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At Least 16 U.S Bases Secure Syria's Oil Fields in the North East- Timely Leak

 One really has to wonder why the 5 eyes media has failed to adequately, if ever, address the issue of all those US bases in N/E Syria? Alt or msm 5 eyes? And why it is that sites offering the "syrian perspective'"don't broach this subject? Instead it's the same old disinfothama kinda stuff.
 The lone voice talking this subject up, extensively, has pretty much been mine, at least to my knowledge. For years and years.

Link to original source- which you should check out, because the entire article and all the images are NOT included
Foreign presence on the Syrian soil has always been the focus of media and research institutions. In this study, prepared by a specialized military researcher, we examine the changes that occurred with the existence of these bases, since late 2017 when Zaman al-Wasl last published a comprehensive study.

Over the past two years, 2018-2019, US bases (coalition forces) and other forces in Syria have undergone significant changes in one of the following areas:
  • Establishing new bases that did not exist before.
  • Expanding and consolidating some older bases.
  • Definitive evacuation of certain bases.
  • Moving some bases to different areas.
 This report includes details of developments in the US bases in northern Syria, and in the area currently controlled by the US-backed Kurdish YPG militia, in light of Turkey’s desire to establish a safe zone within the Syrian border extending for tens of kilometers.

Turkey's urgent desire to establish a safe zone within Syrian borders will be hampered by the positions of these bases, some of which are only a few kilometers from the border, some of which have been built relatively recently. Therefore the American promise to Turkey to cooperate in establishing such an area is merely a political exercise to buy time.

In fact, these bases reveal that America is preparing for a long-term stay in Syria, and will not leave in the near future, as President Donald Trump claimed recently.
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  4. U.S Forces Staying in Northern Syria INDEFINITELY

    Long term readers here may recall my suggesting the withdrawal claim was a psyop. Totally and completely. Reread previous posts to refresh your memory.

It is worth mentioning that some of the new bases are not bases in the military sense, but more like "civil administration" centers.

Most of the major oil and gas fields currently have small bases of up to 50 US troops securing them.
 The Locations of American Bases:

New Heemo base west of Qamishli city:

This base is located west of the city of Al Qamishli near the village of Heemo, 4 Km away from the Turkish border and 5 Km away from Al Qamishli airport, where the regime forces are based.

It is mainly concerned with the administration of the area, which is completely controlled by the Kurds and has a predominantly civil organizational nature of the Kurdish state to be established. The task of this huge base is to provide all kinds of administrative and technical support to the Syrian Democratic Forces and its civilian administration.

It was established in 2018, slowly expanding, with warehouses and other sub-centers close to the area.

New constructions inside the US Tal Baydar base:

US forces are currently constructing and expanding new facilities inside the US base at Tal Baydar, including the expansion of the old airstrip to about 900m. Construction is still going on at the moment, and at this length the runway is sufficient for the landing of all types of cargo aircrafts and various warplanes. This base is 30 kilometers from the Turkish border.

New Jabal (Mount) Al Ghoul Base:
A relatively new base, which was completed in 2018, includes an airstrip and a support camp, as well as being a logistical headquarters. It is the most secretive base, both in terms of the size of the troops and the function assigned to them. The runway is 1,800 meters long, the base is semi-fixed, 30 km from the Turkish border.
Troops were relocated west of Hasaka, where the airbase at the Life Stone resort was evacuated from aircraft and helicopters, while some ground troops remained.

A new base was established to the south, near the Khabur Dam. This new base contains ground and air support forces, in addition to a number of support and landing helicopters.
  Shadadi Base:
One of the largest American bases in Syria, established by the US army forces after the expulsion of  the Daesh (ISIS) from the town of Shadadi, and is a focal point for the US strike forces there. It includes a camp for Marines as well as an airbase of eight attack helicopters, in addition to being a logistics base for US troops and Kurdish forces operating there. The base extends for four kilometers and two kilometers in width.

The Americans have deliberately set up the base near the most important oil fields in the region, the field of Al Jabsa and Kubaiba field.
etc., etc., etc.,

Let's go back to 2017 when the news about US bases was first leaked to the foreign media but certainly not touched by the 5 eyes, alt or msm. 

July 2017: US to Remain In Syrian “Kurdistan” For Decades After ISIS is “Defeated”

2018:   Is The US Pivoting the Fight In Syria Toward A War With Iran? YES! 
"The largest American military base in Syria covers more than five hundred acres, but it can’t be seen from the road.
The United States has built a dozen or more bases from Manbij to Al-Hasakah, including four airfields, and American-backed forces now control all of Syria east of the Euphrates, an area about the size of Croatia"
We now know it's at least 16 known bases of varying sizes and purposes.
 I find the timing of this information leak really interesting since Erdogan and Trump will be meeting tomorrow at the UN. 
 Keeping in mind that the US has kept right on shipping arms into North Eastern Syria along with the latest move of more troops and armaments into Saudi Arabia


  1. Hey Penny. These people are disgusting

    1. Yes, they are Ally- It's been obvious the intent all along has been to annex and occupy to further destabilize the entire region in order to remake it.

  2. At some point, hopefully sooner rather than later, the landlord will have to forcibly [militarily] evict the squatter. That is the only way that land rights can be secured in these cases. There will be blood.

    1. Hey GC:
      There's already been so much blood- this problem isn't going away anytime soon and when Trump secures his second term... things will likely get worse

  3. Thanks for bringing my attention to this. I remember years back, about fivish now, that a neighbor said their army son was slated to go to Syria... top secret.

    1. Your welcome Rick
      It seems there son is a occupier of another nation.

  4. btw: I added another link back to a post from 2018 where the number of bases the US had in Syria was reported.
    With an eye to destabilizing Iran, of course
    And Turkey as well. (which is underway and has been for years)
    Watch out for Davutoglu

    "I've long, long had serious doubts about Mr Dovutoglu. And have expressed those thoughts here. Dovutoglu was the power in Turkey at the time the Syrian destabilization began. And the man in charge when the Russian plane was shot down.. by a heavily NATO infiltrated military.
    Nor do I believe the song he's singing about not wanting to disagree or divide"

  5. Dovutoglu was the power in Turkey at the time the Syrian destabilization began. And the man in charge when the Russian plane was shot down.. by a heavily NATO infiltrated military.

    Hi Penny

    What was Erdogans role during this time of Davutoglu?

    Great post. What evil. Taking a huge chunk of Syria while destabilising and destroying the rest of the country. In addition, How those military bases must look from Turkey and Irans view. Catastrophic. The kurds in this equation have spectacularly sold out.

    1. Abdullah: Before the government of Turkey changed from a system like Canada to a system like Russia or the US.. run- The power was held by the Prime Minister- the President was more figurehead with some limited powers.

      I've got this saved for future use, but, you may be interested.

      Turkey's drift from the West began with exclusion of Davutoğlu

      A circle, which began to be drawn in Turkey on May 1, 2016, came to a full close on Sept. 13, 2019.

      Just days ago, an international relations professor who served as Turkey’s former foreign minister and prime minister, resigned from the country’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), without waiting on a decision about his ousting from the party’s disciplinary committee.

      The era of the ruling AKP under the leadership of Ahmet Davutoğlu, who won the Nov. 2015 general elections for the party by winning 49.4 percent support, was marked by success.

      One of the most striking characteristics of Davutoğlu’s time in office as prime minister was the precedence he gave to Turkey’s relations with the EU and the West.

      On May 1, 2016, at a time when Turkey was as at the height of its relations with the EU, the economy was in a relatively good place and Turkey had come out of the war with the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) without incurring too much damage and the AKP was happy with success of the November elections, the public woke up to an eyebrow-raising notice published in social media.

      The anonymous notice accused Davutoğlu of being the architect of the chaotic policies in neighbouring war-torn Syria and conspiring against President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

      The notice pointed to an intra-party leadership struggle, Davutoğlu’s eyeing of Erdoğan’s seat, and the prime minister’s conspiring against the leadership with other disgruntled AKP members. But was that all?

      Exactly four days after the notice was published on May 5, 2016, Davutoğlu resigned following a speech, which was filled with praise, yet lacked the clarity that had come to be expected from him.

      "The first sign of this radical departure became evident in a speech delivered by Erdoğan on May 6, 2016, when he addressed Europe, accusing them of supporting terror and thanking Davutoğlu for his services, but implying he would soon be replaced.

      Erdoğan on this day told the EU that Turkey and the continent would go their separate ways. Two days later, he would dismiss the work done by Davutoğlu regarding the EU visa.

      The former prime minister became a recluse character following his resignation and not too much later, exactly 2 months and 10 days on, Turkey was faced with the military coup attempt of 2016."

    2. Abdullah- I did more then one post on the subject of Turkey's constitutional change in order to change the type of government but this was all I could dig up for now

      It's got a outbound links, but, this comment of mine stands out

      "Back to the Turkish referendum

      Is it a threat to certain vested interests? External parties and organizations? Perhaps it is. However since Turkey is a sovereign nation state ... It's entirely realistic that the Turkish populace can elect to change their own constitution. Perhaps a a globalist, like David Rockefeller, a one world government kind of believer would disagree? See: James Corbett: The Unauthorized Biography of David Rockefeller. But, I'm not one of those."

    3. Thanks Penny

      I'll read into the info provided

  6. Hi Penny: I saw a recent report where Assad was quoted as saying that Turkey was STILL doing evil things to Syria [words to that effect] so perhaps he's not convinced re Dovutoglu.

    1. I wouldn't expect Assad to make public statements any different then what he does. He has a domestic audience to concern himself with- in the same way Turkey still talks down Assad- but in the background there is cooperation.
      It was obvious the day before the Astana Trio meet and Assad calls out the Kurds as terrorists.
      That was not a coincidence it was timed to coincide with the meeting

  7. Hi Penny: Been away from the screen for several days, so don't know if you're aware of the hoopla over Canada's Syrian Embassy appointment:

    Why did the Trudeau government approve Bashar Assad’s man in Montreal?
    An unapologetic supporter of Assad’s regime has been named Syria’s honorary consul—to the dismay of many Syrians in Canada familiar with him
    Sep 23, 2019 - Macleans

    Chrystia Freeland is "shocked" by it all:

    NationalNewsWatch: Freeland to look into approval of Syria’s Assad-friendly honorary counsul

    It seems we have a lot of "white helmet" supporters living in Canada, and Freeland is one of them.

    1. can't believe I missed this one- thanks for all the link Yaya!

      "It seems we have a lot of "white helmet" supporters living in Canada, and Freeland is one of them."

      Ms Freeland seems to have an affinity for questionable persons- like in the Ukraine. As well as the "white helmets" who unfortunately have been brought to Canada- sigh