Friday, November 1, 2019

Boo! Halloween's Frightful Duo: Greta Cult & Climate Fear


Poking fun at the climate cult can be a good way to start the day
Just to make mention, off topic for this report but not for the blog

snow is in the forecast for November 01/19
rain showers or flurries- cold is the absence of warmth and right now it's not warm.
 It hasn't snowed yet, but, it feels as if it could and probably will.  Unless temps increase through the day.  
It's cold (3C or 37F) and with the windchill we're hovering at freezing (0C or 32.5F)

The door is shut. The furnace is running. And it really is cold outside


  1. Hi Penny:

    Every time I see Greta I wonder where the "Pink Pussycat Hat" demonstrators are now. She would look great in a Pink Pussyhat.

    1. Greencrow: Greta claimed on Democracy Now that she buys all of her clothing at second-hand shops, but those silly hats are probably stored away in keepsake boxes, mementos of a glorious once-upon-a-time LOL

    2. Hey GC and Yaya:

      well someone should knit her one of the pink pussycat hats

      Yah, I'm not believing the she buys all her clothes at second hand stores either. that's for her gullible masses to believe.

  2. That second cartoon would be me: "Yeah, yeah, I'm really scared." Before I hit this page I was grumbling that my feet are cold.

    The wind was really something last night! Crash, bang, skitter, skitter all night, but slept (more or less) anyway. It's 3C right now with "chance of rain showers or flurries". Not hard to guess what it will be, considering the temp. Hope it is flurries, because I have errands to run (walk) and don't want to get rained on.

    1. hey yaya:

      yesterday was chilling! today is grey, damp and cold.
      Apparently there was snow yesterday- lots of people talking about it, but, nothing lasted or accumulated!

      But the wind and rain was something else. Lake Erie had another seiche- bigger this time. Our daughter was without power last time I spoke with her and had been for some time. Belleville and Prince Edward County had wide spread power outages- cities here near the lake (Erie) were suffering the same fate

  3. Greta Thunberg: "You have stolen my childhood" Greta spends two weeks sailing across the Atlantic, now hanging out with Leonardo DiCaprio. Hardly a stolen childhood Greta.

    1. Hey john

      she doesn't have a stolen childhood but she certainly has a childhood filled with a giant sense of entitlement.

      and it's no wonder at all given the entourage that caters to her every whim day and night- including those star struck parents of hers (despicable)

      And everyone has to give her and her cohorts what they think they are entitled to.

  4. There's a huge money and publicity machine behind Greta. The whole XR stuff has been a drag to see. Listen to the science they say but it doesn't take long with a search engine to find that the consensus is garbage science. XR picking up Getty money. You'd think this might alert people to something funny going on. I feel sorry for the children being brainwashed by this rubbish, and the adults too. All the alarmists models and predictions have been utterly wrong whilst the real history of climate is ignored. Hope all good with you Penny. Looks like we're in for a cold winter.

    1. hi john: it does look as if it will be a cold winter
      and I see UK has the same forecast as we do here and in Quebec as well. A very cold winter has been forecast for this area by environment canada- colder then normal- but we're supposed to believe it's getting so much warmer here in Canada then almost anywhere else- rubbish! My heat has been on since the beginning of October. Today it's been running fairly steady.