Thursday, September 19, 2019

Russia AND China VETO UN Security Council Resolution that PROTECTED TERRORISTS

I've been following this latest episode today...
"Russia and China have blocked a UN Security Council resolution on the truce in Syria’s Idlib province as it didn’t provide an exemption for military action against terrorist groups blacklisted by the UN itself. 

The real aim of the resolution, put together by Kuwait, Germany and Belgium, was “saving the international terrorists entrenched in Idlib from complete annihilation and portraying Russia and Syria as the culprits of what is happening there,” Russian envoy to the UN Vassily Nebenzia said."
Using this situation as a tool in a hostile campaign which aims to destabilize Syria’s safety and stability and support terrorism.

"The Russian delegation warned the co-authors that their draft was bound to fail, but they still put it to vote, “deliberately disrupting the unity of the Council,” he pointed out.
The alternative ceasefire resolution, which was drafted by Moscow, also failed to garner enough support, with 12 countries voting against it."

As has been suggested here the Astana Trio had been having success in Idlib. 
It wasn't happening easily or quickly, but it was occurring. 
Hot on the heels of that obvious show of solidarity the three parties made in Ankara including some not so subtle messages towards NATO and the US- Ignored completely by 5 eyes msm and alt media. 
unity and solidarity

Suddenly allies of the US, Saudi Arabia, the PKK, Israel and the global oligarchy class create yet another UN Security Council resolution demanding a total ceasefire to save their "international terrorists" in Idlib.

Today's first report:  UN Security Council Set To Vote On Rival Truce Plans For Northwest Syria- Today
 "Again we see the US protecting their terrorists"
Today's second report  HTS Crumbling In Idlib/ Astana Success in Idlib the Reason for the UN Ceasefire Request?


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