Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Call for EU and International Community to Recognize Rojova aka Occupied Syrian Territory

The EU is staying mum on the issue, but, unless Damascus takes their territory and resources back the regional remake will take it's next step.

Syria annexed to the Mediterranean
The conference ended with a strongly worded condemnation of the invasion and a call to the EU and the international community to recognise the Autonomous Administration in the region (Rojava) and include it in the UN-led Constitutional Committee tasked to draft a new constitution for Syria.
Neighbouring Sweden has appointed an ambassador, Per Örnéus, as Special Envoy for Syria. Asked by The Brussels Times to comment on the recommendation on recognition of the Autonomous Administration, he replied that it was partly a semantic question.
“Any recognition in the national sense of the word is of course not on the agenda. The territorial integrity of Syria is fundamental. In this, EU and many, if not all Member States, are united. That said, the Autonomous Administration deserves respect and should be included in the talks,” he said.

The Autonomous Administration claims that it continues to be excluded from international negotiations and faces challenges in coordinating with the international humanitarian community because of the issue of recognition. “We have never divided Syria. We want a federal, decentralised system and build a new Syria for all Syrians with equal rights for all,” it says.

They have divided Syria. They have annexed and occupy Syrian territory, ethnically cleansed it’s residents and stole it’s resources.... As the US/UK/Israel/Saudi Arabia and Egypt stand alongside them.
The article also includes your typical bashing on Turkey same as the msm and alt media...  necessary to advance the remade region agenda....read at your risk.

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  1. Cant say I didn't see this coming. Additionally, this makes Russia's cooperation with the SDF worrisome. Why haven't they forced the SDF to integrate into the SAA ? Why are the Kurds still allowed to operate near the Turkish border and attack Turk forces there ? Why is Russia setting up joint " reconciliation " centers with the Kurds ? I think Erdogan might be right, the ZioAmericans and Russia have failed in their agreements to remove the Kurds from the agreed zone. We know why the Zios would do that, but why Russia ?