Sunday, August 18, 2019

Jeffrey Epstein: Suicide Is NOT a Cause of Death- It's A Method, But NOT a Cause.

Been thinking about this whole Epstein saga.....
In particular this statement from the Chief Medical Examiner contained in the post:

Updated! Jeffrey Epstein: Died by His Own Hand- The Struggle for FACTS Has Apparently Ended?
Barbara Sampson, the chief medical examiner, said in a statement on Friday that the determination of suicide had been made after a “careful review of all investigative information, including complete autopsy findings”.  
Barbara Sampson informed us all that suicide was the method employed to allegedly bring about the end of Jeffrey Epstein's life.  But she did not state what allegedly killed Jeffrey Epstein.  A medical examiner would or should most obviously provide the medical reason/s for his death.  But, Barbara Sampson did not. I'm informing readers here that we still do not know what the alleged medical condition was caused his death

Suicide by hanging/strangulation sees it's victims die of:
  1. - lack of oxygen to the brain. Hypoxic encephalopathy
  2. - Cervical spine injury is another - severed spinal cord
  3. - Followed by pneumonia.
 The media informed us all over a week ago that Epstein allegedly committed suicide. 
Barbara Sampson simply reiterated the media line. And nothing more.

 In the end we are no closer to knowing the actual medical reason, the true reason,  Epstein is alleged to have died then we were when the "news" of his suicide broke more then a week ago. In the  perception managing 5/6 eyes media. What we are supposed to believe about this situation has been repeatedly reinforced.   As far as the method( a procedure or process for attaining an end or goal  )that enabled the resulting, alleged, death.

August 19/19: Those that believe Epstein was murdered in jail? Why?

Why would anyone who wanted Epstein dead wait till he was incarcerated?
What would be the necessity in doing so? Other then to attract more attention to that possibility?  Seriously, though, why bother? 
He spent time at his secluded ranch. Strike him while he's there. 
On his island? Oops he drowned!
Epstein could have his life ended same as Sr Robert Maxwell- allegedly injected with a toxic substance and tossed into the ocean- official death is reported as heart attack.  Case closed.
It's rather absurd to believe that anyone who seriously wanted Jeffrey Epstein dead had to wait until he was incarcerated, with a media feeding frenzy going on, to kill him.

I'm still not convinced Epstein actually died.  
The way this has all been presented only increased my suspicions..
So very similar to the alleged death of that other intelligence asset, Jamal Khashoggi.


  1. I've updated the post with the thoughts regarding the absurdity of waiting till Epstein was incarcerated for the moment to take him out? When there were and would have been so many previous and future opportunities to quietly end Epstein's life- had that been so desired.

  2. I'm still not convinced Epstein actually died.

    You and me both.

    1. Hey Bman:

      I know NTS doesn't believe either narrative. Same as Scott at nomadiceveryman.

      Suicide or Murder?

      Got to be honest I think the murder in jail narrative is the silliest of the two-

      Yes he had dirt on lots of people
      And any of those "lots of people" could have had him killed anytime, anywhere.
      With zero media scrutiny- It could have just been an unsolved mystery...

      If, as so many suspect, this time the 'real dirty laundry' was going to be aired- Epstein may have been distraught enough to attempt suicide.
      However, from what I've read there is nothing that isn't already known in this latest batch of news regarding Epstein's crimes (unless there is more to come?)so why would Epstein bother killing himself?

      He wasn't in with the general population that we know of, so him being killed by another inmate is doubtful as well.

      So, I remain unconvinced of Epstein's death- by murder or suicide.

  3. Very disappointing how most took the disappearances of Epstein and Khashoggi at face value. Even worse that the heir of the legendary Saudi arms dealer, promoting neoliberalism and regime change for the Washington Post, had his image laundered into a hero journalist who defended press freedom (what total malarkey).

    1. Hi Martin:

      Agreed on the disappointment part. Regarding both Khashoggi and Epstein- The presentation is there are two options with Epstein- He killed himself or he was murdered in jail- but both presentations demand one believe Epstein is dead. Alt media presents murder- MSM presents suicide
      But both agree Epstein is dead. And both demand the audience agree he is dead.
      Reality is entirely another matter.

      Epstein and Khashoggi both had the means and the know how to disappear...Money. Contacts. Etc., Why this reality would NOT be accepted by either limited hangout camps is beyond me?

      Khashoggi was turned into a hero journalist though he was a gun running terrorist linked into intelligence agencies of multiple nations undoubtedly- a chameleon

      Same for Epstein. He is being turned into a victim of the penal system. Yet. He's worn many faces already. Investment broker- Hedge fund manager. Friend to bankers. Trafficker of young girls- Pimp. Why can't he wear another face? When, Of course he can. And the masses will be none the wiser.

      Still both camps demand one believe the same outcome.