Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Birth Pangs Sitrep- Israel Hits Damascus:Tishreen Dam Return: Israeli Settlments OK: Counterpunch, Still Servile.

9 diverse news article

 1- Israel Says Rockets From Golan, Resulting in “Retaliatory” Strikes on Damascus    Israel claims rockets were fired from Golan. So they attacked Damascus. You see the logic right?
What? You don’t? Nor do I.

2- The US Says Israeli Settlements are A-OK             
"President Trump and Secretary of State Pompeo come through again."
Notice the heavy handed spin throughout the article? The manipulative emotional language. Ya just gotta have contempt for mind control!

Counterpunch continues to demonstrate it’s servitude to the empire

3- Erdogan’s Ethnic Cleansing of the Kurds is Still Happening

    Silence when the Usrael Kurds ethnically cleansed the area, but, now... we have our empire friendly ‘outrage’. Also notice the spinning of Rojova as something that exists vs the reality of it being annexed Syrian territory. Annexed and cleansed by the SDF/PKK/YPG with the help of the US?
"We know that Turkey’s pressure on the Kurds to leave Rojava"
Does Syria recognize Rojova?  Does Turkey? Iran? Russia? Rojova is Usrael construct. It exists in the language of the 5 eyes media. Does Assad recognize North Eastern Syria as Kurdish? No.
 In fact Assad say’s the North East of Syria  was majority Arab- Which it was as documented in very early reports covering the Syrian destabilization, until above mentioned and also documented ethnic cleansing, including the mass refugee outflow to Turkey took place.       

Northern Syria is Arab, not Kurdish: Assad
“I would like to clarify that this area in northern and northeastern Syria is a majority Arab area. 70% of the residents are Arabs, not the other way around. Even the forces fighting there are a mixture of Kurds and Arabs," Assad said.

“The Americans, however, supported the Kurdish groups and gave them the leadership to create the image that the area is Kurdish to create a Kurdish rivalry with the other groups in Syria,” Assad claimed.

Notice how the 5 eyes alt media isn’t mentioning these Assad statements choosing instead to focus on Epstein, Baghdadi and Erdogan. Doesn't fit the agenda, I guess?
5- YPG/PKK have attacked Russian military patrol as the patrolled with their Turkish compatriots

Russian Patrol attacked

Be sure to view the video available at the link. Looks well documented by a diverse number of people.
"Supporters of the YPG/PKK terror group on Monday assaulted Russian military vehicles conducting joint patrols with the Turkish military in northern Syria.

YPG/PKK terrorists tried to block armored vehicles with concrete blocks, pelting them with Molotov cocktails and stones as Anadolu Agency filmed the joint ground patrols conducted under a deal reached between Ankara and Moscow last month.

One of Russian vehicles was also targeted by Molotov cocktails, temporarily stopping before continuing on the patrol route"
 Again, be sure to watch the video at link # 5

6- Turkey, Russia hold 8th round of joint patrol in N Syria
"Turkish and Russian troops held the eighth round of joint patrol in northern Syria under a deal reached last month for withdrawal of Syrian Kurdish fighters, said Turkey's Defense Ministry on Monday.

"Turkish and Russian units completed their eighth joint land patrol according to plan with the participation of UAVs in the east of the Euphrates. In the Ayn al-Arab region, where the land patrol was conducted, UAVs also took part and were accompanied by four vehicles from each side totalling eight," said a written statement by the ministry."

There are reports that Syria has control of the Tishreen Dam. Hope these reports are correct?  My hopes aside there are conflicting statements about this situation.  Tishreen has been held by Kurds for years now. They took it in 2015, conveniently, from ISIS.

7 -  2015 " Syrian Kurds take strategic Dam From ISIS" 

 The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a rebel alliance that includes the powerful YPG Kurdish militia and Arab rebel groups, wrested control of the strategic Tishreen Dam from "IS" on Saturday after making rapid advances south earlier this week, Kurdish media reported.

The Syrian Kurdish news agency ANHA reported that SDF forces backed by US-led coalition airstrikes continued the offensive after crossing to the west of the dam, one of three major dams on the Euphrates that provides power to northern Syria and acts as a major transport line connecting "IS"-controlled areas of Aleppo province with their self-declared capital Raqqa.

Brett McGurk, the US special envoy for the anti-IS coalition, said on Twitter the assault was part of a broader offensive against IS, including an Iraqi army assault to take back Ramadi.

Lawrence of Kurdistan aka Brett McGurk

 By taking and holding the dam the Usrael Kurds have held vast swathes of Syria and her people hostage by denying electricity from the dam.

image from TASS
8-  TASS avoids mentioning which party has been holding the dam hostage. It was the Usrael Kurds.

"The Syrian government forces have taken control over the second-most powerful Tishrin hydroelectric rock-fill dam (Aleppo Province), spokesperson for the Russian command of the armed forces in Syria Boris Fomichev told reporters.

On November 18, the Russian military police will launch patrolling operations in the area surrounding this facility of strategic importance.

The Tishrin Dam is situated 90 km away from Aleppo and was built on the Euphrates jointly by Russian and Syrian engineers 20 years ago. As the civil war in the country erupted, it was captured by Islamic State militants who controlled the facility for a long time.
"Now, it [the dam] is liberated thanks to efforts and bravery of the Syrian people. The power plant was liberated as well as adjacent territories. It is now back up and running, it is supplying electricity to the Raqqa and Aleppo Provinces. People are working as normal, there is no terrorism here," Fomichev said.

The Aleppo Province’s electricity supply is of critical importance as its capital is an economic and industrial center of the country. The Syrian authorities are currently making every effort to restore it.

SDF acknowledges they've given the dam over but claim they are keeping their governmental structures in place and they have NO agreement with Damascus regarding the dam

9- Kurdistan 24
There was no political agreement with the Syrian government.

Hassan underlined that the institutions of the Kurdish-backed, multi-ethnic Self-Administration of North and East Syria would remain intact and continue working as before.

What the reality of this situation is....??  It's anyone’s guess.


  1. Hi Penny!

    When you said above, "Counterpunch continues to demonstrate it’s servitude to the empire," it made me realize I hadn't checked them out in a long, long time. Back in the old days, I read it regularly, and for a while, even subscribed to the print edition. Dropped it after Alex came out in support of the Magic Bullet theory, and over the past few decades have mostly ignored it. But today, I decided to check it out once again, and it's as bad as ever. I looked at several articles, and found a quote from one of them that I think summarizes the astonishing blindness, self-delusion and general worthlessness of the site as a whole:

    "The Ukraine affair has to be understood in this context. Trump is quite openly using the State Department, the Justice Department, and most likely other branches of government to directly advance his personal and political interests.

    "The issue has nothing to do with what one thinks of Joe Biden. Trump invented a scandal out of thin air and had the State Department apply pressure on Ukraine to pretend it was real."

    From Dean Baker, "Impeachment is a Kitchen Table Issue", NOVEMBER 19, 2019

    I repeat: blindness, self-delusion and worthlessness.


    1. Hi Phil !

      Counterpunch: "Trump is quite openly using the State Department, the Justice Department, and most likely other branches of government to directly advance his personal and political interests"

      That's been the standard meme all along- It's a bore.

      There was scandalous behaviour that took place in Ukraine on the Democratic/ Obama watch with Biden's son and and the Kerry family. All this is obfuscated by playing partisan politics.

      I posted a report in 2014 regarding the Biden profiteering


      Links look to be viable still, 5 years later

      Vice President Joe Biden's son and a close friend of Secretary of State John Kerry's stepson have joined the board of a Ukrainian gas producer controlled by a former top security and energy official for deposed President Viktor Yanukovych.

      The move has attracted attention given Messrs. Biden's and Kerry's public roles in diplomacy toward Ukraine, where the U.S. expressed support for pro-Western demonstrators who toppled Mr. Yanukovych's Kremlin-backed government in February. The uprising provoked a pro-Russia backlash that has plunged the post-Soviet republic into conflict and brought it to the brink of civil war.

      Hunter Biden, a lawyer by training and the younger of the vice president's two sons, joined the board of directors of Ukrainian gas firm Burisma Holdings Ltd. this month and took on responsibility for the company's legal unit, according to a statement issued by the closely held gas producer.

      Joe Biden's son and a close friend of John Kerry's stepson- Crony capitalism & nepotism- Check!

      His appointment came a few weeks after Devon Archer--college roommate of the secretary of state's stepson, H.J. Heinz Co. ketchup heir Christopher Heinz--joined the board to help the gas firm attract U.S. investors, improve its corporate governance and expand its operations. A State Department spokesman declined to comment.

      Mr. Biden, 44 years old, and Mr. Archer, 39, work for Rosemont Seneca Partners, a U.S. investment company. It is affiliated with Rosemont Capital, a private-equity firm Mr. Archer co-founded with Mr. Heinz.

      So Mr Biden and Mr Archer are both affiliated with Rosemont Capital a private equity firm co founded by the two men! Wow, what a coincidence.

      Blind, delusional and mostly worthless- but having great appeal to the "Democratic" party crowd or those who self identify/self label with the "left"

  2. https://www.militarytimes.com/flashpoints/2019/11/18/us-egypt-could-face-sanctions-if-it-purchases-russian-fighter-jets/