Monday, November 4, 2019

SDF "fighting for Rojova" US and Israel. Regional Instability Up. Lebanon, Iraq and More

 Tom Anderson. Who is Tom Anderson?
 He apparently has 43 articles at the Canary?
He's pro Greater Kurdistan. That's very clear. While posing as "Anti- Israel". That's a contradiction. Since Greater Kurdistan is the best thing that could happen to Israel in the middle east. It's a development Israel is 100 percent behind. Makes me wonder if the 'anti-Israel' stance is a bit of a mind game on the reader/audience?  I've seen this type of presentation from others on line. Cheering the creation of Israel 2.0 while claiming to be opposed to the Israeli government and it's policies? See there's that darn contradiction again. Because, the creation of Israel 2.0 and Israeli policies are the SAME.  Expansionism. Land Theft. Ethnic Cleansing. Creating Mass Refugees. Endless War. It's the same policies.  So it's a contradiction to condemn one while cheering the other.  Or a hypocrisy? Bearing in mind that  Israel 2.0 aka  Greater Kurdistan is supported by the Israeli government, perhaps not officially but, Israel makes no bones about their desire to have the Kurds as allies. While having less Arabs and Christians to bother themselves about.  No matter how many Syrians have already come to harm or death or displacement for the creation of Rojova/Greater Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0

I found this article offensive. Filled with lies. And assume the author to be untrustworthy. Have military ties? Or to be heavily indoctrinated? Whichever or all?
As The Canary has previously reported;
The progressive (LOL- that may be the marketing, but, that's not the reality) Kurdish-led YPG and YPJ militias are at the heart of the SDF. These forces defeated Daesh  (more spin) in its de facto Syrian capital of Raqqa. Yet Turkey classifies these groups as terrorist organisations, with no valid justification. (valid justification exists for the classification)
Turkish-led forces invaded Rojava (Syria doesn't consider this Rojova) on 9 October. The NATO member has faced accusations (accusations can be made by anyone)  of ethnic cleansing and war crimes, and its illegal invasion has so far killed over 300 civilians, created around 300,000 displaced people, and allowed hundreds of Daesh (Isis/Isil) supporters to escape detention. 
Speaking of unsubstantiated accusations:
The Canary previously wrote:
The Turkish invasion, which began on 9 October, is intended to crush the revolutionary movement in Rojava. This revolution is based on women’s freedom, direct democracy, peaceful co-existence, and living in harmony with the natural world. (what rubbish. garbage. gibberish mind control- spin)
[Turkish leader Recep Tayyip] Erdoğan sees the revolution in Rojava as a threat to his own autocratic rule because it acts as a beacon of hope for those who want to create radical peoples’ democracy in Turkey. (vomitous)
Resistance within the ‘safe zone’
Local civilians are also resisting the joint Russian-Turkish patrols in the so-called ‘safe-zone’. On 22 October, Turkey and Russia reached an agreement to jointly patrol a 30km area along the northeast Syrian border:
Russian military police and Syrian border guards will enter the Syrian side of the Turkish-Syrian border to facilitate the removal of YPG elements and their weapons to the depth of 30km (19 miles) from the Turkish-Syrian border
Clearly the YPG/PKK aren't leaving despite their agreement to exit. This bodes very badly for the Astana Trio and Syria. I'd hoped we'd be looking at resolution here. However with the US staying on as occupiers and arms suppliers the PKK/YPG will continue to be emboldened. Could get very dangerous.

Keeping in mind the situation in Iraq and Lebanon- The region in upheaval.
Re order out of chaos.


  1. It seems to be devolving into a "state of attrition". How long can the wildly bankrupted US keep military bases in Syria...surrounded and ever more isolated [as everyone hates them there]? All the Astana trio has to do is outwait them...enclose them for years till they implode from within.

    1. Hey GC: It looks as if that's the way it is going.
      How long can the US hold out? As long as they have footing in Iraq. Which they do. And they've been back and forth the border delivering arms still- it's crazy!

    2. Agreeing with you on this topic is to flatter myself!

    3. Hey WizOz!
      How are you doing? Glad you're still popping in every now and then :))

      "Agreeing with you on this topic is to flatter myself!"

      Silly ;)

    4. Is to flatter myself because I had the same conviction even before the 'reorganization' of the ME started in earnest. Remember Adiabene? People tend to neglect the existence and role of Babylonian Jewry with its Exilarchs of 'Davidic lineage' and Talmudic academies.

    5. I do recall Adiabene


    US troop level in Syria stable despite announced withdrawal

    By Afp

    Published: 17:23 EST, 4 November 2019 | Updated: 17:23 EST, 4 November 2019


    A US official says the number of American troops in Syria remains roughly the same despite a withdrawal announced by President Donald Trump

    A US official says the number of American troops in Syria remains roughly the same despite a withdrawal announced by President Donald Trump

    The number of US troops in Syria remains roughly stable at just under 1,000 three weeks after President Donald Trump announced their withdrawal, a US official said Monday.

  3. It's clear that Trump does not have "command" of the US military. Whatever he says...they do what Israel wants. When are Americans going to finally get fed up?

    1. Unfortunately never.

    2. Hey GC and WizOz:

      It looks to me as if Americans like Canadians are too indoctrinated to get fed up- Easier to just keep believing