Sunday, October 6, 2019

Impending Turkish Operation Into North Eastern Syria? Kurdish Occupiers Willing to Provoke Turkey?

But did Erdogan really state an operation is imminent?

The western media is certainly spinning this as a ready to launch"attack on Rojova" against "their Kurdish allies" So a very specific narrow narrative is being spun- Without mentioning the US bases. Occupation. Or US annexation/theft and displacement of Syrian territory, resources and people. If you want to identify the disinfo promoters on line pay attention to the deceptive web they are weaving at this time regarding this situation.

At Least 16 U.S Bases Secure Syria's Oil Fields in the North East- Timely Leak

This report will be used as part of a much larger forthcoming report- For the time being..
I listened to the words used by Erdogan, twice.- They really don't indicate with any specificity what is or could be occurring. The video  is available at DW- Watch it and listen to the statements made. 

One statement he made was this one "
“We have given all kinds of warning regarding the (area) east of the Euphrates to the relevant parties. We have acted with enough patience” Erdogan said
The statement boils down to a reiteration of previous statements- Yes, Turkey has warned. And has been patient.  Certainly I'm unwilling to state with certainty this time an attack is imminent.  Though it could be?  Statements such as this have been made on several previous occasions.

The one party I find pushing this idea is the USrael Kurds. Many reports and claims from them and their Brit/US allies. This type of spin suggests to me that Usrael Kurds could make some type of move on Turkey. A provocation, perhaps?

Canary- UK : We need to stand up against Erdoğan’s threats to invade Rojava
There were sounds of planes overhead pretty much all night into the early morning. We read on Twitter that it was [joint flights by] the Coalition and Turkey. But we have no way of confirming that first hand.
Thousands march in Serekaniye
Thousands of people joined a march in the city of Serekaniye in Rojava on Sunday 6 October in anger against Erdoğan‘s threats.
Perhaps it was joint flights as "we read on twitter"? 

The US is on the ground and at the Turkish border... Certainly empowering for the Kurds to act as provocateurs... 

US headline:  Foreign Correspondent: Turkey Plans Attack on Syrian Kurds
These aren't Syrian Kurds- There mostly Iraqi and Turkish Kurds- Iranians as well. All linked to the PKK.
"The crisis could end if the YPG and Syrian government negotiated a political settlement that allowed for democratic reforms and Kurdish autonomy"
That has never been an acceptable position for the PKK. Making the foreign correspondent's statement useless. On par with the entire nonsensical report from lobelog.

US conducts patrol in Syria's Tal Abyad

 According to local sources, a convoy of seven U.S. armored vehicles conducted a ground patrol in the town controlled by the YPG/PKK terror group.

We'll see what tomorrow brings?

Finally:  We need to see the region as a whole. Since all that is ongoing is affecting the entire region. It's been years and years since I've viewed Syria in a vacuum. One must look at Syria, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Saudi Arabia and others and see how they are interacting. With one another and through others. With each action and interaction reverberating through the region.  This includes Greece and Cyprus. They've been long included here as the sands shift in the region. 


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