Friday, August 2, 2019

The Magnitsky Act: Behind the Scenes

 Find the documentary here

Just over 2 hours long- Absolutely worth watching in my opinion- And yes, I watched it entirely. Hope you do as well and then share some thoughts, of course!

Censored worldwide since 2016: the politically explosive documentary The Magnitsky Act.
British-American financier Bill Browder was Russia’s largest foreign investor in the 1990s. During the 1998 Russian crisis, his fund lost almost one billion dollars. In 2005 he was expelled from the country as a “security risk”. In 2009, his employee Sergei Magnitsky died mysteriously.
According to Browder, his company was stolen by Russian officials and criminals and misused for a $230 million tax fraud. His lawyer Magnitsky uncovered this and got arrested, tortured and murdered in a Moscow prison.
Browder subsequently lobbied for the U.S. Magnitsky Act, which in 2012 for the first time imposed sanctions on Russian officials. The Council of Europe, too, adopted a report condemning Russia.
Movie director Andrei Nekrasov, a well-known Putin critic, wanted to film this story. But during the shooting he became increasingly doubtful: he realized that Magnitsky was not Browder’s lawyer, but his accountant, and that he was arrested not as a whistleblower, but as a suspect in the tax fraud allegedly organised by Browder himself.
  It's hard to believe after all this time that anyone, anywhere, thinks Magnitsky was a 'lawyer' or a ' human rights lawyer' or what ever other nonsense Browder spews which is then regurgitated by the media?!   
 Back in 2011, when AP, Thirteenth Monkey and myself worked on this article Tuesday, 16 August 2011 Magnitsky Report at the then cooperative blog Suspicious Deaths  we reported that Magnitsky was an accountant. Any other claims are bullshit!
 Bottom line if Browder lies about the simplest of fact-- Magnitsky's occupation, why should or would anything else that man stated be taken at face value?
The final film traces this surprising turn of events. European TV channel ARTE, which had commissioned the original film, did no longer want to broadcast the final version. A screening at the European Parliament, on Press Freedom Day 2016, was cancelled at short notice, and a book on the case got censored by Amazon. In 2018, the film was eventually leaked.
How did Magnitsky really die in Moscow prison, and where did the stolen tax money go? Through an aluminum-based poison by order of Browder, and partly into the election campaign of Hillary Clinton — the Putin government has claimed. Russian propaganda?

 The bloggers Greencrow and Yaya have both written about Bill Browder and company.

Check their blogs (linked in the sidebar) if you simply can't get enough of this subject matter.



  1. Hi Penny:

    Thanks for the h/t on Browder...a very slimy, evil man. I also watched the documentary beginning to end and had it posted on my blog before it was deleted by THEMtube.

    Canada also passed a version of the "Magnitsky Act". Which is indicative of how corrupt the Federal government matter what wing of the same bird is in "charge".


    1. Hey GC; I hope readers do some additional reading.
      what a huge topic- and this is Epstein's circle.

      Agreed on the feds- right or left 'wing' it doesn't matter- it's just a delusion.

      I've had it with Trudough.. knew he'd be a big divider and sure enough he is

      Missed it previously So, when I was lucky enough to find the documentary again, I watched an hour early in the day and then the next hour later in the day-
      glad I did

  2. Truth has this nasty habit. It always comes up like oil above water, no matter how much water you pour in the mix and how thoroughly you stir it.
    The Magnitsky Act has its roots, believe it or not, well beyond the 90'. Bill Browder is the grand-son of Earl Russel Browder, General Secretary of the CPUSA during the 1930s and first half of the 1940s, with vast contacts (incidentally mostly Jews) in the Comintern (so for example "Browder made his final trip to the USSR in October 1938, where he made arrangements with Comintern chief Georgi Dimitrov to establish shortwave radio communications in the event that international conflict made direct communication impossible" - sounds like spying, he even was traveling abroad under assumed names and false documents). He was an advocate of peaceful coexistence: "Capitalism and Socialism have begun to find their way to peaceful coexistence and collaboration in the same world."
    Anyhow, this is a story of shady businesses from the get go.

    1. "Browder made his final trip to the USSR in October 1938, where he made arrangements with Comintern chief Georgi Dimitrov to establish shortwave radio communications in the event that international conflict made direct communication impossible" -

      It really does sound like spying- traveling under assumed names? false documents?
      the father is an interesting character and I see the ties to Britain go back aways..

      These views were far re moved from Mr. Browder's cer titude, in the late thirties and early forties, that “Communism is 20th‐century Americanism.”

      "In other united front efforts, Mr. Browder extended “an open hand” to Roman Catholics; cultivated Protestant clergymen"

      "Earl Browder was the scion of a family that came here from Britain more than 100 years before the American Revolution"

      "In 1926 the Pronntern sent Mr. Browder as one of a delegation to China"

      Interesting character that's for sure

    2. Earl Browder appears in the book called Spies, Wiretaps and Secret Operations

      Interestingly he was "questioned" by Senator McCarthy, refused to answer any questions, was charged with contempt of Congress, but nothing ever came of that charge?

      Something about the McCarthy era has never sat right with me- the presence of Roy Cohn likely has lots to do with that!
      Weird, eh?

  3. This is great, Penny! I'll certainly watch the doc. The link to my post on this matter (late Feb/18) is:

    1. Hi yaya
      thanks for the link and when you watch it, let me know what you thought of it- It was good in my opinion