Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Syria/Russia Forces to Deploy Outside of Turkey's Operational Zone- Revitalizng Adana- Assad Supports the Deal

One would have been blind, deaf, dumb or disnfo not to have seen this deal coming. Oh wait there are lots of those type around :))

Putin calls Assad, who voices support for deal

10:35 p.m.
Russian President Vladimir Putin has called Syrian President Bashar Assad to inform him about the provisions of a deal he struck with Turkey.
The Kremlin said Putin emphasized in Tuesday's call that the agreement should help restore Syria's territorial integrity.
Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Assad voiced support for the agreement and said that Syrian border guards were ready to deploy to the border with Turkey along with Russian troops in line with the agreement.
The agreement Putin struck with Erdogan allows Turkey to maintain control over the area in northeastern Syria it has taken since Oct. 9, when it launched an offensive against Kurdish fighters. It also calls for Kurdish withdrawal and lets Russian and Syrian troops control the rest of the border.
The almost-seven-hour-long talks in Sochi, Russia between Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan were focused on the situation in Syria, particularly the ongoing offensive in its northeastern region.

Kurdish forces to withdraw

The agreement says the Kurdish-led militias – the prime target of the Turkish operation – must withdraw into Syrian territory beyond 30km from the Turkish border. ( It appears many of them have gone to Iraq along with US troops) Erdogan's operation, meanwhile, will continue in a limited area – between towns of Tell Abyad and Ras al-Ayn – up to 32km inside Syrian territory.

Syrian army to be deployed to the border

Other parts of the Syrian border – from Kobani to Tell Abyad and from Ras al-Ayn to the Iraqi border – are set to be controlled by the Syrian military and border guards, supported by Russian military police.

Joint Russia-Turkey patrols along the border

At the same time, areas not affected by the Turkish military operation, will be jointly patrolled by the Turkish military and Russian military police up to 10km deep into Syrian territory.

Captive ISIS militants must be contained

The issue of multiple prisons and camps in northeastern Syria where Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) fighters are detained, was specifically singled out. Putin stressed that the inevitable chaos created by the Turkish operation should not allow them to escape.
“It’s important that members of terrorist organizations, including ISIS, whose militants are held captive by Kurdish armed groups and are trying to break free, do not take advantage of the Turkish armed forces actions,” Putin stressed.
Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, for his part, urged those who had created and maintained the prisons to understand their “responsibility” in preventing IS detainees' escape.

Revitalizing 1998 Adana Accord

explains the disinfothama troll visit. :p

"Both Turkey and Russia reiterated the importance of the 1998 Adana accord, a security pact between Syria and Turkey. Among other things it allows the Turkish military to carry out cross-border operations in Syria, while Damascus promised not to harbor members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which Ankara considers a terrorist organization. While diplomatic relations between the two were significantly damaged during the years of the Syrian conflict, the pact was never denounced, and now Moscow has pledged to support its implementation in the “modern reality.”
The PKK has been waging a low-intensity insurgency in Turkey for decades, ultimately seeking the creation of an independent Kurdish state. Ankara has accused the Kurdish-led militias across the border in Syria of having strong ties to the PKK. Indeed, PKK flags and insignia have been repeatedly seen displayed by Kurdish forces in Syria, though the extent of the ties between the groups is not known.
Let's recall the numerous mentions of ADANA beginning years ago.. Vindication.

Russia, Iran, Turkey & Penny: Talkin' up the STILL IN FORCE Adana Accord. Yup The ADANA Accord!! & Damascus & SDF Have a Deal? Doubtful. However, Negotiations Continue with Kurds That Renounce Terrorism. & A Quagmire in the Making? Turkey to Move East in Syria?

Previously discussed has been this idea of the Adana Agreement being in play, present time, in Syria. I've read claims that allege Turkey is sending slews of fighters to block SAA in the Hama/Idlib area. That seems not likely for a number of reasons already mentioned. 
 If we also consider the possibility that Turkey is 'poised to expand' eastward, which would be Adana in action, then it's not likely Turkey is behind any mass movement of fighters towards the region that SAA is retaking.  
Lavrov: Upcoming Astana Talks & the Agenda Includes..... Adana  & Part 3: Adana & Encouraging Formal Cooperation Between Turkey and SyriaPt. 2: Lavrov- Adana Agreement Understood To Be In Force & Russia/Turkey/Syria 2019 & the Adana Agreement of 1998 Still Valid & Turkey, Syria, Iran and the Adana Agreement: The End of Pax Adana

RT continued

US stance on Syria too ‘fluid & contradictory’ to listen to

The Turkish-Russian memorandum mostly covers the same region and the same issue as the deal reached between Ankara and Washington five days ago. Still, the US and its “ceasefire” were barely mentioned by the top officials after Tuesday's Sochi talks.The reason behind that was summed up by Russia’s foreign minister.
”We do not particularly look at the United States and its stance. That stance is quite variable and contradictory, and of course, the coalition led by the United States is in Syria illegally, this is well known,” Lavrov told reporters.

From the first link..
10:20 p.m.
The International Committee of the Red Cross says the Turkish military offensive in northeast Syria has made the issue of fighters for the extremist Islamic State group and their families detained in the region "even more acute today."
 Islamic State is that much of a concern?



  1. Busy day readers...
    I'm not surprised at all by this news- It's been long written about here and I was expecting Russia and Turkey to work this out
    If you recall the piece from Bhadrakumar and ignored the spin and political talk

    " But things are never really quite what they appear on the surface in Syria.

    A clash between the Turkish and Syrian forces is simply out of the question. That is not how the game is being played. "

    Lets all hope that Turkey, Russia and Syria continue this cooperation. Because it is the best case scenario for the three nations and Iran- And a nightmare for the US and Israel. Who won't relent.

  2. I commend all of your efforts Penny...because truth always makes sense doesn't it? You rightfully deserve vindication cause there ain't too many out there deserving it. Looking back as you did is a monumental task of seeing through the fog and keeping track of actions done. Well done and thank you!

    1. thanks for your kind words wallflower.

      You know I've been giving more thought to what you said about "southfront"....
      I may have to hold my nose and have a look over there

    2. Hey wallflower- so I looked at their about page..
      because a site is registered in Russia doesn't make it Russian- Saker is registered in Iceland but is an American so that's meaningless.


      "SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence is a public analytical umbrella organization created and maintained by a team of experts and volunteers from the four corners of the Earth. SouthFront focuses on issues of international relations, armed conflicts and crises. "

      That level of vagueness gives me pause for concern
      So it's like an NGO. Who are the experts? Who are the volunteers? They might take a few submissions,so what?
      Might give them credibility enabling them to have an aura of 'going against the grain' but who are the deciders? I don't know? Don't see any names. Where do they get funding? Over and above the donations? It seems to me the costs associated with the website outweigh the donations.
      I mean it's not a free blog (like mine) and it produces a lot of slick videos. (I have zero stuff to produce any video or audio) How do they stay afloat? It's not clear.
      And that makes the place questionable.

  3. Well done, one of the few who stood strong and came out true

    1. stood strong cause I was calling it as it was being seen by myself.

      there is among the alt media a predilection to quote or take information from the same sources... over and over
      all over the place one notices that most everyone takes information from the same places and repeat it

      - southfront
      - elijah magnier
      - tyler durden
      - MoA
      - craig murray
      - 20th century wire
      and a few others
      go to any site and you'll see one or more of these same sources repeatedly...
      But if they are all promoting bogus nonsense then one is just spreading the same bogus nonsense.

      This is bandwagon. An effect in which someone adopts a belief because the majority of people already seem to have adopted it.Or consensus science- (like AGW) I get propaganda and how it works.
      Everyone wants to be part of the 'in crowd' hence the repetitive nature of much of the alt content

      My intent here is, and has always been, to think critically, using primary sources- quoting actual statements made and think about what's going on- Thankfully I've a wonderful hubby who is my sounding board and will offer thoughts, advice and insights... super helpful guy!

      Doesn't mean I'll get everything correct, but, I will do the best I can!

  4. Dear Penny just getting to your questions about SF...and yes to all your observations. The sf team is foreign because their are many wrongful spellings and english phrases. Also as vexing as it can be (because of you :) they will post almost all 'sources' as just that with no names or anonymous. That alone is a steamroller. They will put the SAA/Russians together as liberating the north but continue to target Turkey (except for an article yesterday after the Putin/Erdogan meeting and Adana Agreement). But they have a deluge of hasbara trolls keeping the target on Turkey even after the truth has been published. Then their somewhat limited hangout continues to believe Turkey/Erdogan will still 'occupy' Syria because they were 'arming' the terrorists. Believe me I can't stay long...but go there to get a handle on the massive mis/disinfo flooding the internet airwaves. Penny it is massive. It causes me to appreciate you and Scott ever so much more. Why? Because every time you both always go back and remind us of past agreements/statements (now in what seems the millions) to cast off the majority blogs out there. As you said they repeat the same thing and never link back nor do their comments ever reflect on anything in the past...so that leaves them as sheep swallowing the lies as usual. I just can't stand that. So now after linking what you mentioned about NATO's southern front (or flank), it dawned on me that SF matches a NATO narrative to match US to match Israel. I believe that the only bloggers going against this tsunami is you, Scott and a few others. Telling isn't it? Also about their video's...they always present most of them without english translation...you never really know where they are from but they will present them as coming from their 'sources'. Kind of like the white helmet crap.

    1. edit...2d sentence: there (even I'm making mistakes...guess I'd better stay away from sf!)