Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Cannibalism for the Climate. Climate Crackpotism Should Be Plainly Obvious Now?

When my report: UN Report: Eat Less Meat to Reduce Carbon = Reduced Life & Life Quality" was posted here at PFYT's it  ended with the observation
Shit burgers/steaks and Soylent green- The UN will suggest that's good eating too"
Soylent green is people and what’s the latest psycho elite predatory class proclamation?
Scientist says cannibalism is the answer to climate change
A Swedish scientist says that cannibalism could save us from climate change. Professor Magnus Soderlund, of Stockholm School of Economics, argues that eating the flesh of dead humans could be a sustainable alternative to meat or dairy. “I'd have to say... I'd be open to at least tasting it,” he said.
 Because if a "scientist" say’s it, then it must be so. Right? 
 Oh and this "scientist" is a ‘behavioural scientist”  
 A behavioral scientist focuses their time on studying how the actions of people affect their development, their relationship with others, and their future behaviors
Which means he understands the methodology of manipulating humanity. The mindless gullible swathes of humanity.  The ones that won't bother thinking critically, or at all. 
So, he's floating the idea of cannibalism as a means to save us from "climate change", without explaining the logic behind that thought. 
We're to eat the recently dead he proclaims in a grandiose fashion!
How is the remaining family going to feel about that? If they don't wish that desecration of their loved one to take place then what? Will they farm humans for consumption? 

Climate changes Period. End of Story. We've survived it previously and we'll survive it again.

"A Swedish scientist speaking at Stockholm summit last week offered an unusual possible tactic in combating global climate change: eating human flesh.

Stockholm School of Economics professor and researcher Magnus Soderlund reportedly said he believes eating human meat, derived from dead bodies, might be able to help save the human race if only a world society were to “awaken the idea.”

Soderlund’s argument for human cannibalism was front and center during a panel talk called “Can You Imagine Eating Human Flesh?” at the Gastro Summit, reports the Epoch Times. “Conservative” taboos against cannibalism, he said, can change over time if people simply tried eating human flesh."
"Swedish behavioral scientist Magnus Söderlund said last week that humans must “awaken to the idea” of eating human flesh as a way to combat the effects of climate change"
How is eating the remains of deceased humans going to 'combat the effects of climate change"?
He doesn't explain because it can't. And it won't.  He is simply pitching a sale using an appeal to emotion (fear) from a position of perceived authority.  He's thinking about profiting from the possibility of cannibalism. This guy is, in my opinion, supporting the further degradation of humanity. 
image from one of the articles
"Söderlund, who is also a marketing strategist, told the audience that the main impediment to his proposal is the ancient taboo against cannibalism"
Do you understand that mankind is being sold a pile of nonsense? That is extremely detrimental to our very survival as a species. 

Magnus Söderlund isn’t the only one mulling cannibalism for the climate

Söderlund is not alone in his musings about cannibalism. Last year, British scientist and atheism advocate Richard Dawkins suggested on Twitter that lab-grown meat might enable humanity to “overcome our taboo against cannibalism.”
Figures Richard Dawkins would be in on this action- eyes roll.
If cannibalism is an ancient taboo, then it must be one for a very good reason. 

hattippin yaya- a video for the sane below:

From earlier today:


  1. I've watched the Willie Soon video twice now

    Ally: I left my email address in the post where your comments are

  2. There is nothing that is being done in this world that surprises me any more.

    Are we near the end of mankind?

    1. Getting closer Bman- As the herd goes along to get along

      "Conforming to general expectations so as not to disrupt or endanger one's sense of security or belonging"

    2. Are we near the end of mankind?

      Pretty sure we're at the cliff's edge.

  3. Replies
    1. Well after reading your post yesterday plus the links, I'm astounded/baffled/scared? that a whole population of people have been led down this road to the destruction of their country (immigration) plus they produce these kinds of crazies...???

  4. "Sweden’s climate industrial complex" is the world-recognized hub. Hence, Greta Inc.

    Here's an eerie thought: how do we know we aren't eating humans already? Hamburg doesn't smell or taste like it used to -- or else age is affecting my taste buds. I think I'll stick to chicken legs because they come with a recognizable bone included.

    I think I'm in love with Willie Soon. I like a man with brains who also makes me laugh.

    1. ""Sweden’s climate industrial complex" is the world-recognized hub."

      I was unaware of that, but, thinking about Greta it does make perfect sense-
      And yes, Willie Soon is quite funny- I like his humour.
      Get what your saying about the taste of meat? Meat when I was a youngster doesn't taste the same as it does now

      I suspect it's the corn fed vs more then likely grass fed beef of my pre fast food youth