Monday, October 7, 2019

US “withdrawal” from Syria? Turkey Receives the Red Light/Foe Treatment. Not the Greenlight.

The spin from yesterday continues unabated. In fact it’s picked up pace.
spinnin' fast

 Recall from yesterday?

"If you want to identify the disinfo promoters on line pay attention to the deceptive web they are weaving at this time regarding this situation"

Watch out for spin doctors.  Making non credible claims. Glossing over and obfuscating Today, as expected, certain sites are deceiving, ofuscating,  employing 5 eyes spin in line with the  CIA’s CNN. “Green lighting”?  Clearly not.   MoA: Syria - Trump Gives A Green Light For Another Turkish Invasion

How about some reality? How about the red light/ foe treatment being dished out to Turkey.

US Not Withdrawing Troops The US withdrawing troops? Or moving them back? Laughable.  Recall the big psyop late last year about the US troop withdrawal? Didn't happen then. Isn't happening now.
Go back to July 10/19 : U.S Forces Staying in Northern Syria INDEFINITELY

US troops aren't withdrawing or pulling back, enabling Turkey entry to Syria. It's not happening.

US expells Turkey from Coalitions air tasking order

 If the US “green lighted” Turkey’s entrance would they have denied Turkey access to the
”Coalition’s air-tasking order” ? Making it impossible for Turkey to fly over Syrian airspace?
Does that sound like a green light or a red light move? Reads like a slam the brakes on, red light⛔ Do not enter signal.

Turkey expelled from Coalition’s air-tasking order in Syria

The Combined Air Operations Center (CAOC) has pulled Turkey off the air tasking order and stopped the ISR feed.

Pentagon Spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Carla Gleason announced that US has closed off the airspace along the Syrian border ahead of a likely Turkish incursion.

Asked if this meant closing the air space for Turkey, Gleason answered; “If you’re not on the air tasking order, it’s really hard to coordinate flights in that area."
Nope, not a green light

Statements flat out saying we're not endorsing or cooperating with Turkey aka NO green light

Pentagon and DoD statements. Doesn't endorse and will not cooperate or support a Turkish operation into Syria
“The Department of Defense made clear to Turkey - as did the president - that we do not endorse a Turkish operation in northern Syria. The U.S. Armed Forces will not support, or be involved in any such operation,” chief Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman said in a statement.

“In conversations between the department and the Turkish military we have consistently stressed that coordination and cooperation were the best path toward security in the area,” Hoffman added”
The US does not support nor will it be involved in any operation undertaken by Turkey. Stated clearly and further demonstrated through the action of expelling Turkey from the air tasking order.  
Still not getting a 'green light' vibe.  

Red Light: Stop
Foe: Enemy
A few quotes from MoA

 Regarding the northern area of Syrian- b “quite populated with some 850,000 people living there. Most of them are Kurds.” Sure, after the ethnic cleansing carried out by the the US and the PKK. An important details just glossed over. Instead b conveniently chooses to point out that Turkey will be the ethnic cleanser- “To move them into north Syria would be one of the largest ethnic cleansing operation the world has seen in recent times.”  Completely ignoring the years of ethnic cleansing of the largely Arab, Christian and non compliant Kurds that has occurred as the Usrael Kurdish terrorists altered the demographics of northern Syria starting so many years ago. That's a huge omission!
  Turkey has millions of Syrian refugees. Many more left for Europe. The ethnic cleansing of these many millions of Syrians, Assyrians, non compliant Kurds etc., is the largest ethnic cleansing that has occurred in years, perpetrated by the US and friends. But hey, let’s point the finger at Turkey. A nation that wants to shift the Syrian refugees back to Syria. To grant them their right of return.

Has “b” ever mentioned the fact that the Syrian government calls the SDF terrorist separatists?
Trilateral Summit on In Ankara- Is Everyone on the Same Page? Damascus labels SDF as "separatist terrorist militia", again. Doubtful, since MoA still pushes the disinfo standard of the  Kurds fought ISIS.
The letter accuses the SDF of operating in line with “schemes” by the United States and Israel and says the Syrian government will “liberate” territories captured by the militias, state news agency SANA reported on Sunday, September 15, ahead of a Monday meeting of the presidents of Russia, Iran and Turkey to discuss Syria.

According to SANA, the letter claims the SDF has moved on from taking part in “committing crimes of the “International Coalition” against the Syrian people,” accusing the SDF of now “kidnapping, torturing, killing and displacing civilians.”
Notice how it is that the so called alt- anti imperial media is equally as quiet as the msm  on the Greater Kurdistan project?  Being undertaken to reshape the eaurasian/middle east into an evermore US/ Israeli friendly region. Greater Kurdistan being created to give greater power to Israel in the region and put the Arab populations in their place once and for all. While impeding Russia and China at the same time. This subject has been written about extensively here. I've relinked a couple posts below for your reminiscing.

As stated: "Let's say this is the best case scenario map? Greater Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0 controlled by Usrael and allies. Stretching from the Mediterranean- (we know the Kurds, aided by Usrael, are trying to get to the Mediterranean sea) Through to the Black Sea. The shores of the Caspian. And, to the Persian Gulf.  The pot stirring in Iran will take them to the Caspian. Destabilizing Turkey will take the Usrael/ Kurds to the Black Sea. Breaking up Iraq to the Persian Gulf.)"
 As stated: "The great game as been at hand for years and years now. This is why I speak always of the remake the region agenda– the moves and counter moves- As they extend into North Africa. Which is why Tell Rifaat was one stop on the silk road. it’s a battle between the big powers. Who is going to reshape the region?
Who will succeed? Who will control resources?
Etc., What is going on in Syria has larger ramifications for the entire
region- reverberating in Europe, China, Russia. It will affect how trade is conducted. How and where money is spent- Winners/Losers. Sadly much of this reality has been obfuscated by the media- fake alternatives and troll patrols that talk about rubbish when none of that is raising awareness of the geopolitics at play"
MoA. Not a place I go to for information. Ever. 

Yesterday I'd suggested a provocation was a possibility. Today, a provocations looks even more possible
While Turkey may have moved additional artillery etc., to the border. They may have done so because they are anticipating movement from Syria and are intending to defend. That's equally as plausible as intending to invade.

Possible scenarios?

- Kurds free ISIS from prison. Or the US simply frees them and embeds themselves among the maurauders. They (KurdIShIS)  head for Turkey to attack and infiltrate.  Turkey reacts - US “forced” to intervene after provocation.
 As of this moment - There is Still NO Indication that Turkey has made any move towards Syria. And there is certainly no indication of a US greenlight- Though there is lots of misleading spin and obfuscation

* I had a medical procedure this morning, anesthetic included, and I'm still feeling groggy.
Tomorrow there will be more- That's a promise not a threat

Finally Scott Creighton from Nomadiceveryman:
Some foul language but we're all grown ups here...


  1. Hi Penny,
    Here's another one to add to the miserable mix (by Sarah Abed of all people). All I can say is that the narrow gate of Truth is getting narrower. Keep up the good work along with Scott C. because it's crucial to keep Usreal in the open with bright lights revealing their agendas. It's been a long time commenting but I've been keeping up with reading. take care :)


    2. Hey wallflower

      I thought Sarah Abed had jumped the shark a while back already- can't recall what report of hers had alerted me to her being questionable- oh yah, one was she claimed the US and Turkey had an agreement on 'safe zone' the story was bogus and the proof of that is further borne out by this latest spin of Turkey entering Syria on it's own-

      That wouldn't happen if the US and Turkey were cooperating on that safe zone as was claimed- Sarah Abed is just another limited hangout IMO

  2. I can't laugh at the Drumpfters any more. It is now very sad to see their hope ignited again. The gullible twits.

    Eretz Israel is on go. The US isn't pulling out of anything.

    And Trump will continue to do the jews' bidding while the Drumpfter contingent swallows every lie.

    1. Oh, but, Bman.. everytime Trump tries to withdraw troops the generals don't comply... lol
      What a joke. Trump is so Israeli friendly- there is zero reason to believe he'd buck the system

      It feels like good cop/bad cop

  3. Another guy who is definitely a limited hangout is Andre Vltchek. Just look at one little paragraph from his NEO column ( also lhs, the most obvious being Tony Cartalucci):
    "After cutting the journalist, Jamal Khashoggi into pieces, precisely one year ago, the KSA suddenly drew strong criticism from all corners of the world."
    I don't think he's stupid enough to swallow the "martyrdom" of a Jeff Bezos (via Washington Post)/CIA asset. He also continues to pin AKP as the main culprits for tje Wahabi assault on Syria, and he rambled against perennial regime change tarhet Omar Bashir despite admitting Washington and Tel Aviv want his head, plus running the capital Khartoum decently and sending humanitarian aid to Palestine.
    Then again, he might be peppering to his travelogues and exposes with disinfo in exchange for his think tank salary (Oakland Institute) and jet-setting around the world (how many journalists can afford Qatar Airways or Rotana hotels?).

    1. Andre Vltchek? Hm. Think I've seen his name previously, but, not in some time.. Thanks for the heads up.

      As for Mr Cartalucci?? He's long been out of the sidebar here.