Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Lavrov: " I Do Not Feel Today We Can Negotiate With the US, To Be Honest "

 Because the US LIES.  Implied but not stated by Lavrov.  So, I'll state it.

*Turkey, Russia vital for political solution in Syrian war, former UN envoy de Mistura says
"When there is a problem, we will have to rely on Russia and Turkey to convince the two sides not to break," said the former envoy in an interview with broadcaster CNN.
Surely, the US cannot be relied upon. 

* Russia/Turkey Fully Implementing Syria Deal Says Lavrov
Speaking at a news conference in Moscow, Lavrov said there was no reason to look for a “hidden agenda” in the Russian-Turkish agreement.

“I don’t see any reason to search for a hidden agenda in what we agreed with Turkey during the talks between presidents [Vladimir] Putin and [Recep Tayyip] Erdoğan in Sochi on Oct. 22.

“The approved memorandum is ultimately clear and is being fully implemented,” the minister said.
Lavrov criticized the US for “inconsistent actions” in Syria, saying it would be “unconstructive” and “counterproductive” to build a long-term solution in Syria while trying to “keep an eye on Washington.”

“I do not feel today we can negotiate with the US, to be honest.

“The fact that the US claims to have left [northern Syria] and then claims to have returned means that it might claim to leave again tomorrow,” said Lavrov.
“I would like to stress once again, the memorandum that was approved by President Putin and President Erdoğan in Sochi is being implemented in full; our military is in close coordination with the Syrian armed forces for the 30-kilometer strip from the Syrian-Turkish border, and our military policemen are working with their Turkish colleagues to patrol a 10-kilometer strip within the 30-kilometer zone,” he added.
"Today, we started our second joint patrol as part of the agreement with Russia. Unfortunately, the United States is holding separate patrols with the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) terrorist group. However, they were expected to leave! How will the United States explain this? There is no such a thing in our agreement", Erdogan told reporters
The US won't explain it.

Turkey and Russia hold 2nd Joint Patrol in NORTHERN SYRIA

Turkish and Russian troops in armored vehicles on Tuesday began their second joint ground patrol in northern Syria near the town of Kobani.

So Russia and Turkey are implementing their agreement- While the US reneges on theirs. 
Not a shocker. In fact it should have been expected. As has been repeatedly stated here the US isn't going anywhere- They are staying put- Remake the region agenda.


  1. They WILL leave when the landlord finally kicks them out.

    1. If the US is too be evicted it's got to come soon. BUT they have to get the boot from Iraq as well- If not they'll relaunch from Iraq. This is why I suggest the destruction of Iraq as the start date of the remake the region agenda.