Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Commodifying Human Life and Death Through Carbon Pricing

In yesterday’s post it was reported that a “scientist” said eating deceased people would SAVE us from “climate change” Cannibalism for the Climate. Climate Crackpotism Should Be Plainly Obvious Now? Of course, the “scientist” did not explain how eating people would save us from “climate changeAnd really, why bother, when fear will suffice?
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 The role of humans in this alleged “climate change” has never been clear.  Initially the climate was supposed to be warming, hence anthropogenic global warming, but, that didn’t occur as sold, therefore necessity demanded a rebrand  take place. Which is when and how  we became burdened by the most meaningless meme imaginable “climate change”
How many times must it be repeated here that where I live present time, was under miles of ice, previously? And the very landscape of my local environs is shaped by the retreat of that ice?  As the planet warmed.
The ice melted and retreated. The land was literally reshaped.  Humanity was not a consideration. Climate changes. Period. 
It always has and it always will. Which is why the meme and the hot button, triggering of your emotions via the meme“climate change” is truly an empty manipulation devoid of significance. And yet, there is so much significance or meaning attributed to these two words. Meaning that is disproportionate to what the two words actually stand for.

For the hell of it let’s define “climate change”

Climate: “the weather conditions prevailing in an area in general or over a long period”
Change:  “ to become different”

Bottom line: as you can see from above definitions, Climate change = different weather.

 Changing seasons =  different weather.  A cold front displacing a warm front = different weather. Climate change goes on all the time. Weather you like it or not. The weather doesn’t care. Weather doesn’t consider your whims and whimsy's. You are irrelevant in the scheme of earth’s climate system.

Let’s move onto the cannibalism aspect of all this spin. 

n selling "climate change" as being carbon dependent, the elite classes of profiteers,  bankers, oiligarchs and the like commodified carbon. They gave it a price. They COMMERCIALIZED it. By doing  bankers, oiligarchs and other financial wizards turned you into a commodity.  Because, you my friend, are carbon. All life is carbon. And carbon is now a commodity. Do you grasp this concept? The reality of what has and is being done?
 If you don’t yet, you’d better very soon. Because we are now at the point where your dead carbon body has value, due to it’s commodification.  And the value inherent in  commodification is now at it’s final stage of profitability. The last chance to make a profit from the commodified carbon your body consists of. Which is why cannibalism is being touted. Sold. Presented as viable. It’s that obvious. It’s that in your face. Which is why you are blind to it.
The global warming by carbon concept is the most profitable, business friendly agenda one could ever imagine!

Time to remove the rose coloured glasses.



  1. If they are actually stupid enough to legalize cannibalism for the "sake of saving the planet" then they should make it legal for the idiots and dumb asses behind the entire "climate change" bullshit to eat each other! If they eat each other then they can save the planet from their own stupidity!

    1. hey north;

      The reason for this cannibalism to save the planet meme is for it to become acceptable. Accepted. And profitable.

      carbon = commodity= profit

  2. I think I need therapy after that cannibalism story became widely known. I agree preserving the environment, but the more hardline ecologists seem to be against people in society existing at all. Everything from travel to having children is an affront against Gaia in their eyes.

  3. This is the most sickening development yet, concerning this entire farce of "global warming"!! (or, "climate change", if you prefer that term)! My stomach turned over just reading it, yet how many will just blindly go along with it believing they're "saving the earth" by doing so? ����
    Never, ever, EVER sign the organ donor card on your driver's license!! In my opinion, that's an open invitation to them.

    1. Canadian Wildflower..

      "how many will just blindly go along with it believing they're "saving the earth" by doing so?"

      too many will, way too many.

      As for the organ donor card- I don't sign mine and wouldn't for many reasons..