Saturday, August 17, 2019

Turkey & U.S. Disagree On Safe Zone- Because There is NO Agreement.

 What??? They disagree. Why, I thought there was an agreement in place??? Peace Corridor and other gibberish.  That's what the 5/6 eyes media was reporting. Alt and msm.

As reported here..... There is NO Agreement on a US/Turkish “safe zone” in Syria
Or, to Quote "A Safe Zone For Syrian Refugees-- So Near, yet, So Very Far"
"The readout is delightfully vague"
 Delightfully vague. Completely ambiguous. Devoid of details. Definitely not an agreement.

Stumbled across this Ahval article. 
Drawing information from Yeni Safak- Turkish
Which I then put through Google Translate

Turkey's got 5 bones of contention to pick with the US.
They are as old as the so called Manbij agreement, which didn't exist either!  
Turkey isn't seeing the statement of delightful ambiguity as an agreement of any sorts! 
And really, when it comes right down to it... how could anyone see or interpret a non agreement as an agreement?

Turkey accelerated its efforts to establish a safe zone in the east of Euphrates. On the one hand, while the Joint Operations Center is being established, on the other hand the accumulation of the Turkish Armed Forces in the region continues. NATO's second biggest army in the Euphrates TSK of America to the stability of the eastern stand-alone intervention, provided reconciliation talks with Turkey. However, this agreement could not go beyond the point of “preliminary agreement

Is it a distraction? ( I'd say yes)

America, pushing the diplomacy options on the table until the last moment with delaying tactics take quick steps against Turkey even though it was against the resolute attitude of Turkey. The koridor peace corridor ”reconciliation is still in the form of“ pre-reconciliation ve and almost every subject is waiting to be elaborated. Turkey's "diversionary tactic" sees, the dispute with the United States in Article 5 as follows:

Turkey, elimination of safety concerns and safe in their land be returned to Syrian citizens in Turkey wants to be on the point of 30-40 kilometers deep. America, also come close to Turkey's demands for depth, YPG continued engagement of the Pentagon, the president has not fulfilled the promise of Trump's 20 miles. Turkey to suggestions made in this direction has not been accepted until now. Turkey for 20 miles (about 32 kilometers) is seen as the minimum depth.

America, trying to hide the PKK's extension PYD-YPG under other names, especially the SDG, uses the same method. The United States wants to remove the terrorists who are affiliated with the PKK terrorist organization, but only to keep the PYD. Turkey wants to be removed from the structure of the terrorists and their supporters are completely. completely removed from the region of terrorist elements and their supporters for Turkey, it is being held in the table as indispensable as the main backbone of the consensus. (out of the safe zone)


Turkey, the region wants to be completely free of heavy weapons and states that support terrorist organizations arms and ammunition should be completely terminated. The US, which equips YPG like an army and wants to see it as a part of the regular army in the future of Syria, continues the shipment of weapons and ammunition to the YPG under the pretext that the struggle against DAESH continues.

As in the Münbich Roadmap, the United States is calculating the yay spreading of safe zones ime to a certain timetable. However, given Turkey's stability operations, he was forced to speed up some steps, especially the establishment of the Joint Operations Center. In the Münbic Roadmap, the detachment of the region from the YPG was delayed with many details, such as the extension of planning processes and the extension of the joint operations training process of the soldiers, and the roadmap was not implemented. Turkey, will not be allowed to stall tactic is expressed at the highest level and with the United States and insisted that unlike manbij coordination continues between Turkey very quickly. As part of the plans, Turkish and American troops are required to cross the border and gain control at certain points by the end of August.
Turkey wants no stalling. The US wants to stall everything- Turkey wants everything coordinated quickly. Unlike Manbij, referenced again in point 4. Clearly negotiations are ongoing? Hence, no agreement.

Turkey, in the case of Syrian refugees after the secured area of ​​return and management wants the predominantly Arab and Turkmen created by these people. In the region, where its partner YPG has changed the demographic structure, America opposes the model in which local governments are determined by the Arabs and Turkmens who are the main owners of the region. After the Turkmen and Arabs were removed from the region, local administrations were formed from SDG people. America wants to continue the current administration, he would never accept if Turkey emphasizes.
Turkey wants the removal of the YPG/PKK governmental structures, stating instead they return to the the Arabs and Turkmens who were ethnically cleansed from this area. America wants the PKK government to stay- This is not going to fly.


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