Wednesday, October 9, 2019

As Expected Assad Sends Reinforcements To Eastern Euphrates

I'd fully expected this move and have in fact been waiting to catch  a report- And here it is!
This is not a coincidence. Syria's going to ensure any fleeing duplicitous traitors won't get to far and possibly they are working in coordination with the advancing Turkish forces.

Adana- Adana- Adana

The Assad’s forces send reinforcements to their points in eastern Euphrates

Deir Ezzor 24 network knew from sources that Assad’s forces in Deir Ezzor sent reinforcements to Al-Salhiyah town north of Deir Ezzor this evening.
According to the sources, five large buses full of fighters headed from the 137th Brigade towards Al-Salhiyah town, apparently to reinforce Assad’s forces in the area.
The Assad’s forces entered Al-Salhiyah town at the same time the militias affiliated with the Assad’s forces sent reinforcements to the points they control east of the Euphrates.
This military alert on the Assad’s forces and their militias’ part in Deir Ezzor coincides with Turkey’s battle east of the Euphrates against the Syrian democratic forces (SDF) in Raqqa countryside.
Turkish Forces Hit 181 Militant Targets

From earlier today..

Turkey Launches Operation Peace Spring

..... It was always going to come to this. The removal of the Usrael Kurds from the area was and is the ONLY resolution to the Syrian situation. Idlib will and has been in the process of being resolved. There are countless posts here covering that topic.

 If Turkey becomes less stable it will worsen everything for Syria. Iraq and Iran. Why people don't grasp this basic bit of common sense? I don't know?
 There are 12 news articles linked within that report and more information with links have been added in the comment section.

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