Thursday, August 8, 2019

UN Report: Eat Less Meat to Reduce Carbon = Reduced Life & Life Quality

Yah, the UN is at it again. Pushing a dumbing down, docility, control agenda through their usual cooked science. Same as they've been all along with their AGW hogwash.  (That's my opinion!)

UN report: eat less meat to combat climate crisis
"Tackling food waste and reducing meat consumption can contribute signicantly to staving off the worst effects of climate change, the United Nations' climate panel said in a report published Thursday (8 August)."
Thinking about the Useless Nations pushing their meat free agenda on lions tigers and bears- That wouldn't happen because said animal would simply rip to shred the moronic UN representative and then have them for lunch. Supper.  And, then a late night snack.  Delicious.  
Cause the lion has not opted to be a vegetarian- and never will. Only humans are so easily manipulated, heart and mind, to slurp up the slop the UN pushes as science.
UN: "Basically, replacing meat with plant-based products decreases someone's carbon footprint."
Since carbon is life, I always take the idea of "reducing your carbon footprint" to really mean reducing your life 

Meat is Brain Food

Which means your increased stupidity, dullness and docility, due to inadequate meat consumption,  is a boon to those that shouldn't lead. Maddening state of affairs my human family is in...
" However, veganism’s total exclusion of animal nutrients poses some serious problems for the human body. Meat, fish and eggs are our only concentrated dietary sources of vitamin D, vitamin B12, omega-3 fats (which play a huge role in brain health), heme-iron (which increases the absorption of iron from vegetables) and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which appears to fight cancer and heart disease.

Clinical research finds that people on vegan diets commonly suffer from a variety of nutritional deficiencies. One study, for instance, showed that more than half of vegans tested were deficient in vitamin B12, putting them at risk of mental health problems such as fatigue, poor concentration, decreased brain volume with aging and irreversible nerve damage.
Certain populations that are particularly susceptible to inadequate nutrition should think twice about veganism, including adolescents, the elderly, the poor, pregnant women, and those with psychiatric or chronic medical illnesses. A vegan diet during pregnancy also puts the fetal brain in danger of stunted development and reduced cognitive capacities later in life. While it is common among vegans to take synthetic supplements to make up for the lack of animal nutrients in their diets, studies suggest that supplements are ineffective substitutes for real food and carry significant health risks of their own. Supplements are also expensive, and people tend to take them irregularly, so while a strict vegan diet with supplements may be possible with proper medical supervision, for most people it’s neither practical nor desirable.
A healthier choice is to modify the vegan diet with a minimal amount of animal nutrients from responsibly raised, high-quality sources, perhaps local seafood or grass-fed lamb.
 Those with ethical objections to killing animals can meet all their animal-nutrient needs with dairy products from grass-fed cows, organic eggs from cage-free chickens and occasional servings of mussels or oysters."

 Thinking of going vegan? Read this first.

"Vitamin B12 is the largest and most complex of all vitamins, found only in animal-based foods. Plants do not make, use, or contain this vitamin. Even so, many people make the conscious decision to avoid all foods containing natural B12. It is vital that they supplement their diets, and monitor their B12 status, because deficiency can have devastating consequences.
A water-soluble vitamin, B12 is crucial to the brain and nervous system, red blood cell formation and DNA.

This vitamin is made exclusively in the guts of animals by bacteria. It then migrates from the gut to muscle. The higher predatory animals are the best sources, along with seafood and fish.
Absorption — bioavailability — of B12 can vary, depending on the source. About 50% of B12 from meat and fish is absorbed into the bloodstream. However, only around 9% of B12 in eggs is bioavailable. Milk contains surprisingly little B12.
Early, mild symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency include:
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Loss of appetite
  • Pallor
  • Numbness or tingling in the hands and feet
  • Poor memory.
Vitamin B12 is crucial to brain function, so, unsurprisingly, memory problems and slow mental processes are the most commonly reported cognitive problems associated with deficiency of this vitamin.

The four stages of vitamin B12 deficiency

Deficiency occurs in four stages. In stages 1 and 2, stores become depleted. In stage 3, blood levels of an amino acid called homocysteine start to rise.
It is only at stage four that clinical signs start to manifest.
The recommended daily amount of B12 is 2.4mcg in the US and 1.5mcg in the UK.
Shortage of this vitamin can take several years to become apparent. That is because the adult body stores around 2–5mg of B12, half of which is in the liver. That is enough B12 to last 3–5 years, although deficiency can arise within just a year if stores are low to start with.
Severe deficiency causes irreversible damage to the brain and nervous system and can lead to dementia. Low levels of B12 are also associated with the development of Parkinson’s disease.

Vitamin B12 deficiency and babies

The matter of deficiency is even more urgent in babies and infants. During pregnancy, the foetus stores vitamin B12 in the liver, and this supply can last for several months after birth, depending on how much the mother supplies. If she has a low intake, and/or weans her baby on a B12-deficient diet, that child will become vulnerable to the effects of B12 deficiency very quickly.
Most of the data we have regarding vitamin B12 deficiency in infants comes from case studies of breastfeeding mothers on vegan or vegetarian diets. That is because lack of B12 in the diet is the most common cause of deficiency, and vegan and vegetarian mothers are more likely to have a vitamin B12 deficient infant.

Typical signs of deficiency in infants include:
  • Failure of brain development and cognitive skills
  • Failure of overall growth and development
  • Lethargy
  • Tremors
  • Hyperirritability
  • Anaemia.
It is important that treatment is given in time, because of the long term cognitive effects of B12 deficiency. Normally, the child will be given very high doses of B12, injected directly into muscle for 4 days, sometimes with oral doses as back-up. Fortunately, if treatment is given early enough recovery is very rapid, with major improvements seen within days of treatment, and reversal of symptoms.
However, it is well documented that without treatment, there is risk of severe and permanent developmental abnormalities.
Vitamin B12 deficiency was once thought to be rare in vegetarians, but is now known to be common among people on all the different vegetarian variations. Researchers have observed stage 3 vitamin B12 deficiency in over 60% of vegetarians.

 Follow the elite edicts, destroy your health and that of your offspring. The global leadership will thank you for making their jobs easier. Their days bright and happy- And they will continue to eat high quality meat while you forgo it to 'save the planet'

    “Early diagnosis of vitamin B-12 deficiency is crucial, owing to the latent nature of this disorder and the resulting possible irreversible neurologic damage”

With the rising popularity of both vegetarian and vegan diets, it may be prudent (or indeed, essential) for physicians to offer monitoring and supplementation to pregnant women who choose to avoid foods that contain vitamin B12. A woman can choose, but her baby cannot.

Mark Zuckerberg raises his own animals and then consumes the high quality flesh- because it's healthier for him. 

"I’m eating a lot healthier foods. And I’ve learned a lot about sustainable farming and raising of animals. It’s easy to take the food we eat for granted when we can eat good things every day.”
He told Fortune in an interview, "The only meat I'm eating is from animals I've killed myself."
Since the new regimen started, he has killed several types of animals, including a pig and a goat.
A good size pig can feed Mr Zuckerberg for a very long time.  Sadly, that type of healthy eating is not for the dregs  (The worst and lowest part of something- The dregs of a society)

Still awaiting the mass awakening????? 

Shit burgers/steaks and Soylent green- The UN will suggest that's good eating too.


  1. A little fun.We are occupied by Reptilians.People say gators taste like chicken.Question:Can we hunt Reptilians and eat"em? how much would be per pound? Do they have tenderloin?I love it.BTW your article is great!

  2. A little fun.We are occupied by Reptilians.People say gators taste like chicken.Question:Can we hunt Reptilians and eat"em? how much would be per pound? Do they have tenderloin?I love it.BTW your article is great!

    1. Eating them seems a bit too much like Soylent Green eating, but, then I'm not sure what type of human they really are?
      Torn, but, nah don't want to go there

  3. One problem that we all present is that our memories are longer than two of their standard muppetry cycles now. Life expectancy is to brought down to under 1 muppetry cycle. All of us know now and can explain to to the young that everything they join is a counterfeirt paid for life wasting exercise. The onanic experience is our global harem.

    1. "All of us know now and can explain to to the young that everything they join is a counterfeirt paid for life wasting exercise"


  4. I've noticed that the Western left has turned into an echo chamber when it comes to topics like climate change and veganism, just like the demonisation of Erdogan and glorification of Kurdish separatist terrorism. How unfortunate, since they pay so much lip service to critical thinking.

    1. Hi Martin: at one time I would have called myself a leftist.. but that has long passed. It's self limiting and defeatist, in my opinion

      And yes so much lip service is paid to critical thinking but very little critical thinking is actually engaged in.

    2. Christ, vegetarians and vegans online just won't shut up about it. There's no mention of raising smaller vertebrates like rabbits, iguanas or hedgehogs. Or entomophagy. Or that some agricultural techniques consume large quantities of water or are favoured by massive deforestation. It's a relentless emotional extortion along the lines of "if you don't settle for constipation from bean hamburgers, you strangled Bambi's mum with your bare hands!" Vegan propaganda also doesn't mention that some practitioners increase their intake of cereals and sugars due to not satisfying their hunger or in cases of a poorly managed diet, possible nutritional deficiencies (like my geography teacher in secondary school).
      I personally hate beans (I would eat almost anything except beans and mayonnaise), and I wish the more aggressive and sanctimonious proselytisers would choke on them. Probably not a good idea to leave comments like this one on LeftTube.

    3. Hi Martin: did you see the news story about the vegan suing her neighbours? She was over the top.
      They bbq'd. The kids made noise and played in their yards.
      They used patio lighting... IMO she was outrageous.
      I wondered if her vegan diet had affected her brain

      "In a 400-page dossier of evidence presented to judges, she also said her neighbours – on both sides of her own property – smoked on their patio and sometimes had lights on in the evening.

      The children, she added, made a noise while playing with their toys in the garden.

      But the State Administrative Tribunal of Western Australia rejected her claims that there was any breach of residential law."

      I know that vegan diets can lead to serious brain deterioration and she certainly comes off as ... off

      My neighbours smoke in their yard- Yes, it stinks and I don't like it. BUT, it's not constant, so what can I really say? They are good neighbours save for stinkin' ciggy smells. I wouldn't dream of suing them- yet this vegan did.