Thursday, November 7, 2019

Nov. 07/19 and It's SNOWING

Yup, I'm watching it fall as I type.
The flakes are getting larger and tonight's low will be in the minus territory
It's accumulating on my porch roof and the roof of my car. So far.
 Hubby had called me from work earlier this morning and it was snowing in Hamilton, Ontario before it began here in South Niagara.

Wonder if it's snowing in Toronto?

 Also this snowfall is occurring Two days earlier then last years early snowfall- which occurred Nov. 9/18

Cold being the absence of warmth


  1. S/E Ontario: Big, fluffy flakes have been floating on the breeze past my window for a couple of hours now,and it's accumulating on the ground and rooftops. Temp is -1C.

    Penny, did you see that Globe & Mail article about the stolen tech stuff in Syria?

    Sounds to me like the door was deliberately left open when the NGO vacated.

    1. Hey Yaya:

      thanks for the weather update from your neck of the woods.
      we're just hovering at the freezing mark, slightly above, but the wind is cold.

      And I didn't see the Globe and Mail article!
      I've got two days of newspapers sitting here and haven't read them yet, so I will check them out

      been on a cleaning tear the last few weeks- clean purge/toss/donate

      and today another death in the family :(

    2. "The thefts occurred when between eight and 10 gunmen broke into the office and warehouse of a Canadian-funded non-governmental organization that was winding down its operations in the region.

      “This appears to be a case of opportunistic theft by armed militants as the organization nears the final stages of shutdown process,” reads the report on the incident released by Global Affairs."

      Yah, opportunistic all right- I'd say it was intentional
      perfect way for Canada to claim they aren't supplying terrorists with weapons

      "The Canadian-financed NGO that was robbed was identified in the documents only as “CRS.” That is the acronym of Catholic Relief Services, which was shutting down its office in Idlib, Syria at the time."

      I've stated time and time again here that it's US and allies supporting HTS, but, fingers always point elsewhere

    3. Hey, you and me both on a purge this week! I just updated my Will and power of attorney, so thought that - just in case - I should try to leave things in good order. But it's made me neglect my blog. Brain too full of personal details.

      So sorry to hear about your latest loss. I realize it's no comfort for me to say this, and maybe even a bit cruel, but, sadly, it'll become more frequent as you yourself age. I'm almost leery of checking the obits now because it seems that somebody I know/knew/socialized/worked with is bound to show up there. C'est la vie, eh?

  2. By the way CRS is a US BASED NGO

    Catholic Relief Services was founded in 1943 by the Catholic Bishops of the United States to serve World War II survivors in Europe.
    Location: Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.
    Headquarters: Baltimore, Maryland, United States
    Founder: United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

  3. Penny so very sorry for your loss...RIP and I really mean peace to you and your family.
    [Yah, opportunistic all right- I'd say it was intentional
    perfect way for Canada to claim they aren't supplying terrorists with weapons]...took the words right outa my head. We sure need a cleaning purge in our governments and I mean a complete clear out. It was snowing here about an hour ago (just south of you) but has stopped for the time being. Try to have a better day and thank you for all your expert analysis.

  4. 2.5 hours later and it's still snowing- the flakes have gotten bigger and fluffier so we may start to see some ground accumulation- hoping not too much.

    the snow looks pretty, but, like last year I still have yellow leaves on my maple tree and my mulberry tree is the bag has most of it's leaves too.

    1. tired and unhappy today

      "my mulberry tree is the bag"

      my mulberry tree in the back has most of it's leaves too

  5. The snow has just now stopped where I am. The leaves have all gone from the trees on my street, but the trunks and branches are out outlined in white. Must be quite a sticky snow. I don't think I'm going to go out to find out. ;-)

  6. I'm sorry about your loss, Penny. Yaya, it must be the day for this "mental state". I had just been reviewing my calendar from October last year to remind myself of the events around my father's death. He died one year ago last week by suicide.

    Our temp (central Ohio) is 36F with snow showers. There is still some green left and leaves still on trees.

    Take care of yourself Penny, Yaya & Wallflower. It's nice (and comforting) to see regulars here. :)

  7. Hi Gwen and thanks for your condolences

    This is the second death in the past couple months.

    It's hard to lose the people you love- I still miss my grandmother, she lived to a grand old age, and has been gone for more then nine years now- I think of her regularly and I miss her- still.

    You must miss your dad terribly, Gwen. :(

    Thankfully both my parents are still alive as is my husband's mother and we're glad for that.

  8. Gwen so sorry about your dad...what a tragedy. My mom passed one year ago end of Sept. I just had the most realistic dream about her and was sooooo glad to see her again. We were always surprising each other with something, so as the day progressed I laughed and said, "Well mom, you got the last surprise in!" I miss her so much. May your dad RIP and you knowing that he's not suffering anymore. (my only comfort too). Take good care of yourself and thank you for mentioning me :) ps: I'm SW of you...howdy neighbor!

  9. Well howdy right back to ya!! When you say SW do you mean in Ohio or a neighboring state? If you prefer to say no more, please don't, I understand.

    I'm sorry about your mother. That's wonderful that you had a good relationship with her. Thank you for your kind words. :)

    1. ...yes Ohio. Was born here and is where my family has been for a long time. I left for about 20 years then came home to be with my dear grandmother, my mom, dad. The twenty years I've been back I've seen my mom, my dad, my grandmother and many friends of family leave this world for a better one. I really do feel like an orphan. It's difficult to find a way without the foundation that was always there. It's funny how one thinks things will always be the same...but then it suddenly changes. Coping is the only word. My rescue animals (and birds) are a God's send :) and coming here for Penny's amazing insights to difficult issues.

  10. Similar situation. It will be two years ago this Thanksgiving that we moved back after being away twenty-five years. We moved back to care for our fathers, both widowers. My father-in-law died two weeks before my dad.

    Yes, family roots go back to Revolutionary War.

    Aren't animals wonderful? We've had a very hectic two years and during that time we got two dogs. They're wonderful and hilarious and make me laugh.

    (Thank you, Penny, for allowing the off topic.)