Friday, December 6, 2019

"No Shit Sherlock"-Warmer Climate and Higher Crop Yields in UK

Admittedly I like the term “no shit sherlock” It’s employed when the obvious is stated.And the article which will be shared after the maps and commentary  is a statement of the most obvious sort. British crops could get an “unexpected boost” if we actually had global warming.
Wow, really?
If more people gardened, grew their own veggies, flowers etc-  were connected with the real world, they would understand that FACT. We've struggled for the past several years to get our garden planted so we can harvest successfully. We've had to cover soil to warm it because spring doesn't show up till summer is close. The first snow has been coming earlier and earlier--  We used to have a longer growing period 20 plus years ago. That I can recall. But, now... spring is always late in one of the warmest parts of Canada.

See the Great Lakes region in the map? Where I reside is usually warmer then the rest of Canada.

Except for pretty much the British Columbia coastal zone..

Therefore it is a quintessential “no shit sherlock” statement, that in a normally coolish climate a bit of warmth would make a big difference in crop yields and extended growing periods.
This would apply to Canada as well. And vast swathes of the US.
Russia. China. You get the idea?

Climate change (warming) could provide an unexpected boost for British crops, a pioneering field trial has shown.

The experiment, carried out by scientists at the John Innes Centre in Norfolk, was set up to investigate the link between warmer Octobers and higher yields of oilseed rape.

In a first of its kind trial, researchers heated small plots of land to mimic the temperatures that Britain may reach in the coming decades under global warming.

The extra heat allowed the crop to flower later, giving weeks of extra growing time which could increase yields by up to 30 per cent.
Professor Steve Penfield who carried out the trials said the findings were also likely to apply to other field vegetables such as lettuce, and soft fruits.

“By establishing the link between autumn temperatures and yield, our study highlights an example of climate change being potentially useful to farmers,” said Prof Penfield.

“Cold Octobers have a negative effect on yield if you are growing oilseed rape, and these are now rarer.

“We found that oilseed rape plants stop growing when they go through the floral transition at the end of October, and that warmer temperatures at this time of year enable the plant to grow for longer, giving more potential for higher yields.”   
Field trials in Norfolk have shown that crops benefit from warmer Octobers
Wow, that will so totally convince me- NOT

England was warmer prior to the little ice age- So much warmer, in fact, that wine grapes were grown, prolifically. Whaddya know!?
“The Romans wrote about growing wine grapes in Britain in the first century,” says Avery, “and then it got too cold during the Dark Ages. Ancient tax records show the Britons grew their own wine grapes in the 11th century, during the Medieval Warming, and then it got too cold during the Little Ice Age. It isn’t yet warm enough for wine grapes in today’s Britain. Wine grapes are among the most accurate and sensitive indicators of temperature and they are telling us about a cycle. They also indicate that today’s warming is not unprecedented.”
I suspect the cold may have been the reason the "dark ages" were so DARK. 

There have been reports that England has wine grapes again, albeit on a very limited scale and largely in Southern England

When the Romans were in England they grew wine grapes in the north of England
Btw: it was likely a warmer climate that allowed the Romans to expand the empire in such a massive fashion - just a thought


  1. Well, duhhh... Warmer climate creates longer growing seasons? Wow, what a concept, and what a revelation!!!

    Problem is, of course, that we are entering a very long cooling period, and that means that we will naturally have shorter growing seasons with less food yields....

    And your maps do not show my part of the country, where we have had some serious crop failures near by thanks to the early coming of winter this year and that massive October storm that absolutely destroyed so many nearby farms' crops!

    1. Hi North:
      I'm aware of what happened there with the early snow.
      There have been reports about higher food prices due to crop damage thanks to the cold- If it had actually been warmer, as claimed, crops wouldn't have been lost due to cold.

      "That’s according to a report in American business publication Bloomberg on Monday, which says wet, cold weather caused serious damage to crops here in Manitoba, as well as in U.S. states like Idaho."

      COLD weather... not 'global warming'

  2. They could have saved themselves the trouble and expense and just given a farmer from anywhere a jingle on the old telephone, and the farmer would tell the "durned fool" the same thing.

    Seriously, though, this seems so odd, and I suspect it's been done for some other reason, not just to prove the obvious.

    And oilseed rape = canola oil...yuck, terrible oil.

    1. Gwen

      Canola = Canada's oil
      Seriously. Awful stuff that I won't touch.

      And yes they could have just talked to a farmer/gardner- who could have told them in a few minutes what they found out with an undoubtedly highly expensive experiment.

  3. Great reporting, Penny, but it's hard to beat Jesus Hisself supporting "climate change":

    “We want to remind folk that Jesus is passionate about green issues - come to save our planet as well as us humans. Indeed, his first bed was a recycled animal feeder (manger).”

    Oddly, that last line about Jesus' first bed (which would not have existed were it not for the ancient cattle industry) makes me wonder how serious He was (and the priests are) about reducing methane gas.

    Methinks it's more a case of those two having downed a bit too much Communion wine.

    1. Hi, Penny!
      ...yes, but the Bible warns that 'false Jesuses' will also appear.

      No one explains better who these 'false CO2 Jesus' are than the great James Corbett.
      The follow up of his video "How Big Oil conquered the world" is his video "WHY BIG OIL CONQUERED THE WORLD". There we get informed why BIG Oil or "The "Oilygarchs" created and press forward this CO2-myth.
      A must see!
      You find this Video ("WHY BIG OIL CONQUERED THE WORLD") on Youtube - - or on Corbett's site (look there for "WHY BIG OIL CONQUERED THE WORLD").

      There we learn, who is behind all this CO2-craze - and why..


    2. thanks J
      I agree that Corbett's work on this subject has been very good and do know that I've seen the first video mentioned.. but can't recall with certainty if I've viewed the second one?

      going to check it out though!
      thanks for stopping by. :)

    3. @ yaya

      Indeed Jesus being born in a manger speaks of people keeping live stock and consuming MEAT.

      Say whaat... cause were all supposed to be brain addled vegans in order to save the planet.

      not likely Jesus was a vegan...

      "Methinks it's more a case of those two having downed a bit too much Communion wine."