Monday, November 4, 2019

Sorting Fact From Fiction: Did Turkish Forces Fire on US Troops?

 Normally I pass right by Zero Hedge. No reading. No linking to. But after reading multiple news articles about this "incident" it seemed sensible to sort reality from spin making it sad but necessary to provide the link to ZeroHedge.  Where the presentation included the  wording Russian MoD. Click bait for the headline skimmers? Appeal to Authority?  Appears so!
I had different ideas about what had occurred, after reading multiple news items.  
My conclusion. Most probably NOTHING at all happened.

image from aninews
Russia had been apprised by the US about an attack on a convoy of US Service Men by pro Turkish militants in Tal Tamr of north eastern Syria. No injuries were reported..   
apprised: notified or told

As part of deconfliction exchange, information has been received from the US side that on November 3 a convoy of American servicemen... was fired upon from the territory controlled by the pro-Turkish Syrian National Army,” a statement from the ministry read.
  Russia had been informed about this by the US. But was it true? Even worse the claim is that the alleged fire came only from “territory controlled by” the Turkish backed rebels.  Had the ‘territory” taken up arms? That's how it reads!

*TASS: Turkey refutes reports of strikes on US-led coalition forces in Syria - statement
Turkey dismissed allegations on Sunday of its strikes in Syria, which might have affected the US-led coalition forces battling the Islamic State terrorist group (banned in Russia).

"Our troops are continuing to demine areas as part of Operation Peace Spring. Media reports are not true that troops of the countries - members of the coalition, which might be deployed in the region, came under shelling," the Turkish National Defense Ministry said in statement.   
Allegations dismissed. Did any incident occur at all? If so did it happen in the way the US claims?  Can’t say with certainty based on the information. However, if I was to make an educated guess at what occurred. I’d suggest nothing happened at all

Not because that’s what Turkey claims. " Cui bono". Who benefits?

The US benefits from spinning this in order to demonize Turkey.  Which gives them reason enough to make a fake claim. Additionally the US has reported no one was hurt in the alleged incident. Not one injury. Very suggestive to me that there was no attack. 
Or surely there would have been injuries. On either/both sides. 
Since it seems sensible the US would have returned fire.

All in all- truth still the first casualty of war


  1. Did they use the same sort of smoke bomb used at the Boston "Bombing"?