Tuesday, October 1, 2019

30 Years Later "The Greenhouse Conspiracy" Still Holds True

This is the first time I've seen the documentary that will be embedded below. It came to my attention via YayaCanada
Here's an online article by Dr. Ball entitled: Why People Continue To Believe Global Warming Hoax 
  • After you successfully convince the people about the deceptive use of science, you confront a more difficult problem. You must explain the motive to people who can’t believe that scientists would corrupt science, use it for a political agenda, or that a few people can fool the world.
Contained in the article is a link to the documentary "The Greenhouse Conspiracy" 
The documentary is 30 years old. And still holds true. We're all still here. The planet is still not on fire.  Despite the scare mongering claims and tactics emitted by the insane Thunberg groupies.
 If anything it's cooler. Just ask Calgarians who had their snowiest September 30th in recorded weather history. Where as of 5:00 am it was -7C in Calgary.

Brief digression:

Sunday marked one of Calgary’s snowiest September days in history
"For those Calgarians thinking the snow just would not stop on Sunday — you’re not wrong.
As the flakes continued to fall through the weekend, the city of Calgary accumulated a new snowfall record for September 29.
According to Environment Canada, 24.6 centimetres of snow fell at the YYC Calgary international airport as of midnight on Sunday — which is nearly two centimetres more than the previous single-day snowfall record for the month of September when 22.9 centimetres fell on Sept. 19, 1895.
Combined with the rest of the weekend’s snow — 1.5 centimetres on Friday and 4.5 centimetres on Saturday — Calgary saw a grand total of 30.6 centimetres of the white stuff fall.
According to Environment Canada, Pekisko saw 54 centimetres by 4 p.m., Milk River saw 31 centimetres and as of 10 p.m. Sunday, 95 centimetres of snow had fallen in Waterton Lakes National Park."
Cold is the absence of heat- Warming cannot create cooling.
Dr Tim Ball: " It’s difficult to convince people that the science behind the claim of human-caused global warming is wrong. The technocrats developed their own language and technical terms to protect their control over the information; to make people pay a higher price for their services; to ensure they remain unaccountable for their actions.  The three lawsuits filed to silence me from explaining their science in ways the public could understand, and all came from technocratic members of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).
The AGW mind control certainly does have it's own language- Anthropogenic Global Warming is just one example of the language and terminology created to mislead.  Same with "carbon footprint"
A concept created to allot a value or cost to you. Language communicates ideas. Manipulations. Misrepresentation.Created through the use of Misleading language.  "Climate Change" is another useless term. Via Northerntruthseeker, The Climate Change Fraud: Watch American College Students' Hilarious Claims About The World Ending In 12 Years Hey Ho Climate Change has got to go? How inane is that?

Digression ended let's move on to the documentary- Just under an hour in length.

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  1. Hi Penny: Great post! That video: the Greenhouse Conspiracy was super well-done, in my opinion. A real keeper. I want to watch it again. It makes it so obvious that the media have been gotten to since the video was made.

    The video of the kids hollering "Hey, hey, ho, ho; climate change has got to go" was a display of the most dangerous kind of ignorance!