ( my biggest peeve)

      They could encourage gardening- guerilla gardening which used to be known as victory gardening.

      In fact they are pro violent and quite oppressive in most regards. Including this latest push to take drugs.

  6. Extinction Rebellion - I even found them meeting in my hometown, then they abandoned their signs and posters next to the skips (dump trucks) behind the local supermarket - not in the recycled waste bins - but on the side street! I photographed one. So much for the environment. Psyop extraordinaire!


    1. That's usually how the pop star environmentalists are
      (superficial) There also huge on all the right brands.
      ie: they are branded

      Glad you got a picture of their trash tossing Marie :)