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Criminalizing Yellow Vests in France: State Terrorism on the Move?

With much thanks to Gallier the Elder, who sent this via email to me :) 
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Gallier the Elder also provided a translation to english via Yandex.  The link: (in french)

As Gallier the Elder wrote in his email:
"I am enclosing a translation ( from an international network article published on December 2, which clearly demonstrates what I predicted a few months ago. France is now a model totalitarian country (a respectable member of the community of nations with "superior values").

Despite the shortcomings of the translate, it's clear the situation in France, as atrocious as it is for the citizens, is being kept quiet, swept under the rug, from the global audience.

Criminalizing yellow vests in France: state terrorism on the move?
By Jean-Yves Jezéquel

The topicality of the yellow vests forces us to speak of state terrorism, because this one is directly in question since it was revealed brutally by the behavior of Didier Lallement, Prefect of Police of Paris, recently appointed to this position by the tyrants of macronia, since his predecessor resigned by force was too respectful of constitutional law. This high official of the French Republican state has obviously and deliberately confirmed on November 16, Place d'italie, the state terrorism in progress, by responding to a peaceful lady who said she was wearing a yellow vest. This confession of the prefect of police of Paris, returned to the scene of the crime to see its effectiveness, was filmed and broadcast on the Internet: we can therefore not dispute it. Lallement clearly and shamelessly states: "We are not on the same side, Madam! "In theory, however, it represents the 'French Republic' and was therefore bound to a duty of neutrality, even if it is personally opposed to the more than legitimate claims of at least 70% of the population of this country. Of course, it is obvious that Lallement is one of the boo-boo's and haves of the system, paid a high price by the taxes of this people that he places in an " enemy camp "! We can already say that this behaviour is a form of delirium!

Before making a more detailed analysis, let us recall that state terrorism consists in the practice of terror by a state known as the " right ", over its own population, as a method of government. Terror allows the government in power to break down those who resist it by means of extreme, arbitrary, illegal, unconstitutional, violent, and collective sideration. (dis-empowerment, stunned amazement, speechlessness ?) There is no need to stress that the use of terror automatically renders illegitimate any power that thus proves to be inherently perverse and that the duty of citizens is to overthrow such power.

The phenomenon of sideration has the peculiarity of creating in the individual sidéré a fragmentation. This psychological situation is called "psychotic" by psychologists. When the state amazes us with its proven practice of terror, it is mental health that is openly forbidden to us and pathology is at the same time decreed, anachronically and paradoxically, as "normality"!

The criminalisation of a behaviour, that of the yellow vests, arbitrarily and implicitly judged by the Parliament as "unconventional", according to the terms of the Valls law on terrorism, can only aim to establish the "legitimacy" of an "nonsense" and thus, to prolong indefinitely the sideration effect. The senseless spectacle of the police violence organized in the Place of Italy on 16 November, has engraved and left in the " collective conscience ", (obligatorily broken up of the citizens who attended, on this occasion, to an outbidding of the omnipotence granted to a police that it is strictly forbidden to criticise, they being in the "good camp" and the oppressed people in the "bad camp"), an enormous amazement of the citizens petrified before the omnipotence of the police repression, enjoying an absolute impunity!

The parliament has organized the spectacle of the terrorist brutality of the power, in order to give us "to see", what it costs to every citizen not hiding in the silence of the sideration against the omnipotence of the terrorist state! I, the state, have the arbitrary power to mistreat or slaughter anyone without the opinion of a judge who is also in the same "camp" anyway! All the citizens of this country who are protesting are automatically placed in the same situation as that of" terrorists", of "hate mob", of people who " are nothing "or who"threaten the Republic". No proof of the ultra-liberal disaster is necessary; no constitutional legitimacy to protest is necessary: the state is all-powerful and allows itself to suppress, brutalize, intimidate and deter claims. Those who do not submit to the might of the terrorist state are on "another side"!

By observing the odious judicial treatment that is made against the yellow vests, with the complicity of a collabo judiciary, the citizen spectator goes from an image that he sees on his television screens to an image that he does not see, that of the invisibility of the shock of the struggle of the "camp of good" against the " camp of evil ". Then, thanks to the spectacular staging of Lallement on the place D'italie, the evil is identified with the image of the yellow vests. The personification of evil is an extraordinary relief offered by the power to Macronian bobos partisan citizens who can now clearly "choose their side": that of complete complicity with state terrorism or that of the option of terrorism against the state!

It is the usual rhetorical device of the power that manages its "management of terror", in order to provoke a sideration of citizens and to condition them for "the factory of consent". It is the absurdity of the official discourse that makes it unchallengable.

The sideration petrifies. We all see that something is not clear and deeply incoherent in this official discourse of Parliament and those it represents, but this flaw that appears in the discourse is intended to "break us up".

Journalistic psittacism, on the other hand, has an incantatory force and the looping account of the violence of the "thugs" assimilated to the yellow vests, a quasi-jubilant account practiced by the official media, is an exhibition that is imposed on all citizens. In reality, there is no possible representation of the facts; each time it is an exhibition, involving manipulation, and it is by this that the sideration effect is guaranteed. The sideration comes from the impossibility for each of us to decipher the real; it does not come in itself from the violence exhibited itself.

The citizen thus " fragmented "without his knowledge, can regain his" individual unity " only by an outbidding in his words of adhesion to what has been assented to. Then, a fusion of identification takes place with the power that showed, named, declared the facts. "The right camp of state legitimacy", like the merger between the overseers and the overseers, can be set up. The government has free hands to decree a dictatorship that has become perfectly "legitimate" in its speech. Well-intentioned people (the macronians and profiteers from above) will be surprised that the police are not yet firing live ammunition at this people who belong to" another side " incompatible with theirs!

(Cf., the BHL and other Luc Ferry) if someone dares to show the flaws in the discourse of power, then the psychosis appears which has the immediate effect of suppressing any mechanism of Defense. The government can abolish the rule of law, install a genuine dictatorship and declare everything it wants, to the point of rejecting privacy out of fundamental freedoms. The citizen sees the rise of forbidden senses everywhere, he is trapped, nassed; he no longer has the means to defend himself, unless he comes to take up arms! This is how the Civil War is prepared and planned by The charlatans of political irresponsibility, of which Parliament is a brilliant servant.

The dissident yellow vest is indeed a resistance fighter. In the Macronian "camp", it will be heard that this" hateful "class, that of those who" are nothing", cannot be right against the majesty of the sacralized and" innocent " Republic as sacred. The dissenting protester thus becomes the "traitor" or the "complotist", the "recalcitrant", the "enemy of the Republic", the "lazy" who does not want to "cross the street to find a job", the "poor bastard" accused at the same time, in an execrable amalgam, of "anti-Semitism", "homophobia" and other insults... for the average Macronian, it is imperative to silence this divergent by all means. All the" frondeurs "and" résistants " of the history have been persecuted by the powers in place and it is not surprising to this since the power is only concerned about its permanence and its immediate interests never compatible with those of a democracy.

This management of terror, revealed by Lallement and practised by the state, can only lead to civil war! The "people in charge know perfectly well what they are doing", which is why we cannot forgive them!

Lallement chose the place D'italie to allow the demonstration of the first anniversary of the revolt of the yellow vests, on November 16.

This square had the advantage of being surrounded by works, so it was easy to organize the breakage.

The mayor of the 13th arrondissement (a subdivision of a French department, for local government administrative district of certain large French cities) protested vigorously but the almighty state told him to shut it down!

Before 2: 00 pm, the time of the beginning of the authorized demonstration, "police thugs" were already at work since 10: 00 AM to set up barricades in the nose and under the beard of their CRS colleagues.

The police device surrounded the Place of Italy and left it without intervention.

Fires were lit and a truck from the city of Paris ' cleaning services arrived on the square quite naturally and poured wooden pallets in front of the police to fuel the fire in the barricades: this fact was filmed by a witness and broadcast live on the Internet. We were two hours from the start of the protest.

The military monument in the square of Italy was desecrated in front of the police who did not flinch.

The police let the square fill and immediately organized the pass.

Organized violence was taking place and the collabos television stations were at work to show how these yellow vests, celebrating the anniversary of a year of struggle and sacrifice, were rubbish to be mercilessly eliminated.

The gassing was started, then the concert of the GLI F4 grenades, the LBD 40 and all the usual artillery was orchestrated by Lallement from the desk of the prefecture of Paris. Then satisfied with the work accomplished, proud of his transcendent fascism, he would count the many victims of this police violence…

Everyone was massacred: yellow vests and independent journalists, passers-by, tourists and visitors, without distinction…

Lallement hypocritically declared that he had organized an "evacuation channel" before the violent intervention of the" Forces of order " transformed into militias!

At 2 pm he declared "forbidden" a demonstration that was authorized! The people who were there were gassed, and could not have known that suddenly the demonstration was no longer allowed!

They were therefore fined" en veux-tu en voilà": fines of 135 euros, arrested, arrested, handcuffed, nassed, gassed, massacred…

Since the thugs were members of the police, as has been pointed out, they could retreat quietly behind the ranks of their colleagues in uniforms to protect themselves from the anger of those who had spotted them... in Macronian France, we now know the BAC Blocs.

The regulation committed a series of serious offences:

Article 223-1 of the Criminal Code: deliberate endangerment of the life of another person…

Articles 322-1: complicity in intentional damage to public property…

Articles 222-9 to 222-13: intentional violence by public authority…

Article 432-4: violation of liberty by arbitrary confinement carried out by the public authority ... arrests, illegal police custody, violence against people present on the premises in good faith (authorized demonstration) but prohibited without notice without their knowledge!

Article 432-10: offence of concussion.  It is the collection of money that is not due! The people who were fined didn't have to pay these illegal fines.…

Finally, only the Paris public prosecutor can today initiate an investigation and identify criminal and disciplinary responsibilities. But ironically, the new Paris prosecutor is just a friend of Macron's who has been placed in this key position and who has organized the preventive police custody of the yellow vests! "Democracy" is decidedly beautiful and it is beautiful to see in France!

The Paris prosecutor proves to be on "the same side" as Lallement, like the IGPN, like the magistracy, like the Parliament, like the Constitutional Council... etc. Everything is locked and power does not suffer to be shared: no counter-power, no escape, no freedom, no brotherhood, no equality of all before the law; only the absolute power on one side and the absolute submission of the other... a perfect dictatorship.


The Republic finally reveals its true face and its true nature: a "camp of repression" in which the people are adorned not only to be trained to submit but even more, trained to love their submission, thanks to the lie that has lasted long enough. The French people have just discovered that the "camp" of the Republic is not at the service of the interests of the common good of the whole people, but at the service of a privileged caste who organized the training of the people for the exploitation and pillage of the people. The caste of the tyrants of the "camp" specialized in dressage, no longer supposes that this people still has something to claim. She wants to " restore order ": the Masters on one side (the camp of the elites) the slaves on the other (the camp of the maltreated, of " those who are nothing ", of "the hateful mob"). »)…

For the moment, we know the case of this poor lady who closed her shutters in Marseilles, shot in cold blood by a shot from LDB 40, and died as a result of this criminal attack by the French police. Then a yellow vest, filmed raising its arms to the sky, was also shot in cold blood by a police sniper on the Champs Elysées on Saturday, November 24, 2018, which no one has ever heard of again. The scene was captured live by the phone of a "strange witness" recording both the murderous police officers and the victim falling to the ground! For the time being, the mass killing has not yet been ordered, but all indications are that it will be soon, perhaps disguised as an Islamist attack of the " Promenade des Anglais "style. We have been warned for a long time that "our slain jihadist compatriots are back from Syria", as if the ground were already psychologically prepared for a new staging of state terrorism and for the justification of violence by the comfortable opportunity of a scapegoat of service…

I do not know why this story of Prefect Lallement imposes itself on my mind and subtly refers me to that of Anders Behring Breivik, the 32-year-old Norwegian who planned and carried out the carnage of 22 July 2011 in Oslo and on the island of Utoya: 77 shot dead and 151 wounded on his own. He coldly organized this massacre to satisfy his ideological convictions, in the pure tradition of Christian conservatism, illuminated by his spiritual mission as a new Templar, embodying the true values of our "great Judeo-Christian, Pauline culture", exalted and inspiring the indescribable perfection of ultra-liberalism in the service of an elite that firmly believes, just like Prefect Lallement, that it" will be there forever " (Cf., speech of Lallement on Saturday, November 16, 2019). This elite is convinced that they will soon see in France the end of the yellow vests crushed by the power of state terrorism! The war of "Camp Lallement" reminds me of the War Of "Camp Breivik", as if there were a mysterious bond between these people that United them beyond reason and conscience.…

But who ever heard say that a power, a state, an Empire and its mighty legions "would have been there forever" having had the last word on the Peoples?! No, Mr Lallement, this situation does not exist: "you are not there forever", the power "is not there forever", the state "is not there forever", because the lie has only a limited life. On the other hand, the people are surely there as they were there before the state error and as they will still be there after the day of their final downfall, until Mother Earth itself has decided the ultimate end of the human adventure on the planet.…


  1. in depth and worth reading
    thanks again for sending it along Gallier the Elder
    and if you or Gallier 2 would like to provide commentary that would be great

    1. Hi Penny,

      long time. Sorry, I'm quite out of the loop currently. I had a lot to do the last months so I didn't follow too much what you published and I also did not follow that much what was going on politically here. As I live at the periphery and in a priviledged position, I can almost ignore what is going on in France if I want to.
      This said, even if I was only following things from afar, I still have some impressions I will share.
      First, I will not comment on the article as it is more or less only presenting the situation as it can be seen here but completely ignored internationally.
      Second, the yellow vest movement now goes for more than a year. It was getting lower and lower, but since mid november (since its 1st birthday) it tends to regain traction. This time, it spread also to the classical protest movements, i.e. since last week now the classical strikes have started again, meaning train, transport, schools, road blocking etc. Media tries to smear the strikes as always but this time, they really have a hard time to find people that are against them. The news channel loved to ask people in the streets if they are pissed off by the strikes and they always put some old reactionaries to delegitimize the movements. Now they have hard time to find and the responses of interviwed person are getting sharper and sharper.
      The police violence is still escalating but the thing that happens is that imho there will be blood someday. Not during the riots, but outside. I'm waiting for the day when some cops will be attacked when they are not in work. They managed for instance to beat up firemen that were striking because of social issues 3 weeks ago, with several injured, one lost his eye. There's something simmering underneath and it will explode.
      So I'm not optimistic, that's why I'm not following that intensely the news.

    2. Hi Gallier 2:
      Glad you stopped by :)

      "There's something simmering underneath and it will explode."

      I get the impression from the article sent by gallier the elder- it could get very ugly, very fast--- though it's been ugly for a while now hasn't it?

      "Media tries to smear the strikes as always but this time, they really have a hard time to find people that are against them."

      widespread disenfranchisement gets harder and harder to hide...

  2. Excellent photo essay.

    Who's laughing now, Macron? France is paralyzed by worst nationwide strike for decades, with schools shutting and public transport grinding to a halt, as furious public sector workers protest pension reforms

  3. As usual, with most things not Canadian, I am a bit at a loss as to what to solidly infer from all of this. I can't help remembering, though, that various "colour revolutions" have been reportedly funded by George Soros to create this very kind of internal conflict.

    I've participated myself in actions where there were planted rabble rousers, and police came down hard on the protesters, especially with pepper spray.
    See video of police infiltators:
    See photos at bottom of this post:

    The current Yellow Vest action in France (unions and pensions protest) is not the same as the original one (individuals against gas prices) but the whole scene is of great interest to Soros himself, apparently, because he went to great lengths to discuss it in an article he wrote last February. Here's the link, in case you might be interested:

    I have no clue what any of this means except that general chaos seems to be wanted by those in power.

    1. Soros is lamenting the possible demise of the EU which is an a business construct- in that it was built for and by business interests- I'm not talkin' the mom and pop stores
      I mean it was built for big global business to use to their advantage. It was not really designed with a diverse bunch of persons in mind.

      " The German Greens have emerged as the only consistently pro-European party in the country"

      The Greens are a globalist creepy party- I believe it was the German green party that were ok with pedophilia (acceptable) then they 'backed away' a bit from least on the surface- the greens are a detestable lot in general- that goes for here in Canada
      It's no wonder Soros finds them laudable

      "In the United Kingdom, too, an antiquated party structure prevents the popular will from finding proper expression"

      that's a direct shot at the nation vs the globalist technocracy- the popular will can't find it's proper expression?
      Or it can't find the acceptable globalists proper expression?-

      "The public is also becoming aware of the dire consequences of Brexit."

      That does not appear to be the case with the election of the pro brexit party, allegedly, though I think Johnson is a total fraud and will not take the people in the direction they want to go. It sure looks to me as if the British people want out of the EU.

      "The European People’s Party (EPP) is the worst offender. The EPP is almost entirely devoid of principles, as demonstrated by its willingness to permit the continued membership of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz in order to preserve its majority "

      Yup, globalists have a lot of issues with Hungary and Orban..

      The chaos if directed correctly can be used to serve interests of the technocrats... if it's not directed correctly the whole EU project could fall apart
      that seems to me that is what Soros fears
      the big business friendly EU falling apart

  4. And we shouldn't forget the G20 protest where hundreds of people were jailed just for being there, while cops allowed a police car to be set on fire so the media could take pictures and report on it, and some cops pretended to be black bloc protesters, smashing windows, and then throwing off their masks and running behind police lines. If it were happening now in Canada, people would be shot, I'm sure of it. You don't know what some cops are capable of until you stand in front of one in a street protest. They're the same all over, and they've been trained by Israeli military.

    Call it whatever colour you want, what's happening in France is not unique. Our own cops were just itching to shoot; they had been prepared in advance and given special (illegal) arrest privileges, and the right to stop anyone on the street and demand identification. In Toronto "carding" was a big issue -- talk about dystopian!

    1. Hey Yaya:
      I recall G 20 very well... did a ton of blogging on it as it unfolded..

      I think the situation in France is different then here because it has gone on continuously for more then a year- Canadians don't have that kind of stamina.

      But dystopia in both nations is very accurate.

  5. The sweet scent of Democracy...
    I give you a link from the South China Post that tells you about the experiences of their journalists sent to France to report on the demonstrations.

    Gallier the Elder

    1. thanks Gallier the Elder. I'm off to read the link.

  6. I know you're aware, Penny. But I don't think others may be. The French thing is being overly-romanticized, and my point is that, yes, it's been going on for over a year, but it is not the same groups each time, nor the same beefs, just the same jacket. The people wearing them are not all alike, or necessarily have high ideals and perfect motives, anymore than in any other population.

    I also don't believe a woman was shot in the face. According to reports I've read, she got in the way of a tear gas canister. Bad enough, yes, but not an escalation of police brutality, as bad as it is.

    Macron's a complete jerk, but he gave the first YV's what they asked for, and he claims to be working on the current pension problem. There are protests going on all over the world that are not nearly as romanticized as the French thing, to the point where our Western secessionist types copy the costume, but certainly don't have the same demands.

  7. Penny, I'm sorry, but I do take exception to your assertion that Canadians don't have the same kind of stamina as the French do. People are just people all over the world. Some have staying power, and some just pass on the mantle (jacket).

  8. Hi Yaya-

    Just my own perception regarding the French (France) is they are a bit more tenacious- they are geographically concentrated in a smaller landmass so they can present unity more easily. They also have a longer unified history. This is how I view them, so, of course someone else may see them differently

    In Canada... sparse, spread out over vastly different regions- less unified in outlook- Perhaps stamina was the wrong choice of words-

    You're right about some having staying power and some pass the mantle- maybe that was and is a better way of framing the comparison?

    1. PS: I find the Hong Kong protests vastly more romanticized then the French ones- in fact this last little while I've noticed little to no real coverage on them- unlike the Hong Kong ones which are regularly covered on line and in the print press (Globe and Mail) along with the always sensationalized Uighurs reports-

  9. People are not going around mimicking the Hong Kongers. The Yellow Vest meme has been adopted by factions in numerous countries, and often not with the best of intentions.

    "Popularized" may be a better word, and right up the Soros alley.

    I also take exception to sympathizing with protest groups who terrorize their fellow citizens; putting up road blocks, for instance, berating the occupants of vehicles for not supporting their cause. There's scary intimidation from both cops and Vesters.

  10. thanks for clarifying your view yaya..

    I don't know that because others co-opted the yellow vest for their own movement that would or should negate the original protests as they began-

    additionally I'm unfamiliar with occupants of vehicles being berated etc., since I'm not in France. Though it could have happened? I would not say it didn't that's for sure.
    That said, I would also state that all protests including here in Canada cause inconvenience and consternation in those that do not support the cause- I can recall protestations about being inconvenienced in Toronto during the G-20, or the news coverage regarding the 'thugs' and 'violent protestors' during the G-20 by those who didn't support them... (I may even have some coverage on that)
    There is always going to be that type of conflict.

    Gallier 2 and Gallier the elder are more local to the situation there which is why what they send me is posted here ... as for the yellow vests in Canada- I've seen the co-option. Not by all the separatists but by some of them certainly. Everyone wants to appeal to a wider audience. sigh...

    Appreciate the sharing of thoughts yaya :)