Wednesday, October 9, 2019

"Green Light" Melodramatics "ISIS" attacks SDF- Predictable- Day 4 drama

Turkey has still not entered Syria's north east- Today is October 09/2019

 This most recent psychological operation began 4 days ago- On Sunday the Usrael Kurds kicked off this most recent dramatic episode claiming Turkey was going to enter Syria.  Imminently.

*Sunday: Impending Turkish Operation Into North Eastern Syria? Kurdish Occupiers Willing to Provoke Turkey?

 On cue the US 'green lights' Turkey's entrance-  Or so it is claimed. By the CIA/5 eyes alt and msm. 

*Monday:US “withdrawal” from Syria? Turkey Receives the Red Light/Foe Treatment. Not the Greenlight.

Of course, no withdrawal is going to occur.  Cause the US has at least 16 Military bases in Syria's north east
 Yesterday, the third day after initial drama kicked off- No invasion had occurred.

*Tuesday:  3 Days Later- Turkey Fired Artillery Across the Border: Still No Green Lighting..

*Wednesday- Day 4 of the dramatics that began on Sunday. 

Exactly as had been expected some type of false flag or provocation has occurred.  The Usrael Kurds initiating and controlling the entire narrative.  How will the US respond after they "green lighted" (absurd) the Turkish operation?

Sputnik: Daesh Suicide Bombers Attack Kurdish Military Positions in Raqqa, 'Clashes Still Ongoing' - SDF

According to the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), at least three Daesh suicide bombers on Wednesday attacked its military positions in Syria's Raqqa.

The SDF stressed in a statement that the Daesh* terrorists took "advantage of an imminent Turkish invasion", adding that "clashes still ongoing". The SDF has not provided further details including casualties or damage inflicted by the terrorist attack.

Oh the horror of it all. The tragedy. I simply must retire, keeping my smelling salts handy should 
revival be necessary.

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  1. Hi Penny.

    I'm keeping close ears to the latest developments and will try and comment when possible. My phone keypad has stopped working and has been playing up for a while.

    Thanks for our updates.

    Not sure what is exactly going through Trumps mind. It is interesting his recent tweet spoke about the futility of US wars in Middle East and we went there on a false pretext. Quite staggering for a US president admitting this. Lots of the usual suspects coming out strongly against him. Staggering!

    Anyway, lots of crocodile tears emanating from the West already within a few moments of Erdogan's tweet about start of operation. The coverage is bizzare and quite frenzied. So much destruction in Yemen and they are hardly moved.

    So as expected condemnation bells ringing aloud already.

    I just wanted to send this message to hope a speedy recovery for you. May the Most high restore you to optimum health. Your research and insights are invaluable.