Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Pt. 1: ISIS Went To Syria From It’s Iraqi Birthplace- Rewriting History for Perception Management

  The 5 eyes alt media is up to tricks, as usual.What is meant by that statement is the 5 eyes alt media is re- presenting the 5 eyes mainstream media spin.  And rewriting history at the same time as well.   Yes, when the message, the main message is the same in the msm and alt despite their different windowdressing, we should ask ourselves a few questions.

1- Where is the real alternative media??  
2- Why is known and documented history as it unfolded being reconfigured? 
3- Is a specific empire friendly agenda being created?

 The newest message from the 5 eyes alt and msm is that Turkey created and succored ISIS. This defies everything known and stated about ISIS these past many years. Going back to 2006. The usual suspects have been presenting this mind control, which saw it’s debut, October 27/19, in a Washington Post oped written by Brett McGurk aka Lawrence of Kurdistan.  Mr McGurk came  right out and officially presented a connection between Turkey and ISIS, without offering any proof and the alternative media marched in lock step.

Brett McGurk’s spinfest of October 27 was covered in a report here October 28/2019
Commentary from yours truly:
The narrative gaining traction is a continuation of "bad Turkey" with a twist. Turkey was sheltering Baghdadi. There is no proof of that, other then aspersion and conjecture. Which is what Brett McGurk engages in all throughout his oped. Sadly that is good enough for most. Should be interesting to see how/who this spreads through the 'alternative' media.

Moon of Alabama flogged this horse little more then a week after McGurk’s oped. Not a coincidence, in my opinion
Nov. 06/2019: Turkey's continued Care for ISIS will end badly

And Zero Hedge is presenting this very same perception management as well. Secrets spilled by ISIS..

I certainly wouldn’t take the, in Kurdish custody, alleged ISIS fighter’s word at face value. Oh and the award winning “The Investigative Journal- Truth in Journalism ” whose work is being touted by Zero Hedge. Check it out for yourself. Cutting edge journalism from London, England?  Award winning? Or something else?
 On twitter Take some time go go through that twitter stream. Notice anything curious about it?
It’s seems like a mouthpiece for the PKK.  And worse a site obfuscating the remake agenda.

How very curious. Lindsey Snell had a report from Quandil... PKK territory. Curious and curiouser? It seems to miss Lindsey Snell is in thrall of the PKK. 
Check the website out: Investigativejournal. org  What do you think of their 'investigative journalism'?

UPDATE Nov 21/2019:

Lindsey Snell. Why was  that such a  familiar name and individual? Somewhere here at the blog she was surely discussed. After more research it came back to me. Clearly Ms Snell was embedded with the fighters, though officially she claimed to have been kidnapped by them.  She asked them for a phone, they obliged her and she was able to document her kidnapping - Preposterous.  She was subsequently arrested by Turkish authorities as she was entering Turkey from Syria. Why was she entering Turkey? Who was she with?- Let's go back to when her absurd kidnapping story hit the news and her subsequent arrest in Turkey- immediately preceding the coup attempt. In my opinion this woman was most probably a spook masquerading as a journalist... Definitely not to be considered a trusted source.

Link-NBC - Including the facebook report on her kidnapping- Which was not ever verified and subsequently removed:
“Because of my unique situation, I was able to convince my captors to give me the use of a phone ... which ultimately let me plan my escape, but which also let me document much of my captivity in photos and videos. (And I bet "don't give prisoners phones!" will make it into the new Jabhat Fateh al Sham employee handbook.) It's a crazy story. A cave prison (the previous tenant of my cell had marked his days in residence in blood on the walls), masked villains, motorcycle escapes, and disguises. I can't wait to share the details.
What was her unique position? How did this unique position result in her "captors" providing her with phone to use?  I'd say she was friendly to the "kidnappers"

U.S. personnel were dispatched to the Turkey-Syria border to support Snell’s safe exit from the war-ravaged country but Snell was subsequently detained by Turkish authorities, the official said.
This Facebook post is no longer available. It may have been removed or the privacy settings of the post may have changed.
The veracity of the story could not be confirmed.
The Guardian 
Originally from Daytona, Florida, she was based in Istanbul, but left Turkey for Syria just before the failed coup attempt on 15 July.
Speaking to the Guardian on her flight to New York, Snell said her main concern now was with her husband, Suliman Wardak. 
Wardak, who is is from Afghanistan, traveled to Istanbul after Snell’s arrest to assist with her case, and was himself detained on 22 August. He has alleged that Turkish authorities accused him of being involved in the coup, and preventing him from leaving the country.
Turkish news reports portrayed Snell as a CIA spy, and Snell said she was frustrated that the US state department had not issued a statement saying she was a journalist.
 The State Department didn't want anymore attention on their spy then she'd already garnered.
In plain language Zero Hedge is promoting the work of an obvious spook, who is clearly advancing a specific agenda, as credible and serious. Sure. 

Below I’ll present the know history of ISIS. 
Including it’s roots and creation in Iraq covering the expansion into Syria via Iraq. 

We’ll start with Lavrov:

The Russian foreign minister reminded that IS emerged "after an illegal intervention [by the US and its allies] in Iraq, after the Iraqi state was destroyed and extremists from prisons were released." "That's why to a certain extent, Americans eliminated someone for whose emergence they themselves were responsible, if this really did take place," Lavrov said.”   

Lavrov states clearly that ISIS came from Iraq. Birthed in and created in a US occupied Iraq.

In 2014- more then 5 years ago a series of posts were written here at PFYT's covering the creation, expansion, emergence of ISIS.  Each posts contains several external links. Take the time to read through all those events as they occurred. Because that history is being rewritten to give us a desired perception. Desired by the regional remakers that is.

 June 2014: ISIS- A US created "stay behind" using Iraqs plundered wealth

    - The roots of ISIS go back to Oct. 15, 2006, when what is known as the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) was established.

    -The group emerged in the ashes of the U.S.-led invasion to oust Saddam Hussein as al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI)

ISIS was formed in Iraq- Emerging from the ashes of the US led invasion? Nice language. Romantic, evocative  language. But, what does it really mean? This tells me the US invaders birthed ISIS.

June 2014: Al Qaeda + "Awakening Councils" = ISIS

"After much haggling, the Americans managed to persuade Nuri al-Maliki's government to take over the Awakening program and to incorporate it into the newly established security and state structures"

Al Qaeda in other clothes... You see Al Qaeda was not subordinated in Iraq, they were simply infused/morphed/rebranded into the "Awakening Councils"
"After much haggling the Americans persuaded Maliki"? Haggling or threatening?

 August 2014: ISIS = Smoke & Mirrors. Giving cover now for strikes on Syria

We have to realize that ISIS is the smoke and mirrors to the ME reshape.
ISIS is the deception. The distraction. While we are spoon fed the ISIS soma, NATO headed by the US, in cahoots with Israel and the GCC nations reorder the globe to suit their agenda

ISIS = Smoke and Mirrors. Covering for the agenda that has been in the works for sometime now
And it's multifaceted. Kurdistan is being created with the cover of ISIS- Iraq is being further destroyed, it's elected government tossed out under cover of ISIS. Syria, is still struggling and is my focus today

Rereading these older posts jogged my memory on the fact that Syria had been previously blamed as the creator of ISIS too.... From all my reading and writing as is being reiterated here today and will be  in Part 2,  ISIS came from Iraq! From the arms of it's overlord (satanic?) creator (US/UK/Israel) to the rest of the region. As the regional remake that started so many years ago continues on....

This was getting very long so the rest will come in a second part- There's lots to read should you choose to avail yourself of all the older information. Stay tuned for part 2 

Click the link below to go directly to the second part of this series:

Pt. 2: ISIS Went To Syria From It's Iraqi Birthplace. Rewriting History for Perception Management



  1. video

    I agree Penny...that's why I mentioned that almost everywhere alt media Turkey/Erdogan is targeted with not just isis but everything else. It is because Erdogan is the 'lynchpin' to NATO and overthrowing him will be the fall of Syria and the rest of targeted ME. A big however...there is a growing Axis of Resistance that is more than capable of destroying TelAviv in just one push of a button. Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon, Iran, Russia, China, Palestine all have well stocked munitions to be ignited from many diverse locations with the first main target TelAviv. So it won't end well I assure you. So the campaign for propaganda is in overdrive to distract attention away from axis of evil plans. Also the filthy dirty tricks they are warring over in DC to change the SOP and aimed to confuse and cause chaos in LA, ME, Ukraine, Africa. To me it is a big sign of a dying and desperate empire that will never retreat nor come to senses. Just now on youtube in an add was DT telling America the usual BS to puff up the confidence in public that we are the strongest and most unified in the world. Well that tells us how weak they are to tell the lies they know they are saying...period. Erdogan will and is pivoting toward Russia and that will mean exit NATO, and currently Egypt was just warned of sanctions. Thank you for report as always.

    1. ...forgot to include 'Iraq' in the Axis of Resistance.

    2. Hi Wallflower:

      "It is because Erdogan is the 'lynchpin' to NATO and overthrowing him will be the fall of Syria and the rest of targeted ME"

      The fall of Syria. Iraq, once and for all. Iran.
      It will affect Russia negatively and Israel positively
      Yes, Turkey is pivotal in all this.

      ( Pivotal: of crucial importance in relation to the development or success of something else)

      Which is why the mind control/perception management against Turkey and Erdogan is so hot and heavy-
      In the msm and the alt media too.

      Look at what was spelled out in this previous post?

      Could US Force Regime Change in Turkey? The Short Answer is Yes.

      Then to see the spin doctoring from so called challengers of the Empire- it's shocking. To me. It should be to others as well.

      I'm less sure about Iraq- too occupied for too long.
      In my opinion it's not part of the axis of resistance at this point in time- not until they rid themselves of their occupiers


  3. Penny:

    What is your opinion on the following:

    Russia's seeming coddling of the Turds ( join patrols, joint reconciliation centers, Russian officers accepting YPJ flags, Russia's seeming inability to get the Turds to leave areas that Turkey wants them gone from ) ?

    1. Hi Mieszko I

      Can you leave me a few links to read about these happenings?

      I suspect at Tishreen there was a cooperative effort between Russia and the Usrael Kurds to get the dam back...

      But beyond that??? I need a bit more information on what exactly you're referring to.

  4. I'm going to update this post with a bit of information on Zero Hedge's 'award winning journalist' Lindsey Snell and she's obviously a spook- I'll include a couple of news articles about her arrest in Turkey as she crossed the border into turkey from Syria surreptitiously and they caught her

    1. The update on Ms Snell is complete. Ms Snell, smells

    2. Some links for you regarding Gen. David Petreaus and alleged "missing/lost" (lol) Bosnian weapons shipments. This stretches as far back as 2006.
      Clearly those weapons were always intended to arm ISIS. Clearly ISIS was created by Petreaus to do exactly what it has been doing for the last decade in Iraq and Syria

      Anyone claiming ISIS was "inadvertantly" created or supported by the US, or is the result of unforseen "blowback" is either ignorant of the facts, and therefore should be entirely ignored on this subject, or simply lying, and should be ignored on all subjects.

    3. Hubris: thanks and I agree 100 percent with you on the claims of 'inadvertent" or blowback- that bullshit!
      Plain and simple.

      Yes, the weapons were intended to arm ISIS because the US was building an irregular army. I look forward to reading your links- many thanks