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Perception Management: Psychology, A Messiah called Greta & the "Climate Emergency Movement"

Anyone who naively believes that the "extinction rebellion" and the house burning rubbish is anything but pure perception management aka mind control... MOVE ON. You can't be helped. Remain willfully blind.  If you want to understand how you, I and billions of others are being played on a global scale? READ ON! 

Perception Management:

* "Perception" is defined as the "process by which individuals select, organize, and interpret the input from their senses to give meaning and order to the world around them"
* "Management" the process of dealing with or controlling things or people.
* " Perception Management": the technique that involves carefully altering the perceptions of a target audience to suit the objectives of the sponsor.

clinical psychology in action

 Ms Salamon is a clinical psychologist- Her entire article is about how successfully the the masses have been manipulated through the inducing  of irrationality and fear  in order to create a sense of emergency. Aided by the media, of course. Reducing the masses to rats responding to stimuli. Is that how you see yourself? I'm sure you don't. But it's certainly how you are seen by the perception managers and the profiteers who employ them.

Clinical psychology and marketing work hand and glove-  Careers in and Related to Psychology

Advertising. Public Relations. Marketing. Fund Raising

Leading the Public Into Emergency Mode: Introducing the Climate Emergency Movement

"Imagine there is a fire in your house.
What do you do?
What do you think about?
You do whatever you can to try to put out the fire or exit the house. You make a plan of action.
Your senses are heightened, you are focused like a laser, and you put your entire self into your actions. You enter emergency mode.
In this paper, I will introduce the psychological concept of “emergency mode” which is how individuals and groups function optimally during an existential or moral crisis — often achieving great feats through intensely focused motivation. I will argue that the goal of the climate movement must be to lead the public out of “normal” mode and into emergency mode.
The initial publication of Leading the Public into Emergency Mode in 2016 suggested this approach as a “New Strategy for the Climate Movement.” I am absolutely thrilled to report that in the 3 years since publication, this approach — both as a policy program and as a mode of campaigning and communicating, has been adopted by an extremely energized set of organizations. My claim that embracing the truth and campaigning for an emergency response to the climate crisis would be highly effective is proving true. The climate emergency movement has exploded onto the US and global political scene, and is growing all the time.
This updated and revised essay 1) explains the theory and practice of “emergency mode,” and 2) introduces the organizations and campaigns that comprise the Climate Emergency Movement, as humanity’s best hope"
 That's right this has been going on since 2016.
 Breakthrough: a Climate Emergency Movement now exists!
 The existence of a climate emergency movement speaks only to the fact that the movement exists. It exists because it's been created. By a clinical psychologist. By her own admission.
"I ( Margaret Salmon Phd- Clinical Psychology) founded and now direct a national volunteer based think tank and advocacy organization called The Climate Mobilization (TCM) that is based on an understanding of emergency mode, as well as the transformative power of climate truth. We launched in 2014, telling the truth about the Climate Emergency — it is an acute and existential threat to us all — and advocating for a WWII-Scale Climate Mobilization to eliminate emissions in 10 years or less, and initiate a massive drawdown program.
 At the end of 2018, the dam finally burst and the Climate Emergency Movement has emerged, finally, as a powerful force. This movement tells the truth about the scale of the crisis, and demands a “Green New Deal” or a WWII-scale climate mobilization — a 10 year transition to zero emissions plus drawdown. Led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Justice Democrats in Congress, the Sunrise Movement, Zero Hour, School Strikers, and Extinction Rebellion in the streets, this movement has burst forth with tremendous force and momentum"
young people are so useful in this regard
 Does this movement "tell the truth"?  That's their claim. However, I've yet to see truth. Just lots of PR trickery. Of the same type that has been employed when a destabilization is desired.  If this movement did "tell truth" they wouldn't and shouldn't need to resort to such hysteria, psychological trickery and heavy duty perception management. Still 3 years of perception managing, media induced hysteria fronted by a young messiah known as Greta Thunberg have finally emerged as a powerful force for change? In other words we've been played for 3 long years...  

*Greta Thunberg: Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence

 Good thing for the elites and global corp that most people accept unquestioningly and simply go along to get along. But there are still some out there that question it all.
* Vancouver school board will allow students to skip class to attend global climate strikes
 Newsflash to the young and gullible in Vancouver... You're not "skipping" class if your school allows it.  However it's nice rhetoric and surely feeds into you need to rebel. And belong. You're all simply being played, like a violin, by the system.
Not just in Vancouver "Students in Canada are expected to participate in climate demonstrations beginning this Friday, and some school boards are moving to allow — even encourage — them to miss class for the cause."

You're not "skipping" class if your school allows it.
"The Climate Mobilization is proud to have made critical contributions to these breakthroughs, by developing, building, and spreading the Climate Emergency Declaration campaign, through policy development...
This paper is based on a combination of theory and practice. I have researched social movements, flow states, and more, to develop the concept of emergency mode, and these ideas have been developed and refined through my experience in running TCM"
Emergency mode occurs when an individual or group faces an existential threat, accepts that there is a life-threatening emergency and reorients by:
  1. Adjusting their hierarchy of priorities so that solving the emergency is the clear top priority
  2. Deploying a huge amount of resources toward solving the crisis
  3. Giving little priority to personal gratification and self-esteem enhancement for their own sake, and instead seeking them through engagement with the emergency. People seek to “do their part” to solve the crisis and build their skills to contribute more effectively.
Emergency mode is a fundamental departure from “normal” mode of functioning.
Is it any wonder that Greta Thunberg comes across as a neurotic young woman? Being subjected to this mind control on a regular basis would cause anyone psychological harm. Because, that's what it's intended to do. Emergency mode is a departure from normal functioning.  Except, It's not healthy to stay in "emergency mode" This is not the way to show caring and concern for children's well being or their future. This is the way to say despair and hopelessness.

Chronic Stress Can Damage Your Heart and Brain- It's unhealthy. Except when you mind controlling the masses? For the benefit of global profiteers?  Then it's perfectly wonderful.  And profitable.
clinical psychology in public relations
 "This is a critical point, with grave implications for the climate movement. To evaluate whether we are currently in a climate crisis, the public will look to each other — and particularly to the climate organizations, writers, and leaders. Are they calling it an emergency? Does the tone of their writing and statements convey alarm and a passionate desire for massive action to avert imminent crisis? Are they demanding an emergency response? Are they acting like it’s an emergency? Are they themselves in emergency mode? If the answer to these questions is “no,” the individual will conclude that there must not be an emergency, or that emergency action is hopeless because the leaders are apparently unwilling to coordinate emergency action."

Repeating the highlighted " To evaluate whether we are currently in a climate crisis, the public will look to each other — and particularly to the climate organizations, writers, and leaders. Are they calling it an emergency? Does the tone of their writing and statements convey alarm and a passionate desire for massive action to avert imminent crisis?

To evaluate whether we are in a climate crisis we need climate organizations, their writers and leaders to call it an emergency and convey alarm???
 In plain talk it's up to NGO's employing psychological manipulations/ors  and their minions to convince the public there is an emergency. 

Stating the obvious here readers- saying there is an emergency doesn't make it so.

Emergency Threat.

"The climate movement must fully adopt the language of immediate crisis and existential danger. We must talk about climate change as threatening to cause the collapse of civilization, killing billions of people, and causing the extinction of millions of species. These horrific outcomes await us during this century, possibly even in the first half of it if things truly slip out of control. This is not a matter of “protecting the planet for future generations” but protecting our own lives and those of the people we care about. We are in danger now and in coming years and decades. The climate crisis is, far and away, our top national security threat, top public health threat, and top threat to the global economy."

Emergency Solution

"In order to lead people into emergency mode, and avoid panic mode, it is critical that the emergency threat is paired with an emergency solution.
Climate groups must match their emergency rhetoric with an emergency advocacy. Suppose that someone told you, “Help! The house is on fire! Can you please pour a glass of water on it? One glass is all it needs!” You would be confused. If we are really dealing with a house on fire, how could a solution be so simple and easy? You would suspect that there was no crisis, just exaggeration. Likewise, when the scale of the necessary response to the climate crisis is minimized, it prevents people from entering emergency mode. We need to “come out” as being in emergency mode — climate “alarmists,” as horrified by the crisis, and as ready to make major changes in our life and the economy, for the duration of the emergency"
 "My house is on fire" Do you believe me? You should because I'm telling you so and Oh MY GOD.... MY HOUSE IS BURNING!!   MY HOUSE IS ON FIRE!!! SMOKE IS POURING OUT THE WINDOWS. HELP. HELP. AAAAAHHHHHH............

Nah, It's all good here. 
Just making a point. A claim of a house fire, does not a house fire make!
The linked article is a big read. It will take 40 plus minutes of your time to read how it is you're being played. It's enlightening.

It was an RT article that enabled me to find and read the clinical psychologist's lengthy discourse  Greta Thunberg wants you afraid, and big business will make a killing off it 

Big business profiteering and bigger government control enabled by the anti life cult has been discussed repeatedly here.
Extinction Rebellion’s call for “net zero” atmospheric carbon is shared by The World Bank, and a host of neoliberal think-tanks and financiers. Except while the Extinction Rebellion marchers may have taken to the streets in fear of the apocalypse, the financial titans support this movement with a view to getting their grubby hands into public coffers.
Put simply, financial giants want your pensions and your taxes to support their investments half a world away. Greta Thunberg and The Climate Emergency Movement are paralyzing you with fear, and knowingly or unknowingly aiding the interests of the world’s mega-rich.
 The same activists who call for collective guilt and punitive taxes on the western taxpayer are enabling a new breed of green capitalism, one that will make a select few fabulously rich, while the rest of us choke down meatless hamburgers and pay our politicians to tax us into oblivion
 Meatless hamburgers won't be the worst thing we'll be chokin' down:
  1. Cannibalism for the climate
  2. Dumbed down, docility and senility
  3. Totalitarianism
  4. Pre-emptive War on China, Russia and India "to save the planet"
"Progressive children already believe they are “fighting for [their] lives” by marching in protest against climate inaction. I say give them what they want and let them actually fight for their lives. These children should be filled with patriotic zeal and fervor, knowing that they would be making a true difference and could be the first kid on their block to get a confirmed kill in the name of saving the planet. Progressive parents should be proud to send their sons and daughters by the tens of millions across the globe to kill an enemy standing in the way of human progress."



  1. the colours are not cooperating- though I've tried- nonetheless there is lots and lots to read-

  2. Penny, that article by ol' Marge is a great find. Does this hugely disturbing quote:

    These children should be filled with patriotic zeal and fervor, knowing that they would be making a true difference and could be the first kid on their block to get a confirmed kill in the name of saving the planet.

    come from the linked "National Geographic"? Who said that? I can't see the article without signing up, which I'm not doing. I will try to find a way to read the article without signing up, though.

    Pardon my foul acronym, but WTF??? What kind of nut talks like that? About children going for a "kill"??? I just always assumed that history repeats over a longer span of time, but good grief, we're only a hundred years and less since we had people talking like this about their perceived enemies.

    I'm sorry for babbling; I cannot get over that language.

    1. Hi Gwen: Yah ol' Marge's lengthy read was a great find because it spells out the method behind the madness so very well

      The patriotic zeal quote is from this article

      And it originated from the Heartland Institute which in a nutshell suggest that since the progressives have the kids all whipped up- let's use that to our advantage and wage war to "save the planet"

      So we've got cannibalism to save the planet
      Global war to save the planet
      And everyone wants to exploit the children
      Except for the few sane ones...

      It's madness on the left and madness on the right (not a surprise, really)

  3. Really appreciate the link as that quote bothered me a great deal. Now having read the whole piece, I can see that it was satire. However, the writer may not want to give the climate change freaks any ideas. ;)

    1. Hi Gwen, if that was satire? I'd be relieved. (though I didn't get that impression?)
      Since it characterized the insanity of this 'movement' in a very real way.. And I could actually see the exploitation possibilities. In fact I'm witnessing the exploitation as the "climate strikes" are being readied for tomorrow here in Canada- with the OK of the school boards of course

    2. Yes, it is, but I thought it was real at first. That's the awful thing, you can't tell satire from the real thing. It's perfectly plausible at this stage to find someone who actually thinks this way. I wouldn't be surprised to find that some (many?) of the climate change loons thought this way. That's why I said the satirist shouldn't give them ideas.

    3. The other "tell" for me that it was satire was when he called Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez "charming". LOL! :)

    4. Have you guys seen that Greta has filed a complaint to UN listing Turkey, Brazil, Argentina, France and Germany even though these 5 countries only contribute to 6% of the world's pollution? And her mother was apparently on Eurovision wearing a $40,000 dress. Greta has Asperger's too. Definitely a pawn :(

  4. I got burnt out by environmentalism because of its many misanthropic manifestations. No one advocates destroying the environment on purpose or conspicuous consumption for its own sake, but is it really unreasonable that economies satisfy human needs and help us live a bit more comfortably? It's especially galling when it comes from petty bourgepis who are probably living some form of the high life themselves.
    For example, Yankee leftist playwright John Steppling calls for deindustrialisation to save the Earth and demonises advocates of nuclear energy as "fascists", while getting paid a decent salary as a teacher in Norway, a country economically dependent on petroleum.
    I normally despise VICE, but I found myself agreeing with this essay by James Wilt:

    1. "is it really unreasonable that economies satisfy human needs and help us live a bit more comfortably?"

      it is not unreasonable in the least. all creatures alive on this planet look for that which helps us live better and more comfortably-
      example- where there are more ducks there are more fox.
      where I walk daily, there are lots of ducks and geese and because it's easy pickins for food- there are more fox.
      the fox are often seen by regular users of the area
      in other words they are living comfortably. reproducing etc by taking advantage of the abundance of food in the area- people don't really behave any differently.

      I did read the vice article and yes, I agree they are usually agenda pushing con artists- but that was an interesting read with some valid points raised

      "Bemoaning people who live paycheque-to-paycheque—which, according to a 2016 study, is 48 per cent of all working Canadians—to be more disciplined and attentive lets the very rich and powerful in society off the hook. It blames the masses for "living beyond their means" when it's a select few—like, literally a few—who are hoarding the money and control and obstructing society from rapidly transitioning to a just and sustainable future.

      this sums up the life hating carbon cult and the green washed greens

  5. The political left used to advocate for higher productivity leading to a higher standard of living and more free time for workers, during the XIX and early XX centuries, but the more visible faces of it now support poverty and primitivism. How sad.

    1. Hi Martin:

      the left used to advocate for that which generally benefited the working class, but, now it's all identity politics and yes, the support of poverty, through a near glorification of that status..
      it's awful

    From 2010 but still so very valid today. Piers Corbyn is older brother of Labour's Jeremy...

  7. Replies
    1. thanks majestika!
      ps: glad your still here :)